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  1. bit crashy in some missions.. its due to buldings change
  2. can you use this ai for other houses? would be fun to make 7 powerful ai vs you.. aka survival mode but with minimal chance to win
  3. quads do goo job.. just put quads on ridge not on sand. use one quad as bait. kill the worms,rinse repeat
  4. @insaneo what error messahe you see? there is a possible trick.. try add another infantry and change image/animations for devastator tank and tank explosion on death too.. then you can add the behavior grenadier.. that should work by the way i found way how to make double death hand missiles. first make sure you have savegame with high tech factory installed in base (must be harkonnen( and must have harkonnen palace. oopen the editor get structure editor going.. go to units tab left side - click death hand . add new and rename new thing to NUKE now right side menu select death hand rocket thing click button copy now button create new paste the copied data. rename the death hand rocket (yours one) to NUKE A. select type NUKE (you previously made it) now change bulding where it coming from from harkonnen palace to high tech factory. save to game,save to files and gogogo load the savegame and fire your death hand missile.. and build in your base rocket turret or silo,whatever. you will hear new construction options and second death hand rocket availale to charge and fire... just dont let two death hand rockets hit READY because you wont be able to fire two death hands untill you reload savegame. it works only in saved games.
  5. had hard disk crash had to reinstall evrything from beginning.. installed latest dune2k editor and wanted to recreate the additional turrets. repeated steps from previous post but i cant add anything. i did place the structure type to left sidebar (green) but changed two rocket and gun turrets (ordos and harkonnen gun turrets both medium/large changed their type to new one on green area also changed their weapon but i still cannot build them.. what have changed so adding stuff gone wrong? game wont crash,it just not showing the changed turrets
  6. after long research i realized that pushing map above 128x128 will cause game crash always,i dont know how to say it but after 128x128 it begins to put random structures at edges of map so game will crash,trying to remove these unwanted buldings does not work they return in another area of map (they show on edges of map and some probably way behind eyesight so its quite impossible to remove these)
  7. you need enable the directplay for older games. there was post about it on other topic. its easy to get it done and enjoy dune without crash
  8. i also suggest making airstrikes a attack of bombers like b-2 spirit or f-117 nighthawk texture. instead of ornithopter bombs just air-ground missiles.
  9. thanks. i just forgot to backup after deeper experiments. after spending two days i could not find way to play game on more than 128x128. the map after 128x128 starts to loop and structures are randomly spread across map border and beyond (so could not delete them to make map playable) i did analyze further and it appears to be map file limitations,it stops rendering terrain properly after 128x128. my goal was to create huge map and put bigger bases plus modded ai and some puzzling triggers these missions would be big challenge.. game crash even at 129x129 no matter how i clear terrain from unwanted buldings..
  10. so was trying again with making maps bigger than 128x128 (tried do bigger map aka 400x400) game did still crash even after removing "copied" buldings..it looked like edge of file was looped so it tried to put buldings outside map bounds resulting in game crash,i did delete these buldings and fixed terrain but it still wont let me play,forgot to backup before modding... where can get new original mission maps?
  11. first go to if this wont help.... enable direct play or power play in windows 10 options,most installations got this function so you should be able to enable it
  12. theres one thing that might be red alert relic in dune2k. barrel explosion setting. in red alert you could destroy barrels and when they explode they deal area of effect damage, in dune2000 with structure editing you can set barrel explosion to stuff like silo and when silo is destroyed it damages anything near it. by the way game interface both red alert and dune 2000 are similar but not identical. dune 2000 source code was never released thought. maybe someone managed to reverse engineer the game and got something but not sure about this. hopefully EA release the original dune2k source code,but chances are near zero.
  13. the video is about shai hulud but its is broken,it wont let me load or create new maps. what was that text.uib method?
  14. exacly im nostalgic guy and i was looking for old method of adding maps. . im not interessed with cncnet because im not interessed with multiplayer
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