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KYA/Setara War: Rebirth


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OOC: That's right, the long anticipated sequel to the KYA/Setara War. You MUST IM ME first, or I will delete your post. This is set a decade after the original, where we um...kind of destroyed the entire known Imperium.


1. Normal fanfic rules apply.

2. No magick!

3. No Aliens!

4. No robots!

5. No superweapon tech, we're in Dune remember, Mr. Atomic is as big a gun as you can get, though it is enough to destroy a planet. (Except for Ex's Nova Bombs, as they were in the original war.)

6. No invincible ships.

7. Best ships you can get are No-Ships.

8. Only Humans are allowed, see rule #3, and yes the Tlielaxu count as human but they are non-playable characters. You can buy from them etc, but no can post as the Tlielaxu.

9. Before we ended the last great war, some of the factions had the luck of bringing sandworms with them, the spice shall flow soon upon perhaps thousands of worlds.

10. No faction may have more than 24 worlds.

11. There is no limit on asteroid belts.

12. You can't have a fleet of thousands of ships, only hundreds.

13. No kidnapping another House's Leader without permission.

14. No destroying entire fleets/armys/naval fleets/planets in single posts.

15. Bio warfare is perfectly legal.

16. As much as I despise it, your house may trade in slaves, but it will not with me.

17. If you have a civil war, contain it, don't force others to take sides.

18. Obey thy moderator who is not in this, whoever it ends up being.

19. I know all, don't lie to me.

20. Just wanted to make it to twenty.

21. No viruses that kill planets in a single post.

22. No ships that can blow up entire planets, this relates to the no superweapons except nova bombs rule.

23. No God Moding!

24. Do whatever you want to your own population, just bear in mind atrocities will bring down others upon you possibly.

25. Enjoy! And remember to IM me before posting. Also remember, thou shalt start out with at most a handful of ships, so time can move quickly at first to rebuild your house.

26. No mechs, I know one faction had them last time, but we are trying to keep this close to the Dune BOOKS, not the games.

27. No spamming.

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President sharpie looked down on the new KYA prime.

less water as the there original homeworld. 58% of the planets surfece was covered in water. insteed of the orginal 79% of there homeworld.

almost the entirepopulation of KYA prime had been moved.

5 billion now inhabited the new world.

KYA ships patrol above the planet. with cloaked ion cannons pointing down and up.

the kya peoplpe had lost all contact with other races during the move.

and are sort of woried about it.

*let me descover you. if you say bla bla bla we found ex. your post will be ignored.*

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Tara looked out upon the new homeworld of House Setara, her father had left her at only 15 as the head of the house, when the Old Empire fell. She was now 25.

Now Setara Gamma was becoming a bustling world. It had several large cities along the center, but the water supplies were already running low, which was okay, as the moon of Setara Gamma was a freshwater ocean moon.

The sandworms had been dropped in water upon arrival nearly a decade ago, and became sandtrout, and the sandtrout were fast turning the planet to desert, and only a few days ago the first true sandworms had begun to appear, soon, very soon, they would be able to harvest spice.

No Ships, a half dozen guarded the Setara Gamma and its moon Oceanis. They had also laid no-mines (See Chapterhouse) along the reaches of the system, and within foldspace around it.

Tara looked down to Admiral Killdeer before her.

"Admiral," she said curtly," do you have news?"

"I do my Lady," said Killdeer solemnly," the first sandworms have produced a pre-spice mass."

(OOC: Please don't post that you found House Setara, I will find you. I don't want any contact yet. Btw, the old groups still survive, smaller but still surviving. The Ixians, Tleilaxu, Guild, and Bene Gesserit also escaped to be scattered, though my people don't know this yet. If I want the loyalty of the BG again, I'll have to work hard when I find them, their loyalty to me ended with the death of Reverend Mother Tia.)

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Sharpie looked down apon the pile of thousands of dead.

there bodys charred remains of there formal selves.

there bodies burned. to prevent the further spread of the disease.

sharpie sighned from the platform above looking down. thousands of dead.

The disease was set lose apon the world by a farmer. a simple farmer. he discovered a box in his field. a few inchs by a few inchs.

he opened it curiusly.

only to be sprayed with a concintration of the virus. he died withen hours. his own imune system atacking his brain. and body. the diease is airborn. a single partical of it can turn the body against itself.

what would his father do? long dead after the destruction of kaitan.

giving young philip sharpie full authority to govern his people.

with the caos that swept through the galexy. him and his people fled.

he couldnt think about that anymore. now 24 he had to rule over 6 billion subjects. the afairs of state. and the afairs of the people. this disease that is sweaping across the wolrd like wildifre.

so far 2% of the world was infected. 1% had died. the disease was spreding 5% per post. the scientists had to find a cure soon. or the entire kya people wouild be nothing but a side note in history.

a thought crossed his mind.thoughts seldom cross his mind when he is not focused on them crossing into them.

what if the kya people never found a cure? maybe another race did.

maybe even the seeetares from the old empire.

disease at 2 infected

1% dead.

growing at 5% and 4% per post.

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Tara looked down at Admiral Killdeer.

"Admiral, I believe it is time to look for the other Houses who escaped the Empire."

"Yes M'Lady."

"Send out a dozen probes."

"At once," he said with a flourish.

A dozen probes were dispatched, two of which headed for a certain star system belonging to KYA (Ex asked me to find him. Btw, IM Ex to ask to join if I'm not on, since this is his original idea.). Another of which found the Bene Gesserit, our thought destroyed allies.

Soon one of our six No-Ships is dispatched with an ambassador, and the small Bene Gesserit group of survivors comes to Setara Gamma, to train our troops in hand to hand combat in exchange for spice.

(Oh yeah, destroy Ix, Kaitain, Dune, the rest of the Imperium in last war, and now some of the groups are still surviving in small scattered pockets that escaped the Imperium's doom. Strange huh? Oh well, I have my BG again.)

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The stealthed infaltrator moved through the sand dunes like a snake,ever so silent.It had reached its destination;a small Tleilaxu outpost.There were only a few contaminators,leeches,and living turrets gaurding the flesh vats and the like.It moved to the leeches and contaminators,and detonated.There was a flash,and the contaminators sagged and crumpled.

(Umm what planet are you on, I hope it isn't Dune, since Dune no longer exists.)-O45

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Tara smiled, today was a good day. The Bene Gesserit were training the soldiers in hand to hand combat, but still no word on the probes that were sent to the suspected location of House KYA.

(Hint, hint. Ex, you wanted them so I sent them.)

"M'Lady," said Admiral Killdeer as he rushed in," It happened! SPICE!"

She bolted up," Spice! Are you sure its spice, from the pre-spice mass?!"

Admiral Killdeer nodded," Indeed."

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Captin ryans looked out on the unknown space vehicle.

"has there been any reply to our hails?"

"No sir." His second in command decalred.

"Weapons? Lifesighns?"

"Are sensors cant penitrate its hull. the metel confrims as a setera product."

"Setera eh? All weapons lock on and fire!"

4 ion beams shot out from the ship. cutting the probe into peices.

"He did what?" Sharpie said slamming his fist down,"This is the first possible contact we have had with another faction in nearly 20 years, and he goes and blows it up. Have him stripped of rank. down to privit.Administrative punishment also. If another probe is found bring it in so we can see what it has to say. God dam Ryans."

disease at 6% infected

5% dead. growing at 5% and 4% per post.

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(I changed my house name because I didn't like it. At the time I wrote that I was in a hurry.)

The people of Tarsus Prime were having a grand party. A large pre-spice mass had been discovered at Tarsus Secundus.

In addition the mentat Kilija Verbic had sent out reconnaisance ships to search the old empire for anyone who might be out there. The people of House Jarith, afterall, haven't had any contact with other people for years.

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Ha ha! 8) Guess who's back! It is I Klobbersaurus! Due to technical difficulties, I couldn't register... yet. And i am proudly coming back to the KYA-Setara conflict.

A new age has begun among the Bene Klobbersauri. After the death of Duke Klobbersaur, his nepew Dingis has risen to the throne. The radical notions of his father have been all but buried. The Klobbersaurans have extended their trade networks and have established themselves as a prosperous nation of merchants, researchers, artists and diplomats. Guild relations have never been better, though the overall public relations with factions such as the Tleilaxu have left them out of the Klobbersauran loop.

Count Dingis has a motto "The actions of a noble few, dwarf the actions of a lesser many." Holding this in mind, his military strategy lies in training considerably less, but deathly trained commandoes. Using small, fast, and silent dropships, spies and commandoes are distributed into enemy territory to arm local rebels, assassinate officers and leaders and commit acts of sabotage. All soldiers speak at least two languages, are expert marksmen in many forms of weapons and trained in the latest 3rd Echo stealth techniques.

Taking out an enemy before it can attack is the major strategy here. The Klobbersaurans have an excellent arsenal of both conventional and exotic weapons due to their massive weapons research and production, though they are hesitant to use them.

The Klobbersaurans own 4 planets, Klobbersauri Secundus (the warm, wet homeworld, with a population of 4 billion), Aries Prime (a desolite mining planet, prison colony and home to the secret training grounds of the Klobbersauran troops), Ajax (the industrial giant, rich with natural resources and a pop. of 1 billion), and Hera (the second homeworld, home of 3 billion people and the well guarded Klobbersauran Federated Reserve.)

The Klobbersaurans have only recently adopted the use of the spice. The culture has seen it as a waste of money in the past, but has recently embraced it after the discovery of a new processing secret, taking the pure spice and producing large amounts of a cruder spice, called Quinhydrasterol. QHS as it is called, slightly increases brain function and increases cardiovascular strength while most of its anti-aging properties dwindle. This is distributed through the Federal Services Department to every Klobbersauran household. The result is a public with sharp minds and high physical endurance. More spice-based drugs are in the works to be used by the Klobbersauran Air Space Land Sea Force.

In Klobbersauran society, biological weapons are big taboo, as with weapons of mass destruction.

The Klobbersaurans are idealistic and waiting to make allies in a universe on the edge.

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The disease was spreading rapidly. 11% dead

12% infected by the deadly disease.

almost 500 million had been infected so far.

400 million dead.

the disease killes withen 24 hours of being infected. sometimes sooner sometimes later for people. but no cure had been found.

He picked up the red emergency phone.

"Alex? This is Sharpie. Activate the cole protical."

A stunned voice came back."Are you sure bob?"

"We have to do it. If thise keeps spreading there wont be a KYA people around."


Sharpie stood up. looked at himself in a near by mirror.

Rumpled hair and tired saggy eyes, but he still had the Sharpie look that had been passed from his father.

He activated the holographic projecter.

across the entire world his image apeared.

"Fellow KYA. As you all know they KYA people have been decimated by this own known diseas. I have proposed a name for it. in honer of the first victim raplh wiggems. Wiggemes disease has become a epidemic. 500 million have been inefected. 400 million dead. I give you my word. Are scientists are doing are best to find a cure. Just give us time. In responce to the recent riots of Santa Rio and Sha-to-pa. I have declared martial law. Falow the soon to be apointed rules. Thank you and god help us all."

He deactivated the holographic and sat down. Beads of sweat running down his forhead. "God help us all."

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The No-Ships in orbit of Setara Gamma detected ships of unknown origin. They blew all but two apart and captured one ship's crew and tortured them. The last dropship however, managed to escape, to report that this world might be left alone for a while.

(See I didn't destroy it all in one post, some of them are prisoners, and one craft escaped back to report we aren't very happy about being found.)

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Mass graves have been dug. Bodies fall in by the millions. only to be covered in gasoline and burned.

Entire towns and cities have been wiped off the map by KYA ion cannons after outbreakes of the disease.

Hospitals have been looted and set ablaze by vandels. forceing the KYA military to shoot all the civilans with out proper authority.

Crops and livestock have been slaughterd by the 10s of millions.

16% of the entire population killed.

17% infected.

A probe is found near the outskirts of KYA long range sensors. after being brought in and studied. it has been confirmed to be of KYA orginen.From the coridenits provided by the probe a vessel is sent to the setera homeworld.

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