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  1. Hope you all enjoy,i tried to apply both speedrun.com rules and my own new set of rules to restrict it even more: Rules for the speedrun are shown in the video and copied below for convenience,they restrict stuff so there is no stupid stuff done like spawning 50 devastators and calling it a day: Here is the set of rules,feel free to add more: A.I. runs itself,rules: Rule 1) Everything must be within scenario boundaries. [tech level equal to enemy,AI ammount max 7,multi queue is allowed(for refference look at hark 5 and 9 missions in the editor using it too)] Rule 2) NO ADDITIONAL MONEY FOR MAIN A.I.THAT IS WIN/LOSE TRIGGER(player controlled) AND NO EXCESSIVE BUILDINGS ADDED,with exception to multiqueue A.I.(not controlled by player) that gets small steady income when it does not have refineries. Rule 3) Max 10 start units of any type for multiqueued(!!!) A.I. set on defensive stance until all multiqueued(!) AI launches 1st attack 5 infantry = 1 start unit(combat tank) Rule 4) I CANNOT INTERFERE AFTER THE MAP IS CHOSEN,ONLY SPECTATE,EVEN IF AI IS ABOUT TO LOSE or do something extremely stupid. I can only choose which map the A.I. will run through. Rule 5) No interference with enemy buildings,like spawning units or buildings near them or placing buildings on sand. Sub note: Splits are done every map. Feel free to add more rules if you will see possibility to do some stupid stuff,i tried my best on making this video(optimizing times to be as fast as possible took alot of time) for 2 weeks,hope you enjoy.
  2. Will be glad for link for newest export feature,i will try it with some late game missions and torment some more A.I.s in my free time. Since i was nowadays testing speedweight editor feature in allied A.I. combined with single unit production,infinite money and few other things,result: AI can make 20-50 devastators in 20 minutes.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U3FrKQ_nROs Hello everyone,what do y'all think about this type of mod from the linked video above? I based it off San Andreas Chaos mod and multiple chaos datapacks and mods for minecraft. Tried to make it as chaotic as possible with currently available effects. Thank you for very good job on the editor that made it available mr. Klofkac,love it. Ps.I used cute miku to hide the xsplit watermark,it's better to see cute character instead of watermark,right?
  4. 154 Atreides = Dark Slate Grey/Black/Iceblue/Darkbrown/Green Just tested,got sandworm glitch with broken MCV. I think it is Sandworm faction.
  5. I was training on New House for long,but i thought Debug% is kinda fun so here you go: Another D2K speedrun,with a cute Miku to the side,hope you enjoy this and my failure somewhere at mission 9 and a glitch where i sold ordos starport and it transported me to ordos campaign from harkonnen one:
  6. Nice,now there would be a great good for random trigger and timer random. You set the trigger to several events and randomly one of them happens. Timer random executes event at random interval.
  7. It is snowballing Ordos A.I. so if u dont destroy it early it will do snowball as hard as video shown. Golbez.misai
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GbK_5T1DdBQ It's all full auto,u can help me by adding suggestions on what to improve on the A.I.'s topic
  9. Yeah,did that + learned alot of micromovement + i set troopers on guard on the patches of sand that tanks cant get on. I'll re-try the campaign and if it is possible to speedrun then i'll train and record and hope the sandworms wont devastate me. Co-op time with friend teached me alot of new strats to use.
  10. Hunoa

    Dune2000 online

    Thanks for help here and on discord,ported some already
  11. It throws bunch of errors when i try to use it. Even though i was linked to here from cncnet too while looking for random map generators to share a new campaign.
  12. Is there any way to port campaign maps in to online play?[CNCnet from gruntmods edition] I have re-edited some of the vanilla campaign maps to add second player,however only AI as ally feels a bit lackluster. I wanna play it like Red Alert 3 where you have ally on every map and can play it online. Asking since nowadays i play dune2000 again thanks to acquaintance and we can only play skirmish,so far.
  13. Troopers will die to enemy unit spam. [ptsd of his troopers getting squished by enemy combat tank and minute after that 3 sandworms destroy 5 harvesters in a row]
  14. Wait,i will record how it goes on the softlocking mission and post it here,the other missions swarmed me with worms and i could not develop anything at all.
  15. Ok,after like 1 hour of searching how to turn it on i found out that dune2k gruntmod already have it preinstalled. Gotta see it i guess. Btw. Do u have build queues working? Or is gruntmods having it too? My opinion so far,gonna check last missions though. Mission 8 pathing of units is broken and all the initial units you start with die at second and third turrets. Mission 7 have sooo many worms you cannot harvest anything before getting swarmed in by enemies. Mission 6 in the campaign is unwinable,raiders and stealth raiders chase your engineers and kill them. Mission 5 smugglers are too weak,atreides can defend against them. So to say,mission 6 is a softlock and others are kinda unbalanced.
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