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Ancient Races


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This is a war thread. You can pick any race. This thread takes place in 1340 BC. Magic is allowed. Here is how you will design your race:

-You have a total of 30 points.

-put as many points as you want on one of the following

--Strength: This determines your races Physical Abilities

--Dexterity: This is you races speed and agility

--Intelligence: This will determine your technology

--Wisdom: How old your race is

--Magic*: How strong your magic is

*For every 1 point in Magic, you must have 1 point in Wisdom or 1 point in Intelligence

Strength = 1-5 Your creatures are weak. they will rely mostly on speed and intelligence

Strength = 6-10 Your creatures have average

Strength = 11-15 Your race has exceptionally strong warriors

Dexterity = 1-5 Your creatures are slow, you should rely on magic and/or strength

Dexterity = 6-10 Average speed of creatures

Dexterity = 11-15 Very fast creatures

Intelligence = 1-3 too dumb to use[at least 3]

Intelligence = 4-5-5 Dumb creatures. You should rely on strength and speed

Intelligence = 6-10 average intelligence

Intelligence = 11-15 Smart creatures. advanced technology[ie good spellbooks.etc]

Wisdom = 1-5 A young race with not a lot of experience

Wisdom = 6-10 an average aged race

Wisdom = 11-15 The oldest of races

Magic = 0 No spells

Magic = 1---1 spell per day[per creature]

Magic = 2---2 spells per day[per creature]

Magic = 3---3 spells per day[per creature]


I will be the Dungeon Master. I will control Non-player-characters, give you quests, and anything like that. ;D

You don't have to sign up to join.

I can award more points to you if you are doing good.

Your race gets one racial bonus

Example Race:


Str 9 Kinda Strong Race

Dex 3 Slow

Int 6 Average Intelligence

Wis 3 Young Race

Mag 9 High Magic

Racial Ability: Flying

Description: Ruled by a Supreme leader, these Orange-skinned beasts are highly trained in magic. Every Pua'tang specializes in one weapon and most enchant it to be stronger.

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(OOC: Hrmm...Ok, I'll join in.)

The Orcs

Strength 11

Dexterity 11

Intelligence 5

Wisdom 2

Magic 1

Lord Moogie steps out of the bushes and surveys the area before him.

This new forest area is strange to him, and it made him feel...itchy, underneath his skin.

Time to change things.

Three hours later the small clan has the meger beginnings of an Orcish Hall. In a few days they would scrape this area free of the stinking trees and build up a fortress to make the Dark Lord proud.

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I will play the Dwemer, a race of elves that have chosen to live like the dwarfs, (under the moutains) but still the Dwemer pratices every other aspect of the fine elven culture.

strength: 9

Dexterity: 7

Intelligence: 7

Wisdom: 7

Magic: 0

Note: The Dwemer don't use magic, due to the low contentrations of magic under the moutains.

3 hours ago the Dwemer had found this vein og Mithril, now under the leadership of lord Fingolfin, a new colony, named Encelon, had been build.

50 Heavy armored swordsmen

Racial specials: tunneling

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(OOC: Cool beans, welcome aboard Sard :) )

Lord Moogie considers his tightly arrayed forces with something closely akin to pride.

The Orcish Hall has been completed, and the small woodland area first colonized by the clan has become a clearing of charred ground and rising smoke.

After organizing a line of hovels into geometric shape, a barracks is constructed, and Orcish Hunters begin appearing among the civilians.

25 Infantry, Police duty.

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Encelon is now complete, it contains 100 residences (growing by 10 per post) 1 barrack, 1 forge and 1 fortifed hall. (underground castle)

Civilians: 400, groving by 40 per post.

Weapons/armor stock: 10 swords and 10 full plate armors growing by 5 pr post.

Soilders: 50 Heavy armored swordsmen.

King Fingolfin sends a messenger to Lord Moogie (will be there in 2 posts), asking him for a trade treaty, and King Fingolfin also orders the construction of another forge, the will increase sword and armor produktion by 5 each. the forge will be done in 2 posts

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Gold is found near Encelon, giving me an extra income of 500 gold per post.

Encelon status


Civilians: 440 growing by 10% per post.

Soilders: 50 Heavy armored swordsmen.


110 residences growing by 1 per 4 civilians

1 barrack

1 forge

New forge completet in 1 post.

Armory: 15 swords and 15 full plate armor.

Messenger arraving in the orc camp in 1 post.

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Lord john, whats ur racial ability?


OK this is good. I will award extra points to you if you do good. you are also allowed a leader with 5 extra points...


A half-Giant has been discovered by the Dwarves! When they were tunneling, the mining band stumbled into a half-giants lair. There aer bones scattered everywhere and around the giant there is over 2 tons of rubys! the only dwarf that escaped was Buta'luk[or whatever name you want your main character to be]. He narrowly escaped as the giant devoured his comrades.

The NPR[Non-player races] are allowed over 30 points so that they are a challenge

Half Giant

Str: 15

Dex: 3

Int: 1

Wis: 6

Mag: 7

Racial Ability: Super strength: Half-Giants can triple their strength every hour until the end of the day as long as they eat.

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(OOC: Hrmm, Racial Advantages...Stealth?)

"My Lord, scouts have reported a strange being approaching camp one post away." says a small dark aide.

"What is it?" asks Moogie.

"Well, that's a good question. However, the scouts have re-created the runes written upon the creature's bag." the aide hands Moogie a small peice of wood.

"I see..." says Moogie, examining the peice carefully, "This appears to be Elvish, indeed, of the Clan Dwermer."

"Ok, and you orders?"

"Allow the stranger to approach the camp, but keep a close eye on him." says Moogie quietly, "Elves are known for thier magical abilities. If he does any magical ritual, attack and kill him immediatly."

"Understood, mi'lord."

Moogie once again surveys his troops, now with 50 Warriors, equipped with long, wicked sabres and leather armor, 10 Spies, with poison daggers and black cloaks, and 1 High Sorceror, with flowing purple robes and a great dark staff.

The longhouses are coming along nicely, utilizing the efficiancy of common quaters and combined hovels, the Orcs now have 5 longhouses, and are beginning work on a blacksmythe, 3 posts to completion.

Faction Army: 50War, 10Spy, 1Sor. Growing at 25 Warrior, 10 Spy or 1 High Sorceror per post.

Faction Civil: 5 Longhouses, 1 Hall. 5 Longhouses per turn, 1 Hall per 5 turns.

Faction Upgrades: Blacksmythe at 5%, 35% per post.

(OOC: I decided to give myself a tiny boost in the army department this post, you could say the Orcs had a slight population boom ;) )

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Ahh,I'll join,I don't have anything else better to do.


A race of mountain elves that broke away from the elvish clans.






Racial Abilities:Fight to the death


Warlord Aael stood infront of his Elven soldiers.An aide.....aaah,I don't care.Me go to sleep.

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Zhuge Liangs Followers

A tribe of people like people that follow the teachings of Zhuge Liang






Racial Ability:Ability to manipulate nature magic

Tao de Sung stood in front of his pupils, teaching them how to creature astroid showers from thin air.

"Our time will come, and Zhuge will be supreme."

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Fingolfin orders 15 citizens to equip arm themselves, and whit 65 heavy swordsmen Fingoldin charges the Goblins, and after a long and firce battel, the elves stand victorius, leaving 180 dead goblins, losing 40 civilians and 8 swordsmen

Encelon status:

Encelon status


Civilians: 385 growing

Soilders: 57 Heavy armored swordsmen.


110 residences

1 barrack

1 forge

New forge completet in 1 post.

Armory: 0 swords and 0 full plate armor.

Gold: 500

and no growth due the clean up.

and by the way Encelon is below ground.

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Fingolfin sends messages to both teh dwarf and the mountain elves, warning them about the incressed Goblin activit, and offering tehm trade relatons.

Encelon status:

Encelon status


Civilians: 385 growing by 10%

Soilders: 57 Heavy armored swordsmen.


110 residences

1 barrack

1 forge

New forge completet

Armory: 5 swords and 5 full plate armor.

Gold: 500 + 500

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(By mountain elves,dow you mean my race?)

"Sire,we have an.....elven?No,this couldn't be..."An aide said to Aael while looking down at a scroll."Well,what is it?" "Well...It seems that there is an elven messenger,except he's dressed and acts like a dwarf." "What?How can this be?" "I don't know,mi'lord." "Let him in.I want to have a little chat."

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Earth nuker, you still have to deal with the half-giant...


A creature rides toward the chief of the Zhuge. A band of goblins is chasing him. He id doing his best to kill off the goblins, but he is clearly losing. "Please... Help me," he shouts through his armor's visor. Thr rider falls off of his horse with a well struck blow from the biggest goblin. the goblins start to beat him with their clubs. He will die if nobody helps him soon...


Meanwhile, in the dwarven tunnels, the half-giant is on the move after his meal of 6 mining dwarves. He moves and follows the tunnels until he comes into a giant room. there are tables and a throne across the room....


In the aftermath of the chaos in Encelon, there are bodies being piled on top of each other and burned. but then something shiny catches the elfs eye. Gold! all of the goblins were carrying gold! *Encelon gains 2,000 gold and 1 quest point* every 10 quest points, you can add a point to your race.

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(OOC: Hey bud, I don't know if it's quite legal to have built a tunnel close to our land without our knowing. Either way, I plan to be prepared for *any* contingency.)

"Sir, the ritual is about to begin!" says an aide to Orc Lord Moogie.

For the last few days the clan had been preparing for a settling-in ceremony of sorts, involving large amounts of ale, venison and a little magic from the new High Sorceror.

"Good." says Moogie as he heads for the platform. Then, raising his arms to cease the chattering, Moogie says, "In the name of Hrothgar the Smelly, I formally claim this land in the hands of the Orcs!"

After a few more words, and a cheer from the crowd, Moogie introduces the High Sorceror, T'naga, to the platform.

T'naga begins the ritual. Along with a lot of "hokus pokus", he blesses the land in the name of the Orcs, does a quick topographical survey.

To the extreme north of the Orcish territory, he senses a slight drop...More like a blank spot in the radar screen than anything else. At first he ignores it, thinking of it as no more than a simple glitch. Then, re-visiting his options, he washes the power of his mind over it again, to no avail.

A few hours later, as the party is really just getting started, T'naga talks with Moogie privately about the situation.

"So you think there's probably nothing to worry about, just a simple glitch somewhere in your spell, right?" says Moogie moodily.

"Right, except for the warning in the back of my head." says T'naga

"So, what do you suggest? Launch a raiding party to dig the place up?" asks Moogie.

"No...But I have a strange feeling about it still. Continue to build up defenses and keep an eye on that area, if for no more reason to keep an old Orc happy." replies T'naga.

Nodding his head, Moogie says, "Done."

Another 25 Warriors step out of the Barraks this post and 5 more Longhouses are built.

Faction Status: Strong

Political Status: Neutral

Military: 75War, 10Spy, 1Sor - Barraks

Civil: 10 Longhouses, 1 Hall

Construction: Blacksmythe 40%

(OOC: BTW, whatever happened to that messenger you sent Sard?)

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He is allowed to have the tunnel, Thats how the half-giant got in his main city tho. Also, your orc sorcerer can sense it IF a threatining creature is inside.


The Half-Giant swings his club at the nearest table. the splinters fly everywhere and impale 2 dwarf through the chest. The Dwarven Berseker charges at the 2-Headed thing and the spike on the berserkers head goes strat through the things leg. It falls over, the dwarf flailing gelplessly with its hands, trying to get off before it's too late. the giant squishes the berserker at the same time that 13 axes are embedded into his skull. the thing is still not dead...

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The dwarves attacked the half giant again. Ballista arrows flung to the creature, but the damn thing just wouldn't die. But the dwarves only attacked more fiercely. The half giant was pushed back to the tunnel entrance.

The dwarven sorcerer Hestif finally arrived on the scene. He yelled:

"Quick, get over here! NOW!"

The dwarven warriors obediently ran to Hestif. The half giant just stould there wondering what they were doing.

Hestif muttered a few words, then held up some powder with his right hand and blew it in the half giants direction. Almost immediately the entire section of the tunnel was filled with ice, the half giant caught in it.

"Now you've done it." said Dorth. "Now we won't be able to use the tunnel for at least 3 pages!"

"Patience is a virtue, my son. Besides, we won't have the risk of anybody else using that tunnel for a while."

Dorth raised his shoulders, and ordered everybody to return to the village.

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*The dwarves are awarded 1 quest point and are allowed to keep the tunnel to the orcs*


*The Ogre band in the village by the mountains*

The ogres are running around the city, trying to step on people. good thing that the people are faster tho. While the ogres try killing people, to no avail, the ogre shaman chnts his spell. one of the ogres trips and crushes the main church building along with the 40 people whom were praying there. The ogre releases his spell....

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