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According to the dune encyclopedia time line the first atomic bomb was tested about 14,255 B.G (before guild)

this means thats 1940's our time. which means dune is set over 40,000 years in the future.

While i was reading the book i had the image of present day humans in my head. But recently in world history class they described the periods between past human evolutions. some were as short as 10,000 years apart

Do you think the characters in dune would be different from us.

How would they evolve, would they evolve different from each other like the Tleilaxu seem to have. (they look like goblins)

I wanted to hear from other dune fans.

What is your take on this?.

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That is an interesting concept, and I think they would have evolved to whatever fit their enviroment, making survival easier. Bigger lungs due to limited amount of oxygen, much taller due to less gravity, or much smaller due to more, etc.

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Does anyone think this  this theory could explain the fremans "water sickness" ( a sick feeling when a freman is far from arrakis).

But the freman have only been on arrakis for about  1500-500 years. is this enough time to adapt to conditions on arrakis.

A freind suggested that my theory was flawed that in dune  because of the advanced technology and medicine

combined with the life extending spice people wouldn't need to evolve as they get detached from the enviroment

( Example: the mechanical sub terranian world of IX)

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Okay i get it. but that still means the humans in dune would at least have evolved one or twice.

even now scientists claim were noticing a change in us. Now, more and more  people are born without their wisdom teeth. these teeth were rendered useless by fire and cooking, as wisdom teeth were used for tearing meat from bones.

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Some examples of eveolution:

1)  Enhanced mental ability

2) Increased agility, speed, and strength

3)  Lnger life-spans (even without the spice)

4)  Higher tolerance to pyschoactive drugs,

5)  Eveolved two forms of people:  The Humans who have complete dominion over there bodies with there minds, and those who don't.

6)  Some people have developed such a higher tolerance to pyschoactive drugs that they become Revernd Mothers if female or Guild navigators if not.

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Actually "you" don't say it, reader's digest says that and many other magazines and books. Pretty popular quote. And you would only just "read" the book? Appreciate the mastermind behind it and study within the words and context!

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Specific evolution is that unlikely, but almost everything evolves.

The Tleilaxu seem to be one evolutionary product. Suboids and ixian middle classes another possible example. The guild, obviously - they were once human. And in general, people will be more resistant to disease and live longer, etc (partly as Mahdi says). Except:

"1)  Enhanced mental ability

2) Increased agility, speed, and strength "

This will not be the same in all the population - nobles will be more intelligent (or brutal and rich - NB wealth is hereditary, even if it isn't genetic) - Slaves, serfs and manual labourers will be stronger, but possibly less resistant to propaganda (else they get shot). But it will vary between planets.

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