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I like all the books and I think that Frank Herbert made the best Books in history, they have it all, my favorit(s) is the two last books and I don't find any of the books boring, I do however find the prequels a bit "childish" they aren't as well written and complex as Franks. but they have their own charm.

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Lord of the Rings...its something so much different...I read first part and if I should be honest, it doesn`t as good as I thought. But book is better than movie. I`m going to read the second one now, I don`t say its not good, I had to use to these hobbits and other fairytail stuff. But Dune is still best book that have been written since now.

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I found CoD onwards very boring. I would just read Dune and Dune Messiah if you don't have patience.

I WAS WRONG. Once you get past the first two thirds it gets real interesting. But Already GEoD seams lacking in depth. It was better books as a desert planet.

Can I ask how does a SandTrout become a Sandworm?

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