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I disagree with you twin

i have played realy good zerg players as terren. watched them trash my allies bases, i held them off and faught them off numerous times...about 9 but still

terrens are just as good as the other races if there used well.

i still think i could own you all in a game of diplo. i am a master of that ;D.(ask o45)

dont play melee much anymore my record is


not that great but atleast my wins outnumber my loses

oh and 0-0-1(draw with o45 he dced me when i was making a comback)

zerg are good rushers. rushing can be countered.

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yeah twin-head, you're being too agressive. I had no idead how expensive it is in the US so i just said is as an example.

And I too am a zerg player but Terrans do not suck. It is a stupid misunderstatement. All races have certain advantages and disadvantages. The terrans for instance have a powerfull siege tank push and great defence. They also have powerful air units and they can repair units. They lack a powerful spell like Plague or Psionic storm but lockdown is quite powerful when used correctly.

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When do you people usually show up on battle net, and on wich server? I haven't encountered any of you yet.

And actually I think Terrans are pretty good- they're the only race I really play online with anyway. Though I do find it annoying that marines and firebats die so quickly without enough medics.

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europian server. And marines may have low HP they're cheap, very cheap. You can build lots of them and they only cost minerals so if you have way more minerals than vespene gas just build groups of marines. Put them in 3 or 4 transports and drop them in the back of a base. If you lose the marines it won't cost you much but they can do great damage

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Lol, not on this forum or in Starcraft. Ex is a full offensive type (or is when his CD tray is fixed) while I play defensive. As allies I can cover the defense as he takes territory.

Example: Ex is Terran.

I'm Toss.

He takes land from Zerg comps at great loss of life, my snaking line of cannons covers the territory he captured. They hold barely until his forces are replenished to push a new attack.

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