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FH's Notes Released?


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I have heard form a friend that a book has been published, called 'Eye' (or 'I'?). I think it contains notes on D7, along with other ecological / background stuff and a bit of biography.

Does anyone have any info on this, or is it a red herring?

Oh, and it's in the name of Frank Herbert, not BH.

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I just saw the book, it's called "eye", and contains a lot of Frank Herberts own views on i.e. Lynch's movie, Herbert's own favorit story "seed stock", and also there's "the road to dune". I believe there's a part that depicture dune through the eyes of a fremen.

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Just bought it today.

For those of you who are interested this is what stand on the back of the book.

The only Collection of the best stories of Frank Herbert, award-winning  author of the legendary dune saga !

Journalist, ecologist, conservationist, and bestselling novelist Frank Herbert captured the imagination of entire generations. Novels like The Dosadi Experiment and The white Plague explored science's effect on society. The Green Brain and The Dragon in the Sea introduced Herbert's main theme: how societies and individuals respond to changing or threatening envionment. In Dune, winner of both the Hugo and Nebula awards, Herbert expeanded this theme to create a series that has fascinated more readers than any other contemporary work of the imagination. Among Herbert's other works were The Eyes of Heisenberg; Santaroga Barrier; Whipping Star; Project 40; Threshold; five additional novels in the Dune series, and two anthologies of short fiction.

Eye feeatures the startling original collaboration "The Road to Dune", a walking tour of arakeen narreted by Frank Herbert and illustrated by acclaimed British artist Jim Burns. Also included is an introduction by Herbert describing his personal feelings about the filming of Davis Lynch's movie version of Dune; Hertbert's own favorite short story, "See Stock"; and tales from throughout his career, some never before collected.

That's all on the cover, havn' read it compleatly myself, just one 3th.

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Eye was recently reprinted.  I got a copy at my nearby Chapters (a Canadian bookstore.).  So check around at your bookstores - it's bound to be there.  It doesn't have any notes about D7 though.  It's still damn good.  I really enjoyed "The Tactful Saboteur".

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