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  1. the video is about shai hulud but its is broken,it wont let me load or create new maps. what was that text.uib method?
  2. exacly im nostalgic guy and i was looking for old method of adding maps. . im not interessed with cncnet because im not interessed with multiplayer
  3. PLEASE read topic again... i dont want to use in any way cncnet.. i just want to add maps for skirmish gameplay for gruntmods edition of dune2k but i dont know how how to make created maps to appear in skirmish so can play my own made maps.
  4. i am using gruntmods edition only so your method does not work for me...i stated it on first post "gruntmods" not cncnet
  5. didnt work. i wanted to put my map next to Funreal Plain ,i had it named Funreal Cliffs. its not for multiplayer but skirmish/practice.
  6. ohhh that did work. thank you so much you da great man... so practically we can replace some duplicated buldings with that as i see.. so adding sidebar stuff causes game to crash but hey now atleast have own minigun, created one HMG gun turret,they are pretty bad range but great for infantry the sonic cannon works too. ohh theres last problem left for solving.. i cant put the new turrets on map. i can build them but not place on maps. and seems like ai does not build them too. ---------------------- looks like theres another problem. i have two extra roc
  7. what i have done so far? 1. "copied" large gun turret 2. made atreides rocket turret available for evryone and harkonnen and ordos turrets were disabled from any houses. 3. copied the harkonnen rocket turret 4. added new and did paste the copy over the new so there was two harkonnen rocket turrets. but the new one has no icon,its black while original icon has rocket turret icon. 5. game still crash with invalid blit error.. 5a. something i noticed: when i went to bulding art and selected original harkonnen rocket turret it had 15 frames on right screen section,th
  8. trying to add another rocket turret (shooting sonic tank gun) causes game to crash. i am using the modded templates.bin from the there ,opened the map editor,launched structure editor and added new large turrets for atreides/ordos/harkonnen.. they are all just copiesof exsisting ones but just changed their weapon.. but game crash if i try to place it. what i need to modify yet?
  9. but i dont see created maps in map select when starting skirmish/practice
  10. i was playing around with d2k map editor that comes with gruntlords edition of dune2k but there is no tutorial how to add single player maps for skirmish?
  11. yes done that,still freezes after random minutes.
  12. thanks.. so this was already cracked up.
  13. i see opportunity to make devastator gun turret,sonic gun turret too. error is invalid blit. type of error blitsurface or something. i was able to make buldings with integrated turret but i wanted to have 3 types of rocket turrets but looks like adding buldings is still impossible
  14. anyone got idea what is this about? sometimes instead of complete freeze i get this error https://www.zapisz.net/img/K5CVc its unmodified vanilla install. someone can help?
  15. so far i was able to break starport delivery,once delivered tanks never arrived whole deliveries got disabled. starport purchase prices skyrocketted making purchase very expensive disabling repairing for structures multiple crates on skirmish/practice harvested spice value increased/decreased. spice value buffed by 1.5x was able to debuff it so harvesting was almost worthless. negative prices in starport purchasing (game crash btw)
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