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Ancient Races


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Mad Rhetoric, teh Dwemer only lives like the dwarf, they still have elvish culture.

Encelon status:


Civilians: 423 growing by 10%

Soilders: 57 Heavy armored swordsmen.


110 residences

1 barrack

2 forge

Armory: 10 swords and 10 full plate armor.

Gold: 3000 + 500

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(OOC: Ok, whatever. :) )

Orcish scout Fraggel picks up the small, smooth crystal he has found and slips it into his pouch.

Looking around he sees a great amount of crystals, and wonders about their (magical?) potential.

Then, rising and turning back to the Orcish village, he runs at full-throttle back to the Great Hall.

"So, what do they do?" asks Moogie, questioning the Orcish High Sorceror on the properties on the crystal.

"That's a good question." replies the sage, "I can sense some magical residue, but that could be a sign of almost anything."

"I see, but you do think they may have some possible use?" says Moogie.

"Yes, although it is up to the Great Dungeon Master what that use is..." says the Sorceror while holding the crystal up in the air.

Another 10 Orcish Spies are initiated, and using stealth abilities, they start off toward the other factions.

5 new Longhouses are also built, and plans are laid for a new type of housing, more cost-efficient and less invasive.

Faction Status: Strong

Political Status: Neutral

Military: 75War, 20Spy, 1Sor - Barraks

Civil: 15 Longhouses, 1 Hall

Construction: Blacksmythe 75%

Covert Operations: 35%

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The industrious dwarven vilagers are building up their army at quite a rate.

55 warriors

1 sorcerer dwarf

6 catapults

6 balistas

Meanwhile a small fellowship of 7 dwarves is gathered to search for the legendary treasure of the ancient city of Giltrith. Over 200 years ago it was apparently wiped out and nobody ever dared to go there again. Nobody knows what happened there. The adventurers are:

-Boldorth- the leader of the quest. A master in swordfighting.

-Kilft- a young, yet brave dwarve, wielding an axe.

-Roburth- Dorths younger brother, a skilled archer.

-Dilinar- An unexperienced, yet fierce swordfighter.

-Golg- Old dwarf, wields an axe, very grumphy.

-Dilmir- A very fast young dwarf, exelent archer.

-Barnan- A skilled swordfighter, but more significant, he knows a lot about hostile creatures such as dragons and goblins.

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A prospecter is sendt out by Fingolfin to look for other possibel colony sites. two days later he returns. saying things as "milord, I've have found the perfect site, it's just a few days of tunneling north of here."

And so Fingolfin orders and expiditon og 100 colonist and 20 men-at-amrs to travekl to the site recomended by the prospecter.

expiditon: arraving in 2 posts

Encelon status:


Civilians: 223 growing by 10%

Soilders: 47 Heavy armored swordsmen (armed 10 and disphatet 20).


110 residences

1 barrack

2 forge

Armory: 0 swords and 0 full plate armor.

Gold: 3500 + 500



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A group of five hundred is sent to destroy the ogres.Including the 5 ballista's.When they reach it,they emmiadiatley start shooting and fighting.Elves and ogres are slain,and at the end 36 elves and 2 ballistas are all that remain of a once proud and crisp half-battalion.Warily,they set up a camp and sleep there one night before waking up the next day,and trudging back to the hills.

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*1 quest point awarded to mountain elves*

Next time, no more 1 post kills. Ok?


The orcs discover that the crystals are super hard. harder than diamond and more plentiful. A mine in the nearby cave is discovered, and it is full of these crystals. It appears that they are growing off of the gold in these walls.

*Orc shaman discovers that they can be Made into swords by use of magic and they are more powerful and enhace strength by 1 point when weilding* The orcs create tyhe first sword out of these crystals. after many a magic ritual, the sword is finally complete. evry year it is pased to the best warrior. The orcs try to recreate other swords, but to no avail. *Orc shaman also discovers that they have a more useful purpose, but he doesn't know what it is yet.*


The goblin raids are happening again. the second raid in 3 days comes to encelon. this time a bunch of big goblinoid-type creatures are with them


Str: 9

Dex: 6

Int: 3

Wis: 5

Mag: 8

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(OOC: Cool, thanks Twin-Head :) )

Moogie twists the sword back and jumps high to parry the Warrior's strike.

Wielding the new Shaard, great sword of the Orcs, Moogie is easily surpassing the heavily expirienced Warrior.

Screaming in frustration, the Orc Warrior finally turns in absolute swiftness, parries the Shaard's strike and finds himself disarmed by the mighty blow.

The Warrior then stands and bows to Moogie in humility, and heads for the exit.

"So no news of the construction of more swords of this type, eh?" says Moogie to the Sorceror, after the Warrior has left.

"No, it seems impossible. Although swords can be constructed, none are able to withstand the lightest of pressure. It seems Shaard will be a unique item for years to come." replies the sage.

"Understood. Then call for the greatest of my Warriors, for he alone shall wield Shaard." orders Moogie after a moment of thought.

"Aye sir."

A ceremony takes place as High Sorceror T'naga initiates his only pupil, Ztragg, into the Dark Order.

A taller Orc, with deep red skin, Ztragg looks almost godlike in his deep purple robes.

With the ceremony complete, the two High Sorcerors head for opposite corners of the village and end the day with magical firworks in celebration.

The Blacksmythe is completed this post, and is put directly into production. A new plan for heavy artillery is completed, and the first Cannon rolls out of the production yards.

Research for new civil housing is begun, and with a growing population of over 300, military and civil, housing reform is begun at 35%

After finding the cave of Crystals and Gold, a Mine has been put into construction, starting out at 25%.

Faction Status: Strong

Political Status: Neutral

Infantry: 75War, 20Spy, 2Sor - Barraks

Artillery: 1 Cannon, growing at 5 Cannons per post - Blacksmythe

Civil: 15 Longhouses, 1 Hall - Housing research underway at 35%

Construction: Mine 25%

Covert Operations: 70%

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Suddenly, the guards are all shot in the neck with arrows. they fall over.dead.all acept 1 who ran from the army aproaching to warn his comrades. The goblin raids have been successful here in the past, so they might as welll try again. The goblin ranks split up and charge toward the elven camp. The hob-goblins form a line and start chanting. 30 seconds later, a giant firebal is exploding towards the camp, killing many goblins along woth many elves. The camp explodes in a shower of fire. the only surviving are a group of 12 elves whom are running toward the mountain for they are clearly outnumbered. and the 15 hob-goblins as well as 42 gopblins. they put out the fires and search the remains of the tents for gold. none. they wasted all of those goblins for nothing...

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The Orcish infiltrator, after arriving at the Elvish camp and taking a quick look around, is surprised to see not Elves, but...Goblins?

Realizing the danger of his being alone at a campsite full of Goblins, the infiltrator turns to run back to the Orcish village, only to notice someone running away at full speed, toward a dark cave.

An Elf.

The construction of 5 cannons is finished this post, as is the training of 25 more Warriors.

Understanding the readiness of his troops, Moogie decides to pray to the Great Twin-Head, Dungeon Master extroidinaire, for a quest for his mighty troops.

After a short talk to T'naga, Moogie assembles a task force of 15 for his "quest".

Team Q.U.E.S.T.


Great Warrior Farrel, wielder of Shaard. Quest leader.

Warrior Hrogg, 1st Leiutenant.

Warrior Drao, 2nd Leiutenant.

Warriors Grund, Trahg, Kliir, Worliff, B'Hazer and Treut, Regular Infantry.

Engineers Quewt and Frawn, Cannon operators.


Dark Masters Q'uev and Flagg, Scouts.

Dark Apprentice Hraag, Theif.


High Sorceror Ztraag, Magic-user.

Faction Status: Strong

Political Status: Neutral

Infantry: 100War, 20Spy, 2Sor - Barraks

Artillery: 6 Cannons, growing at 5 Cannons per post - Blacksmythe

Civil: 15 Longhouses, 1 Hall - Housing research project at 70%

Construction: Mine 50%

Team Q.U.E.S.T.: Inactive, awaiting mission.

(OOC: Twin-Head, I want something to do, give me a quest!...please ;) )

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We send a scout to search for the goblin encampment.It is found.The scout sends out a dove to the moutains before charging at the goblins and actually slaying 3 hob-gobs before his head was blown off.When the message arrived,5 ballistas are sent to bombard the goblin encampment.Also,to their advantage,they can get on a high cliff where the can get a perfect veiw of the encampment.they fire.....

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Moogie raises an eyebrow (do Orcs have eyebrows?) and says, "Joust with the what?"

Then, with the slightest of grins, he walks back into his hovel and re-emerges in full battle-armor.

(OOC: Does this dude have stats? Never mind, I'll let you play out the battle)

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Yea, he as stats, but you don't know them yet...

The orcs start to build the middle wall. Once it is finished, the joust will start. The wall is completed. The first spear joust begins. Lord moogie jumps on his warhorse and the mysterious knight gets ready. The first joust begins. both of them charge strait at each other. both spears shatter. Lord moogie gathers another spear from the orcs and th knight pulls one out of a pac on his horse. They charge again The knight is knocked off his horse from the impact and his spear shatters on Lord Moogies shield. Lord Moogie jumps off his horse and pulls his sword out. the kinght draws his sword and rolls over as moogies sword slices an orc's foot which landed right where his face just was. " Get your foot out of this battle!" Moogie screams at him. The orc lays on the ground holding his foot. the knight draws his sword and throws a dagger at Moogies face. Moogie dodges the knife and charges at the knight.the knight flips moogie just as he runs toward him. Moogie lands on the ground and the knight holds his sword to moogies neck. "Do you yield?" the knight yells? "NEVER!" lord moogie exclaims. the knight grabs moogie and jumps on his warhorse still holding his sword on moogies neck. "follow me and He dies!" The orcs back up, not sure what to do. The knight rides away into the twilight away from the orcs. "Um, i think we got our quest..." an orc says....

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The last hob-goblin hops out from a bush and shouts the last word of his spell. an ear-splitting, shrill sound erupts from his mouth. A shadow appears over the land. "umm, what is that?" Someone says. "i think thats a dragon..." Fire blows over the field, leaving a cratoe, and no survivors....

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"Aye, and then some." gulps another Orc to his compatriot.

A few hours later, with all 100 Warriors chomping at the bits, as it were, to rescue thier leader, T'naga speaks as the Orcish Warlord to the rest of the clan.

"It seems we have lost our most magnificent leader in a time of growth, and as all losses are met, we must launch to find him again."

"Indeed." picks up Ztraag, assisting in the briefing, "Team Q.U.E.S.T. will start out early tomorrow after this dark rider, and take back our most powerful asset."

"Indeed." continues Z'naga without the slightest hesitation, deep into the spell of distraction he is casting over the clan. "Now continue as you were, this base should be a mighty fortress set for when Moogie returns!"

Later, in a private briefing with Team Q.U.E.S.T., High Sorceror T'naga is asked by Farrel, "So you mean for us not to follow this dark Knight?"

"No, of course not." says T'naga, shaking his head.

"But for Lord Moogie's sake--!" starts one inexpirienced Warrior.

"Lord Moogie will be fine, this Knight has no plans for his death, or he would have killed him during the Joust." shaking his head once more, then looking away, T'naga continues, "I feel this is most likely a ruse of some sort, perhaps even some strange peice of diplomacy."

"So you mean for us to stay here?" says Farrel.

"No, you must seek out the Dwarves and the Elves, perhaps they have heard of this Knight. And send a small contingency to follow the Knight's trail, but stay far behind, using the powers of Stealth to remain undetected."


The next day, Team Q.U.E.S.T. embarks on a path of many different endings.

Farrel, along with two Regular Infantry begin a journey to the Mountain Elves.

Hrogg, 1st Leiutenant to the Team takes two Regular Infantry, and head for the Dwarf Lands.

Drao, 2nd Leiutenant in Team Q.U.E.S.T. takes two Regular Infantry, and heads to seek out the Dwerm.

Dark Masters Q'uev and Flagg, with High Sorceror Ztragg follow the path of the Knight. Staying in the shadows of Stealth, so the Knight is unaware of thier presence.

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