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  1. OOOo that very interesting dude! Well done
  2. Question for ya. Where is a better updated version of the game. You mentioned there was a better version than gruntmods.
  3. Also Deviator. Keen to either try make that convert infantry units. OR..make it able to damage infantry units. I realise that’s damage set vs none. aka infantry doesn’t have armour. So it’s it’s warhead vs none armour? Where is that in this editor. I just tried to change it using tibed and it fucked my whole mod. Luckily I save as I make changes and back everything up. Been there before and lost everything. Anyway. Please let me know about the flame tank. The unit pictures and how to get more / new ones. keen to make a Artedies Sniper but not sure how to make unit art for it. And also how to design it in game as well. and let me know about the Deviator. I really appreciate your help. You don’t know me and owe me anything but honestly man. Amazing.
  4. Oh LOL I forgot to put a _ lol sorry. I had written Special Tank - Not - Special_Tank Its working now. PS someone made a flame tank, what did they use for the warhead? Aka what weapon. And also how do you change the picture of each unit in the game. Aka if I created a flame tank or sniper I wanna use a different image. How do you do that?
  5. So when I add the entry (I'm trying to add it around (872) as I'm not sure where to add it. I add new entry below or above. On the left I write - Special_Tank And on the right - ? I've tried to type special tank again, but in game still no name. Sorry man I'm trying really hard to get this stuff!
  6. Hey it worked thats awesome. Question tho. When you create a new unit how do you get the picture you want? Like the one that appears in game? There wasn’t any issues this time as I just copied a unit. Also one other issue no name or price is on the star port for the unit. Can buy them, they work fine. But no price or name. is this something to do with uniting TEXT?
  7. Just the steps for this Not entirely true. You would need to create a new unit type that would be shared by all three special tanks, and then three different versions of that unit.
  8. Rats all good. Thanks tho. Is there a build que that works for Gruntmods edition?
  9. I have a question team. Trying to make each special unit available at the starport for all 3 houses. I took away the MCV as I wanted to add the Deviator for the Ordos to be available for them. Unfortunately the game crashed because it also made the deviator available to the other houses as well, in their starports, even when I made sure it is only selected for Ordos. Any ideas? Is there a way to make it just available for each house within the starport? Aka Ordos get the deviator from the starport. The A get the Sonic tank and H get Devastator?
  10. Bummer I tried it with the Grenadier and it didn't work. Once you switch the Dev to a Infantry unit it crashes. Wonder if there is another way. Im making a mod called Dune 3000 advanced Warfare so trying different stuff. Keeping it simple. Trying to do different things and seeing what works.
  11. Hey yeah I tried it and it didn't work. I tried it with the Devastator. Tried all 3 things. Is Infantry Its Weapon as Saboteur And its Behavior as a Saboteur, but that made it go invisible or have the option to go invisible. I think its a shame that the AI doesn't use this as an option within games. Like it doesn't self destruct their own units at times that might work better. Aka taking out a squad or building instead of dying. Hence why I was keen to make it be automatic when they died. Perhaps it might be something I'm missing or something you could try? Also do you have any idea how to make a unit like the missile tank shoot 2-3 missiles before having to reload? Is this a thing or can be done?
  12. Got another question. been tinkering with the devastator. Want to make it explode on death like it’s self destruction. That way the AI take advantage of its use. As it dies / explodes it will explode like a self destruction. Any ideas. i can get the animation working (aka sparks etc on death) but no damage.
  13. Hey can anyone help me make buildings like turrets self repair? Like By them selves? Let me know, thanks.
  14. Hey does anyone have a working version of this editor that's working? Can they please upload it? Thanks as the other one isn't available anymore
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