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  1. can we get now bigger maps than 128x128 ? tried that myself but maps goes corrupted and crashes on start
  2. because there are many other better games.. this game is exhausted a little but still can find content.. if we could have dune 2000 for mobile devices that would be better. but yeah lack of playerbase would be problem as there is no point to make app for 10-30 people. solution is to make dune2k better. .. well there is way! total annihilation can be modded so making dune2k conversion should not be that hard.. i think homeworld 2 could be modded too...
  3. what are these spice fields on bottom? when placing on map harvesters cant harvest them and they are unpassable terrain
  4. get starport,select 5 mcv and cancel order,rinse repeat until silo stop blinking then you can harvest more spice. using cheatcodes trainers to give money is bad.. if you really want more money you can set starting cash instead..just use map editor
  5. there was someone-made custom merc mission 3 but never released,it was concept of someone trying to make further missions for rise of mercenaries.. but not original creator. the third mission was planned but most likely abandoned / discontinued . indeed third mission did exsist but it was not original creator,and even that custom third mission was never released to public. but what i do remember from third custom-made rise of mercenaries? - it was timed mission,you had one hour to destroy all 5 enemy bases - rest was like rise of mercenaries mission 2 but enemies had more reinforcements and stronger bases,one base was tricky (wall of rocket turrets and only infantry passable terrain plus enemy base had some siege tanks,you needed to send around 600 infantry to break-throught last base defenses.
  6. so i learned how to make multiple airstrikes and multiple death hand missiles by adding extra ones so can have up to 4 death hand missiles and so 4 airstrikes. for death hand / airstrike you have to open structure editor from map editor thingy then goto units on left menu copy ornithopter and duplicate it 1 times,name it bomber1 on rightside menu first copy ornithopter then hit "add new" and paste over it now set the new ornithopter group to bomber 1 change prequesite to heavy factory or high tech factory (both work) and to get total 4 copy this bomber 1 thingy twice more. just make sure to keep it bomber 1 group and change prequesites so one for high tech factory,one for light factory one for heavy factory,they will charge up but there is a massive drawback,do not let them all charge at same time or you ruin your bomb train,once one airstrike is ready launch it then next and next and next same goes with death hand missile. this works with death hand missile too just create new group aka NUKE and rest is same. dont forget to rename them thought ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- how to make instant kill death hand/airstrike ? just set damage to -1. this worked with tibed so it will work with structure editor from map editor. multiple airstrikes/death hand missiles in missions will not benefit AI,they wont be able to use this unless they are set to enable practice mode so ai will build all four requirements..otherwise it will stack up and ends with just one death hand/airstrike. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- multiple factories: well i have not found solution.. game wont let me build tanks from second heavy factory.. i just added another heavy factory group and copied atreides heavy factory and added extra tanks to game and set them to new factory. bulding behavior is set to production (heavy factory) but game keeps crashing
  7. well there is warheads tab missing in editor,exacly in structures tab we can edit weapons unit structures and other stuff but not warhead stats
  8. i have wondered what else can we play in dune2000 and so far found that we can play three other games in dune2k.. they are - F1 racing - chess - checkers chessboard is easy to do with map editor so we can play checkers too. F1 racing can be done with trikes/raiders but with some modding,we need add few extra variants,same specs so 8 players 7 raiders or 7 trikes , also needs dedicated map for this. one player counts each laps. so only 7 racers.. yeah we can add service alley,pitstops etc. perhaps there are some other missions than just kill stuff A kill house A? are there any player-made mission to hold-off agressor for hour or more, or spice harvesting race? looking for challenging missions that are not only destroy stuff.
  9. you need to read this ..there are steps to solve this issue..let me know if they worked for you
  10. i think its something with process loading.. when game is started then game components are loaded too,perhaps theres DEP kickin ? (Data execution prevention) and maybe sound is interrupted by that... that why it can also crash so fast. another thing to check is the cfg/ini files and directories. maybe some lines are screwed up and ensure the folders with audio stuff is in correct place. another way to try would be to use some monitoring program that lets you check what certain process doing,maybe that way we can identify what part of game wont load or load incorrectly.
  11. bit crashy in some missions.. its due to buldings change
  12. can you use this ai for other houses? would be fun to make 7 powerful ai vs you.. aka survival mode but with minimal chance to win
  13. quads do goo job.. just put quads on ridge not on sand. use one quad as bait. kill the worms,rinse repeat
  14. @insaneo what error messahe you see? there is a possible trick.. try add another infantry and change image/animations for devastator tank and tank explosion on death too.. then you can add the behavior grenadier.. that should work by the way i found way how to make double death hand missiles. first make sure you have savegame with high tech factory installed in base (must be harkonnen( and must have harkonnen palace. oopen the editor get structure editor going.. go to units tab left side - click death hand . add new and rename new thing to NUKE now right side menu select death hand rocket thing click button copy now button create new paste the copied data. rename the death hand rocket (yours one) to NUKE A. select type NUKE (you previously made it) now change bulding where it coming from from harkonnen palace to high tech factory. save to game,save to files and gogogo load the savegame and fire your death hand missile.. and build in your base rocket turret or silo,whatever. you will hear new construction options and second death hand rocket availale to charge and fire... just dont let two death hand rockets hit READY because you wont be able to fire two death hands untill you reload savegame. it works only in saved games.
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