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KYA/Setara War: Rebirth

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Messege to the Setera goverment

From: President Sharpie KYA Empire.

We have not made contact with these factions you speak of, However there use of andriods is indeed threatning. We have dispatched A diplomatic crusier escouted by two KYA battle cruisers to speak with them.

Hopefully war can be averted.

If it can not be. Perhaps it can be ended before much blood shed can result.

I hope you enjoy are ambassador. His ship recently departed.

end messege


Sharpie looked over the report.

"DAM IT!" he screemed throwing the report across the room.

The Diplomats sent to meet with the colonists were slaughtered.

There bodies draw and quarterd.

A small elite group of soilders were being prepared to assinate the leaders of the faction.

if they can be taken out. perhaps the little riot could end.

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yea sure it dose...somehow it bypasses a fleet of ships,mines, and a planetary defense ::)

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(OOC: Indeed I did.)

A message is sent to the diplomatic ship, giving them landing coordinates within the Capitol City's Spaceport.

The KYA Ambassador is shown to his embassy, his guards flanking him.

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The diplomatic ship lands.

gaurds begin pouring out of the main chamber flanking the ambassadore and his aids

opearation barberosa at 86.5464%

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To: KYA Government

From: Setara Government

Re: Peace Treaty

We wish to sign a pact with you, that will guarentee peace between our Houses. Our leader, Tara, the daughter of our last glorious leader, has agreed to meet your leader on the Former KYA Homeworld, as only our two factions know of its location.

The No Ship carrying our leader will be heavily armed, but the Lighter sent down to the surface will be unarmed. We hope to see you there.


"Admiral," said Tara solemnly," you are hereby in command of House Setara until my return from negotiations."

Admiral Killdeer carefully attempted to hide his glee, but the small curve of a smile was betraying his happiness," Thank you, I hope negotiations go smoothly, and function perfectly."

Tara nodded as she left the room, and with a toss of her hair over her shoulder she yelled back," No problem, you just keep our people alive."

Admiral Killdeer took a minute to sink into the throne. After he had gotten the feel of it, he stood and stretched, and then moved along to oversee the installments of new defenses into the PDS.

General Vreska was hurrying to the KYA Embassy, as everyone else had forgotten about the party to be thrown in the Ambassador's honor. He was huffing and puffing, and then reached the gates. He was about to ask the guards for permission to enter, when he remembered, the Party was tommorow, today he was to take a tour of a new monument being built to the benevolent and wise Philip, former ruler of House Setara.

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Sharpie staired down at the viewscreen.

What a ugly sick rovolting man to be leading a revolt.

He was bald. Large amouts of scars ran across is face, his teeth were yellow and black in some places and he spat when he spoke.

"Presiden't sha'pie we decla independence from the KYA empire."

Sharpie had been planning for this.

"Your indepence is granted. However you can not stay on the coloney. Its mineral resoures are needed for the kya empire. You will be alowed to rule the south eastern KYA state of Zgonaolo in the south eastern continent. Its population was wiped out completly by the plaqe. If you refuse to leave withen 3 hours. Your coloney will be destroyed."

"We'll have to think about it pre'sie'dent sha'pie." The ugly colonist said and shut down the uplink.

"Mr president. Are sensors have detected that they have activated underground facilites and are moving civilans down." A near by science officer stated.

"How far down?"

"4.5 miles. Are weapons cant penitrat that deep through the surface."

Sharpie smiled. It was going out just as he had planned.

"Send word to the rest of the fleet. tell them to launch the test of operation barberosa, And set course for KYA prime."

"KYA prime sir?"


The Agimimnon folded space and was racing towards the old homeworld of the KYA.

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Admiral Killdeer reviewed the message he had sent to the Ixians.


To: Ixian Government

From: Regent Killdeer

We are glad to have wonderful Ixian allies. If you will, we will send you a ship with an ambassador as well, so that you may establish an embassy on our world, and an embassy of ours on yours.


Tara gazed at the viewscreen of the No Ship she was on. The lush world of KYA Prime lay before her, one of the few planets that was only abandoned, not destroyed in the Great War.

Slowly she moved over into the Lighter, her four guards already strapped in. She nodded to the one at the pilotting station, and he closed the hatch and launched the craft down and out of the No Ship. After a few minutes it landed at the rendezvous point.

Tara and her four guards walked out of the Lighter, smiling. They could appreciate the beauty of this world.

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The agimimnon unfolded above KYA prime.

Everyones eyes were gllued to the viewscreens.

there it lay. the KYA homeworld. abandonded after 30 years. Many of its buildings still stand, automatic dams still pump as they were built to pump for a thousand years.

The Setera war ship float directly ahead of them.

"Sir...Are sensors have detected 5 lifeforms on the surface.

in the old capital."

"Good. Prepare the lighter. bring me four gaurds. The meeting shall take place in office of my father."

"Yes sir."

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(OOC: Sorry Ordos, you said if it was allright to frame you and I thought you wouldn't mind if I destroyed a single diplomatic ship of yours. I'll edit my post.)

Kernas was deeply worried about the dukes latest demand.

"Sir, we cannot produce such a large number of androids. There are not enough...volunteers."

"I have already ordered my scientists to grow "volunteers" in jars- that should provide enough materials."

Kernas was having a weird feeling in his stomach- growing humans in jars! How disgusting! If the people would ever hear about such a thing...

"Yes, my lord- but it will be quite some time before they perfect cloning technology. We are no Tleilaxu you know. We cannot increase android production with our current...supplies."

Duke Jarith grinned in an evil manner.

"I heard that the Dormus provence is starting to protest against my actions- I also heard they just...volunteered. Make up some excuse as why they all dissapear- plague or something like that, I don't know."


"No buts, mentat. Do as I say. Now leave."

Kernas left the room quickly.

"Is he insane?" he thought.

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Tara and her guards kept walking through the city until she finally came into the office of the old KYA leader, there, they would wait for the KYA leader.

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A KYA battleship looms over the doomed coloney.

"Have you given them there final warning?" General Cornwallas asked.

"Yes Sir,No trasmissions from the coloney have leaked out sir. Its isolated."

"Very well prepare the Prototpye for launch."

"Sir...There launcing a...Sir incoming nucular missle dected!"


"Heading towards fleet group four!"

"Brake them up tell them to brake apart!"

A large flash filled the view screen.

4 KYA battle ships, 4 crusiers, 8 destroyers, and 14 frigets in tight formation vaperize.

"Prepare prototype two, three, and four,five,six,seven, and ten Fire when ready."

Seven small thuds could be felt through the ship. four slow moving missles dart towards the planet.

The atmospheres rock of a moon had practicly no missle defenses. The few that fired missed by miles.

The four missels hovered a few meters above the surface.

then darted through the surface at high speeds.

The detonated three miles above the small liqued core.

Rippiling shockwaves were felt through the moon. A large crack begin forming along the moon. Molten magma begain pouring out of it.

The crack continued to grow reaching around the planet and touching.

A white flash filled the view screen.

The planet begain to brake up. Slowiy drifting apart from.

Then several more flashes as the larger peices broke apart.

The moon had become a small asteroid field.

Sharpie and four gaurds landed outside the city and met up with Tara.

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They argue for three hours but finally draw up the treaty.

*No attacking each other.

*Embassies will be maintained with each other.

*Any world conqured by combined forces shall be deived into its to hemispheres.

*If both share a common enemy, military and intelligence support will be mandatory.

With the treaty drawn up and signed, the leaders went their seperate ways and back onto their Lighters and then to their No Ships.

Then, headed back for their respective worlds.

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The Admiral Kresco sat infront of him. His hands rested on his dress pants. Medels shined off of his vest.

"President." The admiral said fallowing a sharp salute.

"Sit down Admiral. Would you like some coffe?" Sharpie asked motioning towards the pot of coffe at the far end of the table.

"No, I'm fine sir. May I ask what you wished to speak to me about?"

Straight to the point, I like that maybe he deserves a promotion after all sharpie thought.

"You have confimred reports that used atomics against are fourth fleet."

"Yes sir, it was either a a 3 mega ton atomic blast...or they perfected the use of anti mater bombs. Which have not been used for 6,000 years. We also have blast fragments off the debree. They are coated with radition."

He is througho...alwas a good thing to have in a Admiral. Yes he must keep him around.

"Admiral. You have done your duty quite well. I understand you had relitives on that coloney. It must have been quite hard on you. There for i am giving you a promotion. You are know Admiral Class two. Fleet groups six and seven are now at your command."

"Thank you sir."

"Just keep up the good work. Dissmissed Admiral."

Sharpie pondered while the admiral left the aggimons breifing room. If this was a good enough reason to tell the Seterans about the destruction of the coloney and the Advanced nova weapons. He deiced it would be. They would learn sooner or later, and it would be a good sighn to there alience.

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Admiral Killdeer straightened his dress uniform and fidgeted. He stood at the head of ten thousand Setara Infantry to welcome back Tara. She had sent a message saying the treaty had been signed and that she was en route home. In fact she should arrive at any moment...

Suddenly Killdeer felt a sharp pain. He felt the area and brought his hand back up, damp with blood. He looked over at the guard next to him, and saw a face dancer in its true form. As he collapsed to the ground of the starport he saw his troops fighting face dancers that had been imitating the local civilian population and a few of the troops.

He blinked, this place was sterile smelling and well lit, definitely not the Starport. He looked over, and saw Tara smiling at him from a chair by his bed. He began to attempt to get up and salute, but found he lacked the strength.

"Relax Killdeer," said Tara with a touch of concern in her voice," I can't have you killng yourself in an attempt to salute me. It would take forever to break in a new top aide."

"What...," he tried to ask.

"The Tleilaxu laid a trap, and replaced the civilians at the starport with face dancers somehow. Our troops fought them, and didn't realize the others that were sniping from rooftops until it was too late. Thankfully there were still two KYA guards on their No Ship and not at the embassy. They powered up the weapons of the ship and blasted away the sniping face dancers. After that my ship landed and the battle was over," said Tara calmly.

"How many," he began to ask.

"Between our civilian and military losses, we estimate nearly fourty-five hundred dead."

His vitals began to spark upward on the monitors.

"Calm down Admiral, it will not happen again. For now just keep getting better, I can handle planetary defenses and the Spice Project on my own for a few days."

He nodded and mumbled something incoherently as sleep once again claimed him. Tara left quietly, so as not to awaken him, and soon found her way into the Palace and into its labryinth of corridors. Finally she found the secret room...

"Project Rebirth," she muttered.

"Yessss," came a hissing voice from within.

"How is it proceeding?"


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The Agimimnon exited fold space above the planet.

two curisers and a battle ship instintly begain escourting her. fighters also took up positions.

Sharpie sat in the command chair of the aggimimnon sipping some coffe and reading up on his faverite sci fi series.

"Sir we have exited fold space. Escourts have taken postion around us." LT. O'Reily stated.

Sharpie didnt even glance from the book.

"Send down my personal items. I will prepare for departure in a hour."

"Yes sir."

A few minutes later a shuttle was launched to the surface whare 25,000 thousands of KYA soilders and civlians were awaiting his ariviil.

O' Reily screemed in shock."President sharpie! the starport has just exploded! were decting weapons fire around the starport!"

"WHAT THE HELL!" sharpie screemed droping the book onto his lap

"Some of the crowd just started openeing up on each other!" Captin Philip decalred.

Sharpies nostrils flared. "Telxiu" The words came out as a insult.

"Send every near by reserve we got there. Prepare the troops were landing there"-----

Sharpie was cut off by a ship shaking impact. Consols exploded in explosions of spark and wire.

Sharpie gripped the arm rests tightly his coffe falling to the floor and shattering.

"Someone tell me whhat the hell is going on!" Sharpie screemed.

"Breach on deck three on four. One of are own Ion cannons sir. It grazzed us."

"Overide the dam thing!"

"Tried sir. There not working!" O'Reily screemed a small gash along his forhead.

"Blow the DAM things out of the sky!"

Another earthshaking rumble was felt through the ship. Sharpies teeth clattered. A small peice of metel smacked him across the for head.

"That was the lucifer sir...They took a direct hit to enginerring.. There gone sir."

"Firing weapons! Philip declared.

4 mac cannon shells raced towards the ion cannon platform. Missels and ion cannons bursts quickly followed.

The Ion cannons defenses flared to life destryoing many missels in mid flight.

2 of the mac cannon shells found there mark the others missed narrorly. one directly on the platform the ion cannon was on the other on the cannon itself.

Ion cannons raked the cannon and the platform.

But the thing fired another stream.

headed right at the agimimnon.

Sharpie fell to the ground at the impact. his head twirling and the darkness nearly consuming him. He felt his body rise off the steel floor as the artificil gravity failed.

He opened his eyes.

O'Reily sit still in his station a small metel pipe passed through his head.

He pushed himself off the cieling towards Captin Philip. His face was covered in blood. He felt for a pulse.Nothing...Wait a very faint pulse. He was still alive but barely.

Most of the 13 bridge crew were either dead or nocked out.

Sharpie looked at the view screen. Cracks had formed down it but it still held showing the ion cannon.

Dozens of ion beams raked across its surface. missels impacted it continuessly. Mac shells punched large holes into its armor and caused it to glow red hot with eat.

Before the darkness consumed Sharpie a single thought filled his mind.

I would hate to be the poor basterd that tried to atack are homeworld. Then darkness

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Tara was sitting at her desk in the Palace, filling out the paperwork which Admiral Killdeer would usually be doing. That was when the door flew open with a resounding crash.

Standing their, with the guards pointing their weapons at them, was the KYA Ambassador. With a wave by tara the guards left and shut the door.

"Ambassador, how may I help you," she asked, folding her hands across the papers in front of her.

"The Tleilaxu have struck at my House's homeworld. Face Dancers...they struck. Thousands are dead, if not tens of thousands. I'm unclear on the details, but President Sharpie's Ship came out of foldspace and then something happened at the starport, and then the weapons platforms began to fire upon the fleet," he was quickly becoming breathless.

"What about President Sharpie," asked Tara, trying to maintain her veneer of calm, in spite of the shock she felt at how cunning the Tleilaxu had become.

"His status is unconfirmed, but, we fear the worst. His own ship took several direct hits," the ambassador's voice trailed off.

"Ambassador, I'm sure everything is fine...wait! Isn't that the starport my ambassador was at!?"

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Prime minister Yasko looked down at the pitiful excuse for a human.

The last known living telixu sit in chair. His arms heavily restrianed. The Telixu commander in charge of the atack had been captured, nearly killing himself with his own hands.

15,000 KYA military and Civlians had been killed in the incident.

most were killed in the explosion of the Starport.

4,000 face dancers had been killed in ensuing blood shed.

three crusiers had been destroyed by the ion cannon. The agimimon had taken heavy damage

The ion platform had not been destroyed completly parts of it still floated above Omega Prime.

four gaurds flanked Yasko on each side. All female. Las weapones in hand ready to dispence of the prisinor if necisary.

Yasko looked down at the pale bald headed commander and she held back a urge to vomit from the sight of him.

"Commander?" She asked.

The Telixu was rocking back in forth muttering a trance under his breath.

Yasko asked several more times.

still no reply.

She tried one more time.

"Commander. I am Prime minister Yasko. With Sharpie being what he is.... I am leader of House KYA. If you do not speak we will be forced to.....forcefilly negotiate the awnsers from you."

He still rocked back and forth.

She spoke to the nearest gaurd.

"Begin the interogation. If he says anything usefull. Alert me. I have work to do."

The gaurd nodded and Yasko walked off.


To: Setera high goverment

From: KYA prime minister Yasko

By sure you have heard of the tradigys to strike are people. I have however bad new to report. Your ambassador was killed during the ensuing firefight between are forces and the telixu. he faught vailienty but did not survive. You have our greatest sympothies.

End Messege


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The speakers boomed her words across the planet," My fellow Setara. Moments ago I was informed that our Ambassador to House KYA was tragically killed during an engagement with the Tlielaxu. This is indeed a day of mourning..."

(Anyone else feel like posting, Ex and I can't keep this up alone.)

Upon the horizon was a sandworm, swallowing a spice harvestor. Yes, the Spice Project was now a bountiful reality. The Bene Gesserit would continue to train House Setara's troops for the Spice, the Setara would have Spice when needed, and who knew, Spice could play a part in the Rebirth Project...

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(yea anyone? this is getting rather loney)

The face dancer surviers of the battle have been tracked to a small city in the southern hemosphere.

500 face dancers have been identified and tracked.

KYA ground forces launch a atack on the city.

Fire fights filled the streets as KYA soilders pepered face dancers with las fun fire.

the streets turned into rivers of blood as the Telixu slaughtered any civialsn they could find.

250 face dancers took up postions in the city's armory.

KYA troops were forces to fall back.

Air strikes were called in and soon the building lie in smokey ruins.

Omega prime was free of the invaders for the time being.

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