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KYA/Setara War: Rebirth

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In the capitol city, the mentat Kernas opens the door from the imperial palace and steps on the bridge that connects the 504th palace floor with the 504th floor of the Drakovich research centre.

As he walked, he could see thousends of people in the streets, who looked like ants, and who were calling out their support for their duke after the terrorist attack- since they didn't know, who was really behind it.

He enters the research facility, and after several identification checks he is granted passage to the bio research centre.

He then proceeds to a large chamber, that holds several jar like cabins, each filled human brains. He walks over to the project leader.

"How's our farming project going?"

"Gardening project?"

"You plant human cells in a jar, let them grow to become brains, and harvest them. Sounds like farming."

"The project is going well. We have perfected the cloning technology and are able to supply the required components for your androids. And may I say, my staff has done a pretty good job."

Kernas face displayed a bit of recoil.

"How admirable...when will you be able to fullfil the production quota?"

"I'm setting up large amounts of pods to do so. I estimate we will be able to meet your requirements in a week time."

"Good...our duke has informed us we shall require a large amount of androids very soon. Follow the quotas we demand and you'll be fine."

Kernas walked with fast pace out of the building.

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Ambassador Kel Dorian stould on the bridge of a diplomatic cruiser, as it warped into the KYA solar system. They were hailed immediately, and the image of a man, by the looks of it a general, popped up on the view screen.

"Why are you here?"

Dorian smiled.

"I am here to represent house Jarith in the diplomatic meeting to come."

"What diplomatic meeting? No such thing was arranged!"

"Under the rules of the Great Convention my duke has the right to call for a diplomatic meeting at any time."

The general displayed a bit mockery on his face.

"Great Convention"

Dorian was shocked. Did they know of the violation of the Great Convention that the duke had committed? The heresy of the androids? How? Were they infiltrated by KYA spies? By Setera spies? Dorian was secretly a bashar, and he decided he would look into this matter right after he got home- right now, he decided that there was not enough reason to call off this mision.

"My duke is offering a gesture of peace by sending a delegacy here to sort things out, and when I get here, I find myself facing a general with no manners who has apperently no need for peaceful coexistence. But your opinion is irrelevant. I demand to be put into contact with your lord or a representative of your lord."

"You are in no position to pose demands. Stay put, or be destroyed. You shall hear more shortly. End transmission."

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Prime Minister Yasko Looked at the strange shaped diplomatic Vessel. It was nothing like She or any other KYA had ever seen. It had folded in and demanded a Diplomatic Exchange. How strange. It could be a trap. She thought.

It could be a Sucidide Drone sent out by the thinking machines milinai ago. It was sleek and angular. No visible gun ports. But are scanners have been un able to penitrate it. Only one thing left to do.

She activated The com.

"I am Prime Minister Yasko. Leader Of the KYA people. What is your purpose for entering are space?"

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Tara looked out over the sprawling starport of the capitol city. For once, all seemed to be going well...too well. It was as if this was the calm before the storm.

"Rebirth," she muttered under her breath," A chance to unify the human race or to destroy it?"

She shifted from the view of the starport to the view of the growing nearby desert. Harvestors were collecting spice, sending plumes of dust into the air.

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Dorian examined the prime ministers appearance. He appeared to be intelligent, maybe a little sly. Not the kind of guy easily lured into schemes.

"Greetings, noble prime minister. I am ambassador Dorian of house Jarith. As you may know already, our relationship with the Setera have become rather hostile as of late. They killed thousends of our people by using one of their ships in a suicide attack. We hoped that such hostilities could be avoided with your house. I humbly request that I may come aboard your ship to continue this meeting."

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Tara smiled at Admiral Killdeer," Are you sure you want to try and take up a practice regiment?"

The Admiral tried to maintain his composure," I need to get myself back into shape after being shot M'Lady."

"Staffs then," she said with a wicked look on her face," Swords and shields when I think you've recovered enough."

Killdeer smiled, unsure why she always preferred the use of staffs," Very well M'Lady."

Tara tossed him a staff and he quickly brought it up into a defensive position, barely in time to block her staff. He jumped back, as her staff lashed out again with lightning speed.

Killdeer stumbled briefly, but luckily, as Tara's staff soared over his head. He brought up his staff as he regained his balance, but she easily brought her staff to meet his.

Tara smiled briefly, and he realized he'd let down his left guard. Her staff came in before he could blink, sweeping him off of his feet, and a second blow from her staff tossed his staff to the other side of the room.

"Good job Admiral," she said, a few slips of long brown hair flowing past her face as she offered him a hand to help him up," Considering you were shot not long ago you did remarkably well."

Killdeer, despite his wounded pride, managed a smile," Thank you M'Lady."

"Now go get your rest," she called over her shoulder as she placed the staffs in their holders on the training room hall.

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I'll save it!

~tansmission ot all houses~

To all great houses,

I am scytale of house solicia located on planet solice. My people and I fear this war and demand all enemies of solicia come forth and announce oyu hostilitys against my people. My people are prepared for war I have my spade fleet of over 500 ships and an orbital plasma shield surrounding my planet my moon/huge arse space ship thingy the abion and my diamond&club fleet are just a few hundred kilometers away from my sector. You have been warned.

~end transmission~

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