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D2kEditor 2.0 Released!


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Hello, it's been a very, very long way for D2kEditor to reach the release of version 2.0, but now we're there! The FINAL version is finally out!

Download: D2kEditorv2.0.7z

What does this mean: All features which I wanted to be included in D2kEditor are now implemented. This version is made for the current Gruntmods edition, and does not support yet the new features I'm now patching into game (i.e. static extended crates). I will start working on version 2.1, which will be especially aimed to support the new game features.

Here is list of changes done since the last release (pre-release 5):

Added: When you attempt to save over original game file (map, *.bin etc.) editor will show a warning and let you choose not to save
Added: When you have configured Campaign and Mods folder on your mission and attempt to save changes in structures or tileatr editor,
       editor will automatically save the files into Mods folder (and automatically create Campaign and Mods folder if it did not exist)
Added: Structures editor will save only those files (*.bin, data.r16, sound.rs) where any modifications were made. That does not apply
       to Templates.bin, Armour.bin, Builexp.bin, those will be always saved regardless if modified or not.
Changed: Renamed "firing flash" to "muzzle flash"
Added: More "Save and test" options in Structures editor (i.e. launching a game without launching any mission)
Added: In Structures editor you can view images in raw mode, as well as in player colors of any of 8 players. 
       You can also view image palette.
Added: Export and Import images in structures editor. You can import a 256-color paletted bmp image and you can import your custom
       palette this way. You can import building/unit icon by clicking on that icon. You can edit image's frame size and offsets.
Added: You can edit Samples.uib entries in structures editor and rename sounds in Sound.rs.
Added: Export and import unit voice data. It will import samples.uib entries as well as .wav files into sound.rs automatically.
Added: Manuals (mapping manual, event and condition manual...) are stored in "doc" folder and are accessible from Help in main menu
Fixed: Finite spice blooms now have proper names (number of respawns) in misc. object list
Added: Mission launcher feature (replacing game files with files from mods folder).
       If you set the config "CleanUpExtraModFilesAfterLaunch" in D2kEditor.ini to true, it will automatically clean up all extra files
       after the game ends, so it will leave your Dune2000 folder clean and in same state as before launch.
Changed: Simplified "Launch with settings" dialog
Fixed: Worm spawner is now treated as a normal unit and is counted in map statistics, which now give the exact proper number of total 
       structures in a map.
Added: Crate counter (to be used when static crates are supported)
Added: Automatic "Apply changes" in Events and Conditions window. You no longer need to click Apply changes button or press Enter every
       time you do a change in a mission or event. Your changes are automatically applied when you switch to a different
       event/condition, on closing window and on saving a map.
Added: In structures mode you can erase structures when right button is held and mouse is moved


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iAwesome! Thank you.

I did not know you added a whole structures editor, really nice. Very tempting to start making new graphics for Dune 2000, it is just very tricky to get the right style. They used some custom light en camera settings that are hard to recreate (some years ago in Blender I tried it).

So much settings / goodies to play with, nice! ūüėć




Oh yeah, pretty cool. I just added a new unit (sort of - just as a test a faster infantry) within 10min. I called it HEAVY_INF... creativity points right there. :P

No name pops up when I hover the mouse in-game. ... I just copied the LIGHT_INF settings.


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1 hour ago, D2k Sardaukar said:

name pops up

Hey there, D2k Sardaukar! Nice to see you again. :)

The name is determined by the text.uib. You need to add a key that's identical to the new type name you've added, and then you need to write the name after that. You'll also need to assign the custom text.uib to the mission, if you don't replace the original entirely.

Here's an example:


The key on the left would be "Heavy_Inf" and the value on the right would be what you want the actual name to be, like "Heavy Infantry" or something.

Adding new art and stuff is easier than ever too, so, just hit me up if ya need any help!

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  • Klofkac changed the title to D2kEditor 2.0 Released!

Hello! D2kEditor 2.0 is finally out! First post updated, find the download there!

There are only a few small changes since the release candidate, but I believe it is worth updating for you!

Added: In structures mode you can erase structures when right button is held and mouse is moved
Fixed: Custom message text not properly saving for Show Message event
Fixed: Buggy Create Events functionality (Add harvester replacement, unit spawn, side annihilated message)
Changed: Building Types and Unit Types are now called Building Groups and Unit Groups
Changed: File config/templates_other.txt renamed to config/group_ids.txt
Added: Two remaining CashStash AI properties

This version can be uploaded to D2k+ website and mods and tools index.


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Klof added some other stuff in this other thread:

But there's some more new stuff than just the examples he listed there. Since I got this packed up, I'll drop it here for posterity:
Some info about these, and how to import them:


These new Munitions Silos are new assets meant to be used with the 'explosive barrel' behavior discovered recently. I've packed them up to use as many vanilla assets as possible, like sounds and explosions, but they do include new graphics. To use them, make sure you have an up-to-date tiledata.bin that contains an entry for a new structure type (one is included in that zip if it's needed), then add three new entries in the structures list and import the three different Munitions Silos.


Once that's done, don't forget to head to the "other" tab and make sure the explosive barrel building is Munitions.


Then you can go ahead and adjust BARRELHIT or whatever weapon you want it to use as you see fit. The structures are not buildable by default; they're meant to be placed on the map for the player to blow up, or whatever other purpose a mapper might want to use them for.

Hope that helps.

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18 hours ago, Insaneo said:

turrets self repair

There's an option in the structures editor, a checkbox you can tick, to make them automatically repair when first constructed. If they spawn at full health or otherwise reach full health, the repair will stop. It's a useful feature to implement on turrets in case the player accidentally puts one somewhere not on concrete. As for constantly repairing automatically? That hasn't been implemented.

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Got another question. 
been tinkering with the devastator. Want to make it explode on death like it’s self destruction. 
That way the AI take advantage of its use. As it dies / explodes it will explode like a self destruction. Any ideas. 
i can get the animation working (aka sparks etc on death) but no damage. 

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6 hours ago, Insaneo said:

explode on death

That's more complicated.

The only unit to do that is the Grenadier, and it doesn't have a special case behavior. It's actually tied to the unit's name in the list on the right. So, not the unit type, but, the unit itself. See here, I made the Saboteur cause damage on death:

I gave the unit itself a name of "GRENADIER," so whenever it dies - no matter the reason - it uses the Grenadier death weapon.

I vaguely recall trying to give similar behavior to Devastators before and it not working, probably because Grenadiers are infantry and some things work strangely or don't work at all if attempted to be carried over from infantry to vehicles, or vice versa. But, I might be remembering incorrectly. Give it a shot and see what happens, maybe it works after all.

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Hey yeah I tried it and it didn't work. I tried it with the Devastator. Tried all 3 things.

Is Infantry

Its Weapon as Saboteur

And its Behavior as a Saboteur, but that made it go invisible or have the option to go invisible.

I think its a shame that the AI doesn't use this as an option within games.  Like it doesn't self destruct their own units at times that might work better. Aka taking out a squad or building instead of dying. Hence why I was keen to make it be automatic when they died. Perhaps it might be something I'm missing or something you could try?


Also do you have any idea how to make a unit like the missile tank shoot 2-3 missiles before having to reload? Is this a thing or can be done?




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8 hours ago, Insaneo said:


No, no, not Saboteur! Look at the name: "GRENADIER" - that has to be the unit's name for it to cause on-death damage. And then you need to change the corresponding Grenadier death weapon accordingly.

Again, dunno if that works with vehicles, but whatever you did with Saboteur stuff, that is irrelevant.

8 hours ago, Insaneo said:

2-3 missiles

Sorry, not possible just yet.

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Bummer I tried it with the Grenadier and it didn't work. Once you switch the Dev to a Infantry unit it crashes. Wonder if there is another way. Im making a mod called Dune 3000 advanced Warfare so trying different stuff. Keeping it simple. Trying to do different things and seeing what works. 

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1 hour ago, Insaneo said:

making a mod

No worries, mate.

Hey, if you need more help, I'd suggest stopping by the local discord. We talk d2k mod advancement stuff there all the time.


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@insaneo  what error messahe you see?  there is a possible trick.. try add another infantry and change image/animations for devastator tank and tank explosion on death too.. then you can add the behavior grenadier.. that should work


by the way i found way how to make  double death hand missiles.

first make sure you have savegame with high tech factory installed in base (must be harkonnen( and must have harkonnen palace.

oopen the editor

get structure editor going..

go to units tab

left side - click death hand . add new and rename new thing to NUKE

now right side menu select death hand rocket thing

click button copy

now button create new

paste the copied data.

rename the death hand rocket (yours one) to NUKE A.

select type NUKE (you previously made it)

now change bulding where it coming from from harkonnen palace to high tech factory.

save to game,save to files and gogogo

load the savegame and fire your death hand missile..  and build in your base rocket turret or silo,whatever.  you will hear new construction options and second death hand rocket availale to charge and fire... just dont let two death hand rockets hit READY because you wont be able to fire two death hands untill you reload savegame. it works only in saved games.

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Is it possible to use with OpenRa Dune version? Or only with the original CD one?

I have selected at the beginning the dune2000.exe from OpenRa but doesnt work, the editor dont find the archives that it needs.



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