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Dune2000 Speedrun


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Hello,i wasnt here for long but i ultimately [using what i know about the game] made full ordos campaign speedrun and uploaded it today:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fi6s6VJre7YTried going as fast as possible,choosing unit compositions that would break enemy the fastest way and constantly produce from all buildings.


The time could be improved if there would be someone doing it at fastest speed with his highest APM all the time. However i tried my best,hope it was good enough.

If you guys make any campaigns and want me to speedrun them i will gladly try my best to do so.


Edit:// Sorry,voice and FPS got scuffed in original recording,fixed voice and could not fix FPS. IM SORRY.


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14 hours ago, go1 said:


Sick, dude! Nice going. :)

If there's any community campaign you'd want to try first, it'd probably be 'A New House' by Cm_Blast. It's designed to be very close to the original campaigns in terms of balancing, appearance, mission objectives, etc.

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Ok,after like 1 hour of searching how to turn it on i found out that dune2k gruntmod already have it preinstalled.

Gotta see it i guess. Btw. Do u have build queues working? Or is gruntmods having it too?

My opinion so far,gonna check last missions though.

Mission 8 pathing of units is broken and all the initial units you start with die at second and third turrets.

Mission 7 have sooo many worms you cannot harvest anything before getting swarmed in by enemies.

Mission 6 in the campaign is unwinable,raiders and stealth raiders chase your engineers and kill them.

Mission 5 smugglers are too weak,atreides can defend against them.

So to say,mission 6 is a softlock and others are kinda unbalanced.

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2 hours ago, go1 said:

build queues

Good question. The build queues patch was originally built for a very old version of Dune 2000, and due to advancements and patches and stuff, it's no longer a patch compatible with any readily available version of the game.

However, advancements mean more new stuff! Maybe build queues make a return at some point, but at the moment we have some other great new things.

Here are a few clips, one small enough to upload directly here:


Some off-map artillery, some vehicle only paths and unit depots, some destructible terrain...

Anyway, sorry to hear you've been having trouble. If you've got your eye on another campaign in the index and need help with it, just ping me and I'll see how I can help. :)

Regarding d2k version: I've been enjoying the Dunemaster version. Smaller system footprint, easier to have multiple installations, and for some reason it's more stable than gruntmods for some folks. I haven't run into issues with Gruntmods like some other folks have (like crashes at random that simply don't happen on the Dunemaster version), and I still use it for testing something here or there, but Dunemaster is my go-to for extra installs. If you'd like a copy, here ya go:


Mediafire might pop up something, but I've used it a bunch and by simply Xing out of the tab that may or may not appear, nothing happens.

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An user called Danku, which started playing the game at the max speed possible recently (a speed which makes the game harder to control and he is still not fully used to play this way) and he defeated that exact campaigns a couple of weeks ago. It took him a few tries and save-loading, but he could.

If you need some guidelines you can check his playlist of that campaign here:

It has the whole campaign in different videos, it can be a bit of help as maybe Engineers are killed because you are trying to escape with infantry as well (a mistake he also did); and for mission 8 you are suppose to use the units given for different jobs, not going against the turrets in a frontal attack. Every type of unit has an specific job, being strong against an specific type enemy. 

If you need help to speedrun it, you can use this other video list from a very high skilled player, same campaign, defeated the whole campaign in 2 hours and half, considering he plays the game in hard difficulty.

Anyway, If you think that this missions are too hard, then I suggest to you to pick any mission on the index that sais "rearrange by Cm_Blast" these are not my campaigns, but the very early campaigns which they usually much easy and simple with not many secondary objetives; I only made them so you can play them using the launcher withouth overwritting the original missions (because back in the day it was that way).

However, be sure to copy certain extra files added; those authors edited the text in game the old way, which I couldn't fully traslate withouth checking every line of the 1400 (per campaign) just to see if there were custom messages... so I just reused whatever stuff they added.

If this seems a bit complicate to apply and you prefer to go more easy, you can play the Atreides, Mercenary and Ixian campaigns made by Feda, which are already included on gruntmods so you don't need to do anything but play them; those are also early campaigns but less simple that the other early ones, so it can be a good starting point.

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On 9/10/2021 at 12:38 PM, go1 said:

Troopers will die to enemy unit spam. [ptsd of his troopers getting squished by enemy combat tank and minute after that 3 sandworms destroy 5 harvesters in a row]

Scatter is your friend - 'x' hotkey by default!

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Yeah,did that + learned alot of micromovement + i set troopers on guard on the patches of sand that tanks cant get on.

I'll re-try the campaign and if it is possible to speedrun then i'll train and record and hope the sandworms wont devastate me.

Co-op time with friend teached me alot of new strats to use.

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Adding second sentence,avoiding spam.
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I was training on New House for long,but i thought Debug% is kinda fun so here you go:

Another D2K speedrun,with a cute Miku to the side,hope you enjoy this and my failure somewhere at mission 9 and a glitch where i sold ordos starport and it transported me to ordos campaign from harkonnen one:


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