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  1. go1

    Dune2000 Speedrun

    Yeah,did that + learned alot of micromovement + i set troopers on guard on the patches of sand that tanks cant get on. I'll re-try the campaign and if it is possible to speedrun then i'll train and record and hope the sandworms wont devastate me. Co-op time with friend teached me alot of new strats to use.
  2. go1

    Dune2000 online

    Thanks for help here and on discord,ported some already
  3. It throws bunch of errors when i try to use it. Even though i was linked to here from cncnet too while looking for random map generators to share a new campaign.
  4. go1

    Dune2000 online

    Is there any way to port campaign maps in to online play?[CNCnet from gruntmods edition] I have re-edited some of the vanilla campaign maps to add second player,however only AI as ally feels a bit lackluster. I wanna play it like Red Alert 3 where you have ally on every map and can play it online. Asking since nowadays i play dune2000 again thanks to acquaintance and we can only play skirmish,so far.
  5. go1

    Dune2000 Speedrun

    Troopers will die to enemy unit spam. [ptsd of his troopers getting squished by enemy combat tank and minute after that 3 sandworms destroy 5 harvesters in a row]
  6. go1

    Dune2000 Speedrun

    Wait,i will record how it goes on the softlocking mission and post it here,the other missions swarmed me with worms and i could not develop anything at all.
  7. go1

    Dune2000 Speedrun

    Ok,after like 1 hour of searching how to turn it on i found out that dune2k gruntmod already have it preinstalled. Gotta see it i guess. Btw. Do u have build queues working? Or is gruntmods having it too? My opinion so far,gonna check last missions though. Mission 8 pathing of units is broken and all the initial units you start with die at second and third turrets. Mission 7 have sooo many worms you cannot harvest anything before getting swarmed in by enemies. Mission 6 in the campaign is unwinable,raiders and stealth raiders chase your engineers and kill them. Mission 5 smugglers are too weak,atreides can defend against them. So to say,mission 6 is a softlock and others are kinda unbalanced.
  8. go1

    Dune2000 Speedrun

    Thanks. Sure,why not,if u can tell me how to get it working then i can do it.
  9. Doesnt work on gruntlord edition.
  10. Hello,i wasnt here for long but i ultimately [using what i know about the game] made full ordos campaign speedrun and uploaded it today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fi6s6VJre7YTried going as fast as possible,choosing unit compositions that would break enemy the fastest way and constantly produce from all buildings. The time could be improved if there would be someone doing it at fastest speed with his highest APM all the time. However i tried my best,hope it was good enough. If you guys make any campaigns and want me to speedrun them i will gladly try my best to do so. Edit:// Sorry,voice and FPS got scuffed in original recording,fixed voice and could not fix FPS. IM SORRY.
  11. Thanks for help.i found out that only PNG title screen with all the buttons,settings and stuff was super downscaled,inside map the higher resolution worked.
  12. Full crash on gruntmods edition... Other versions dont work giving tiny window.
  13. go1

    Strange events

    [attachment deleted by Gobalopper] Flippin great... With 1 delete this post aged like rot instead of fine wine.
  15. Hello again guys,since D2K toolkit topic is archived at the moment so i let myself ask,why mission editor crashes when i try to open it to add some behaviour to the modded AI i added for myself in several campaign missions. Last nickname: Devasta(helped mvi to find several values in winhex in dune missions 5-6 years ago,when i was 13-14,now im 19). Best regards. Huge Post Scriptum: Possible Plans to do: The bronze and yellow campaign(smugglers and mercenaries) maps so you may use it later to program some more superior stuff or if i get help i think i can edit behaviour of AI itself. I thought of 2 fractions were always allied like in Red Alert 3 but instead of 2 v 1 like in RA3 it would be 2 v 3 or 2 v 2,depending on map. Shortest story: Smugglers hire Mercenaries to help them to counter the invasion of Ordos,Atreides & Harkonnen and eventually counter back to annihilate them,but their money last only to last mission where you are left 1 v 5 with base already prebuilt on huge terrain.
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