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The War-torn Galaxy


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(OOC: AOC, round three anyone? OK, here are the rules:


No superweapons to kill all of someone's stuff in one shot.

Nothing to blow up planets in one shot.

No "If I go here I'm invincible" stuff. IE, invincible turret walls, alternate dimensions, etc.

No "I'm invulnerable to that attack" stuff.

No killing off someone's main character without permission.

No more than two races may ally together.

No spamming.

Other normal fanfiction rules for the board apply.

Clear enough? Most of that should prevent what happend in AOC from happening again. Ok...)

Um, I'm the Confederacy of Man, humans with a kick-butt attitude.

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I'll be the Elves again, but space Elves, Eldar I'll call them. This time I will use guns though. I have no planets but my race lives on 4 gigantic ships (not armed for ship to ship combat but planet to ship combat to make it fair). Contains fighter craft and some external guns and of course warriors inside. Each craftworld (as the ships are known) specailies in a different aspect of war. One firepower, one speed, one stealth and the other training.

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I dunno. We've already got the Interstellar Carnage thread going on, I'm not sure we should do another space thread.

(OOC: Hmm...Why not?)

Ok, here is more Background info:

Name: The Confederacy of Man

Homeworld: Earth

Colonies: Moria, a resouce rich mining world.

Mars Colony, just a colony.

Moon Colony, also just a colony.

Alpha Centauri I & II, Secondary capital and scientific research stations.

Alariss Prime, fringe world, many lightyears from Earth.

Utopia Planitia VII, also a fringe world, approx. 23.6 lightyears from Earth.

Total population: 117.2 billion

Total military strength: Approx 9 billion members, large ground armies, large space armadas.

Known enemies: None

Like it? No? Good, let's go... :)

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Faction: Mortalick

Info: The Mortalick's live on the planet refered to as Xninker. These people build up vast militarys and train their soldiers extremely well. They have a decent size space armada considering they have one main planet and three moons. This factoin waits for wars to profit off of and jumps right in, with their extreme loyalty and bravery this makes it no wonder why there facation is one of the oldest.

Trade : Weapons and minerals

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The fleets battle it out in mid space, plasma cannons fire more and more shoots, the Captin of the fleet yells " Dammit we need help! " just then a enemy fires its main weapon incenerating one of the last fleet battle cruisers, the message from Twin head arrives and the captin screams " YES WE WILL TRADE BUT GET OVER HERE NOW! ", he falls over as a gaint blast hits the ship

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