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Your questions for KJA


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I've got two...

1) Brian Herbert mentioned something about the possibility of Dune "young adult novels" and additional novels that fill "gaps" between various books in the classic Dune books. What do you feel is the need for this, and how many more years will these extra novels have to delay Dune 7?

2) Is Dune 7 still the final novel you and Brian will write?

- Neo

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In response to Colonel Worf's questions for KJA, I think those have already been answered in other media or by Brian Herbert.

1) We know from the recent Brian Herbert interview that the basic plot of Paul of Dune is that it follows Paul's early years into the midst of his jihad on Dune. I'm guessing KJA/BH will give this book more of a "personal" feel, maybe even write it in the first person... a better question for KJA might be: Aside from showing us Paul's early EARLY years and chronicling days we've already seen in the original Dune novel, what *new* can we hope to see in Paul of Dune?

2) According to what they've both said in various interviews, they ALL come from Frank's notes - but that really means very little. i.e., Frank jots down a little background on this event or that event for reference purposes later on or maybe write a little more detail on this or that on the side, and BH/KJA go and write a book about it that Frank would never have intended to write.

3) Unless you mean the other prequels, the "Machine Crusade" and the "Battle of Corrin" are the next two novels, respectively. After that it's "Paul of Dune," then maybe some kind of Dune-Dune Messiah transitional piece (completely unnecessary IMHO), and then Brian Herbert mentioned the strong possibility of doing young adult Dune novels. KJA/BH have said in different media that they have discovered a lot of omitted chapters from Dune Messiah... one can guess that, even though Frank had to have omitted those chapters for a reason, KJA/BH will somehow incorporate them into the Dune-Dune Messiah transitional piece. Neither BH or KJA will comment on any working title for Dune 7 aside from just "Dune 7." The titles for the Prelude to Dune trilogy were weak, probably just working titles that became official titles... "House Atreides," "House Harkonnen," & "House Corrino"? How imaginative... none of the three novels seem to focus on any of the said houses any more than the other. Personally, I think BH/KJA should have stuck to Frank's "... of Dune" naming scheme (boiling down to basically incorporating "Dune" into the title without the use of a subtitle). I don't even think the Legends of Dune trilogy should even have/need the name "Dune" in the title at all.

- Neo

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to put in a new question from my erased one. I hope this isnt too personal, but was frank herbert involved or ever researched in the Masonic order or Scientology? maybe branches from groups like the hermitic order or OTO? Strange question, but it would make sense considering the fact that many of his essays and poems sound a lot like some of those philosophies.

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Becasue I won't be sending these questions off until I read the book and formulate some of my own, which won't bu until it comes out in paperback, and because there are so many other sticky topics here, I'm unstickying it for now.

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