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  1. Hi all. A couple of days ago I discovered the fantastic version of Dune OpenRa, which allows me to play Dune with the current operating system, which I couldn't before. This version includes some little extra changes such as production queues or more customization in skirmishes that greatly improve the gameplay of the game. I wanted to ask you about the big question that has always plagued me in this game and that is the possibility of playing as the Emperor. By loading campaign mission maps in the map editor included in this version of Dune, the Emperor (as well as the mercenaries) is clearly reflected as a separate faction of the three great houses, an option that sadly does not occur in skirmish mode. So, I wanted to ask if you know of any mod compatible with Dune OpenRa that allows you to play with the Emperor as an independent faction, being able to deploy the sardaukar in the barracks without any prerequisites and being able to build the Imperial Palace. The truth is that if it is combined with the spaceport and the heavy factory of the mercenaries, which are golden in color, there is an own architecture differentiated from that of the Harkonen and we would have one more faction to play, which would give more variety to the games even though this faction had fewer options than the other houses. Equally (though this worries me less) it would be nice if the Atreids could recruit non-invisible Fremen warriors into the barracks or if they could build Siech Fremen and recruit them there. It is a type of troop that exists but, like the imperial palace, it cannot be built, which I do not understand since it is a waste that they only exist in some special scenarios of the campaign. I remember many years ago, with a unit editor out there, I was able to tweak a few things to recruit sardaukar and fremen into the barracks, but it was very simple. That's why I asked them if they knew of any mod related to this. Greetings and sorry for my bad English.
  2. But... I can´t play without the CD, I need the CD to play the game It´s possible to play without the CD??
  3. No, still not working as it should. It is very strange because if I load my downloaded missions with map editors and mission I can see that the missions that I downloaded and copied the game files are that should be, however, as I said, when I play in the campaign, the missions remain the lifetime.
  4. is this campaign, but there isn´t a link for the download in the D2K page: "Download temporarily removed by author. Please check back soon for a new version." P.D: LOL you're ahead me xD
  5. Thanks but I have only one Dune 2000 installed in my computer I have just deleted and re-copy and paste the files and nothing, when I charge the campaign missions I play the classical missions, no the news missions
  6. Hi! I downloaded the mod and I followed the instructions to install it, but when I get to play in the campaign the missions have not changed, remain the same as always. Could you help me? P.D: Sorry for my bad english
  7. Hello, to create new units and buildings which programs you use, exadecimal editor? If you create a new unit / building, tibed detected? You know where you can download the game Battle for Dune Emperor or where to buy? Greetings and thanks in advance.
  8. Thank you very much. which sardaukar is the campaign? The Sardaukar or MP Sardaukar?
  9. The problem is already fixed, thanks. Why are there two types of Sardaukar and two types of Fremen?
  10. Thanks for the Answers But I have a small problem with the Tibed, I made a couple of changes and when will I start a game (in practice or in the campaign) the game stops working, you know as you can fix that? Thanks
  11. Hello, I want to make a mod, and I would like to know what programs you have used to open and modify files and data from Dune 2000 and where to download them. Thanks
  12. Thanks for the replies, I downloaded a few mods, but not make them work, I downloaded the mod DUNE: Clash of the Landsraad but not to get it to work, I pasted the files into the Data folder / bin, but does not work, anyone knows how to make them work? Thanks for the replies.
  13. Hello, I'm writting this message because I have a couple of doubts. Firstly, I apologize if my questions have already been addressed in this blog (my english is poor; in fact, I'm his father ;) ). 1. How can I control the emperor in multi-player games? Is there any mod for this purpose? 2. How can I control the smugglers in multi-player games? Is there any mod for this purpose? 3. Is there any tutorial about modifying the game (I am mainly interested in knowing how to use the space port to bring infantry in multi-player games? Thanks in advance and cheers from Spain
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