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Battle for Dune, Remake Modification


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That doesn't sound very forward-thinking with regards to an expansion though.


If the definition of "really new units" includes entirely new models, then indeed we could not make any.



That's what we tampered with. It was enough to create 'total conversion' mods, with everything reskinned and renamed.



This is the xbf editor we used, created by one of the community (contains a readme with pretty much all the knowledge of xbf files we had).


Certainly it will be exciting to see new models created. It 'd have been more so 10 years ago, when there were still people actually playing  the game ;)

There was not any real need for forward thinking, the houses used in the games were defined by the legalities of what were were allowed to use based on the books.  However, I have been looking into the text files that define everything in the game and it appears that there could be a way to add more houses.  There are declarations for houses in the rules.txt file and then there are definitions in the artini.txt file too so in combination it may be possible to add new ones.  You'd have to give them an AI.ini file too but copying one of the existing houses may be enough.


I understand that mods would have been better recieved 10 years ago, the problem there was that all the companies involved either were consumed by bigger ones or just plain and simply went under.  And Emperor was a number one title when it was released, but only for about a week.  Apparently people took it back for refunds because it was too processor hungry for the computers of the day, so it appeared that the actual sales of Emperor were pretty small - this is probably why there has not been another release based on the IP since.


But now I have kind of rediscovered all the original files I am in a position to make a mod with completely new everything with a better poly count than the original and just for the fun of it.  I am interested to see if anyone else would like a mod or should I just make it for myself?

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Well we have to keep them within the Dune Universe. IMO importing/imitating stuff from other games is a bad practice. Critics and players don't like it.


If the completely new is better and within the DU why not? 8)


IMO it is better without fancy graphics but with more traditional ones when these are of better quality (user friendly, palette or colors used, detailed).


Now forgive me for Dune2K. It was the first of its kind and I love it. Traditional graphics for units, easily recognizable, nice terrain (yet the bright sand blinds you-should be darker). On the other hand you have emperor with the more faithful colors used for terrain (but IMO the orange should be a bit less saturated or more bright), shading but ugly 3D implementation of terrain. Can you fix that?


BTW as I have already said before IMO we do not need many units. The more you introduce the more complicated you make the game and it can easily get unbalanced. But you can use different graphics for different houses or special units for a specific mission. Now this doesn't mean no extra graphics. IMO eye candy objects should have no limits.

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This is awesome. Emperor modding is alive!


I'm  modding Dune 2K. Getting Ornithopter strikes for all factions, grenadiers,  non stealth fremen, Sards, to all factions. Make Saboteurs attack units and buildings.


I felt Emperor had great faction diversity and balance. Only thing I've changed for Emperor is Saboteur - made him perma cloak. Next up Sardukar Elite better knife use. Maybe get all infantry knife use with personal shields? :D

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Here's an idea, if you want to send me some designs (anyone) that you'd like to see in an Emperor Mod I'll have a look and maybe consider them.  Start with units and buildings.  Behaviours will mostly be limited to what is already in the game, there is only so much you can do within the engine but I'll see what I can get done...

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Cool things around here. Keep at good work.



Hey Jason did you check the Battle for Dune : War of Assasins topic ? TeamWolf and his crew started to made a FPS game based on Emperor, check it out here : http://forum.dune2k.com/topic/19044-battle-for-dune-war-of-assassins/

Looks like it has a good fan base and loads of potential, its good to see the people keeping the Dunivers alive!  And with big budget engines having free versions (Unity, Unreal and CryEngine) there is a load of scope to bring cool stuff to the masses.  Some of the best games around come from the people rahter than the big companies, keep up the great work!

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Looks like it has a good fan base and loads of potential, its good to see the people keeping the Dunivers alive! And with big budget engines having free versions (Unity, Unreal and CryEngine) there is a load of scope to bring cool stuff to the masses. Some of the best games around come from the people rahter than the big companies, keep up the great work!

Dune will never die..

it'll just evolve..

Almost all the forumers are going to keep the legacy awake..

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Misc Changes - 

All Tracked Units including (Kobra, Assault Tank, Sonic Tank, A.P.C, Inkvine Catapult, SM Tank etc), excluding (Flame Tank, RepairVehicle) have decreased TurnRate : 0.075 (from 0.175) for realistic ground vehicle maneuvers. Two Legged Mech Units such as (Devastator, Minotaurus) also have turn rate of 0.05 (from 0.15) for realistic maneuvers. 



-1 Rate of turn for all Units except, Buzzsaw, Trike, Dustscout, Harvester, Flame Tank, Repair Vehicle.

Hover Units and Mongoose need no Balance Modification for they can move in Any Direction.


Ixian Dome Removed due to Bugs on Non-Arrakis Maps.


Tleilaxu Mandible Removed

-Ideally i would like to find a way to get the Tleilaxu Leech to hide in dust bowls,  Like Dust Scout. If anybody can help in such a way, That would be great.

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Reinforcement Values have been set for many new and original units, this allows ai to have more of a choice with selection of units to use in specific situations, It tells the ai which units are advanced, and those with the same level are of equivalence to each other and the ai will choose one of the units that are listed with the same Reinforcement Value, So we start to see AI mixing a variety of units in defense and attack tactics. 



Sophisticated Harkonen Defense





Sophisticated Ordos Defense





Sophisticated Atreides Defense



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they seem to work now.

I am going to caption them, so those who have seen, re-read

Your last ones now work, but those in the posts above still don't.

Do keep in mind that if you visited the pages where you uploaded the images to first, your browser already has them downloaded, meaning you don't notice their hotlink blocking because your browser never tries to download them through this page.

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Ordos Raider


(Possibly Avail from Starport as Smuggler Unit Reskinned, Possible Replacement for Ordos Dust Scout, Dust Scout Model would then become a Tleilaxu Unit, Or Perhaps just Scrap Ordos Raider Completely, Early Stages)


Idea's? Thoughts?


Imperial Sardaukar (Bonus- Infantry cant be picked up by storms)
- Sarduakar Warrior (Heavy Infantry, Armed with a heavy machine gun)
- Sardaukar Elite (Elite Infantry armed with AT Laser and a Knife)
- Sardaukar General (Tactical Infantry, Good vs Tanks Air and Infantry, Long Train Time)
The Fremen (Bonus- Structures build on Sand and Rock)
-Fremen Outpost (Expansion Structure, Allows for further Construction Radius)
-Fremen Warrior (A Stealth Warrior armed with a Sniper)
-Fremen Fedaykin (A Stealth Worm Rider armed with a Sonic Weapon)
Guild of Navigators (Bonus- Units repulsive to Worms)
-Guild Pyramid (Provides Superior Power Levels whilst consuming less Space also Saving Spice and Build Time)
-Guild Maker (Good Support Unit, Deals area damage)
-Guild Niab Tank (Can Teleport across map, Armed with a positive energy weapon)
House of Ix (Bonus- Ix Scientists (engineer) flee from destroyed Buildings)
-Ixian Suboid (Weak, Cheap, Close Range, Good vs Buildings, Ai's Cannon Fodder)
-Ixian Infilrator (Stealth Sabotage Unit, Detonates when close to enemy)
-Ixian Projector (Can duplicate units, Armed with an Anti-Infantry Gun)
The Tleilaxu (Bonus- Units/Structures Self Heal)
-Tleilaxu Contaminator (Can Mutate Enemy Units into itself)
-Tleilaxu Leech (Infects Enemy Vehicles to birth more leeches)
-Tleilaxu Dust Hopper (Spits Poison that burns through Skin, Hides in Dust Bowls)
The Smugglers (Bonus- Available to all houses from Starport)
-Smugglers Raider (15% Faster than AT Trike, 15% Weaker, 15% Cheaper, -15% Turn Rate) 
-Smugglers Rocket Quad (Anti Air Quad, Good Speed, Nice Weapon, Low Armor)
-Smugglers Combat Tank (Good Medium Tank, 15% Faster Than HK Assault Tank, 15% Cheaper but more vulnerable to infantry)




As for the Raider Trike, If Given to The Smugglers, The Smugglers would then be providing the availability of units and technology outdated back from dune 2000. This is a cool Idea i think as all smugglers units are cheaper lighter and weaker alternatives to new age house units. As Starport prices Rise and Fall, House Units cost will Rise whilst Smugglers Units will Fall, This is designed to alternate throughout the game, Forcing the player to make use of smugglers units or house units in relation to cost. Sometimes Smugglers units will be cheaper than house units, Other times house units may equal to the cost of smugglers units and other times smugglers units may be higher than house units.

Another idea perhaps is to give the Raider to Ordos (of whom it was originally back in 2000 and ensure that the Tleilaxu will re-introduce the dust scout concept as in sub-house brainstorm above)


-Dust Scout (Un-Arm and Void Ordos Infantry Scout?)
-Raider (Fastest, Weakest, Cheapest)
-Laser Tank
-Repair Drone
-Sonic Tank
-Assault Tank
-Flame Tank
-Missile Tank
-Ink Vine



Spice is not Green, It is Guild Map. Just a terrain type

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Are you (AnimalMan) still making this mod? I would love to try it out and maybe help if you need it. my time is GMT +2, and at the moment I'm going to sleep at like 5 in the morning and waking up at noon :D (up to date as of 10/10/2014)

JasonRedway - Mods that add completely new units/textures have been added, look up the Shai-Hulud Mod, if you can't find it I have the original zip. It's quite sophisticated

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