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  1. Hey this is a request regarding programmatic access to the Fed2k forums. I'd like to be able to mass download some mods across the site using oauth or similar style credentials. Is there any current existing API/programming method to access forum files without logging in or by passing credentails via CLI params or similar?
  2. Just recently finished a playthrough of this campaign, another great piece of work CM!
  3. I recently finished a playthrough of this Campaign - was lots of fun, very interesting having the whole 'ally' style mechanic throughout! In case anybody might be having difficulties they can reference this playlist!
  4. I recently completed a playthrough of this campaign, you can check it out below (useful for those who may be having difficulties with certain missions!) Thank's again for putting this campaign together CM, was lots of fun!
  5. In addition to the Mod Overview above, I've been streaming this campaign and slicing the vods for historic record on YouTube - so if people are having difficulties getting past missions etc. they can have a look at it, playlist link below (so far includes Atreides & Ordos campaigns, should contain Harkonnen by end of next week as well!)
  6. I made a guide going through how to setup Dune 2000 using Dunemaster/Gruntmods - hopefully it provides useful to those looking to get into the game for the first time - if nothing else people can link to it if somebody is having difficulties as it goes through step by step what files to download, where to download them as well as a little debugging. Feel free to pin this thread if its helpful.
  7. Hey folks, I came across ReShade in some Tiberian Sun mods and thought I would go about configuring it for Dune 2000. I put together a little video on how to do it here that may be of interest to some. ReShade is an Open Source post-processing injector that can provide some interesting graphical improvements/effects. It's highly customizable so your mileage can vary but I've also included a few screenshots below to show off a couple variations on how it can look! Screenshots:
  8. YouTube video from the stream here checking out the Mod for any curious how it looks!
  9. Scatter is your friend - 'x' hotkey by default!
  10. Very interesting update at a glance! Looking forward to trying out more of it when back from vacay, will hopefully get to stream some!
  11. Nvm! see that the general convention is for authors to use 01 02 10 11 naming style convention! And this specific campaign has its own separate sorted mission names so alls good! Great work on the client cool to see the improvements maybe get onto dunemaster about upgrading their default client, I was running the old one because I just used the default download there!
  12. Cool update to the original client and inclusion of the War of the Landsraad missions. Whatever the underpining mission sort function is though doesn't seem to lend itself gently to campaigns > 9 missions Is there a quick fix to get these in correct order perhaps?
  13. Mini Progress update on this! Recently Finished Community Campaigns 🏠 "A New House" 🛠️ "Heighliner"
  14. Thanks @Fey and @Cm_blast! Looks like I'm putting the New House next on the radar ! Still have to record second half of the Harkonnen campaign, bit of luck will get it done on schedule this week.
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