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  1. In the evening at 18:00 to 22:00 Moscow time I go to play with Newlords. I would be happy for players to play 2 vs 2. Tunngle beta program.
  2. http://forum.dune2k.com/files/category/43-modifications/
  3. You said that the improved weak units. I agree with you. But when I saw the weakening of the original units, I was disappointed. elite sardoukar [FRADVFremen] Resource = Wormrider [HKGunship] and [ATOrni]. Also, you have strengthened good units. [iXInfiltrator] And, of course, I had to do a post not a good experience. Kines93 Posted 27 July 2012 - 06:01 PM 8)
  4. I think I rushed to the conclusion. When you attack in the campaign, your opponent has already built up. That I had in mind. But given the speed of construction on the brutal AI, the difference between the finished or not finished base is not large. However, there are all the same in the campaign missions that are simply not permitted sophisticated. As a result, I recommend when choosing a company to exclude brutal. Or write "Only for a single battle." Next question why is easybuildcost = 10 (computer pays 10% only,this means computer pays 10 times less then us human players)easy difficulty normalbuildcost = 100 (normal rate for humans) hardbuildcost = 10 (computer pays 10% only)hard difficulty easybuildtime = 20 (computer builds 5 times faster than human players) normalbuildcost = 100 (normal rate for humans) hardbuildtime = 20 (computer builds 5 times faster than human players)hard difficulty on my mod i call it brutal Where did i get these stats i got it from guild wars mod by apollyon." I do not understand. If you have the same parameters easybuildcost = 10 hardbuildcost = 10 easybuildtime = 20 hardbuildtime = 20 So how do they differ? easy and hard. Next. You talked about the fire tank, but I did not. I have no complaints to him.)
  5. I doubt that it is possible to pass a campaign on hard difficulty. This is an important attribute of playability.
  6. something I did not understand how to remove the post. Disassembled AI. No more questions, except one. EasyBuildTime = 20 NormalBuildTime = 100 HardBuildTime = 20 EasyBuildCost = 10 //for the AI when the player selects HARD NormalBuildCost = 100 //AI gets a price decrease so it gives a better fight HardBuildCost = 10 //for the AI when the player selects EASY why is HardBuildCost = 10 (125) and HardBuildTime = 20 (125)?
  7. Hi Atom.! I watched the video) An interesting modification. I saw a good strategy [ORSaboteur]. Easier for me task. What else is interesting in AI?
  8. Kindjal86. I am happy to accept any help, if we speak in Russian))))). I perhaps would like to add new units, but could not. I ran into a limit on the number of new facilities. If I add at least 1 new blast weapon, unit, structure - the game does not start. All unnecessary items I have long been deleted.
  9. I'm working on my balance of mode for over a year. If you have not been a report of all changes, you will never make a good balance. You need it so you can see everything done and correct their mistakes. The balance on the first try is always funny. Balance in general is not important if it does not play on the network. You have changed many parameters of the great houses, small houses, Add new guns and new units. I have a program that sees each distinct from the original. Artificial intelekt I am interested in new scripts. High speed bonuses construction and economic benefits are not an achievement. Levels of Experience 4 - 5 very funny. Many do not reach Level 2. (Playing on the network) Why so expensive and long-produced [HKGunship] and [ATOrni]? [ATTrike] / / LEVEL 3 VeterancyLevel = 40 Elite = TRUE - will never happen. [ATADP] Speed ​​= 20 (12) Health = 1200 (600) - I'm shocked! You are talking about have not changed the original. It is not stated in the description. [ORAPC] Cost = 3800 (900) is very expensive. I recommend Cost = 3000. [TLContaminator] CanSelfRepair = 10 (0) lol. recommend CanSelfRepair 3. [iXProjector] BuildTime = 4000 (589) lol. recommend 1500. [iXInfiltrator] Cost = fifteen hundred (five hundred) BuildTime = 750 (432) Resource = BombBomb (SaboteurBomb) [saboteurBomb] Damage = 3000 Warhead = Howitzer_W BlastRadius = 96 [bombBomb] Damage = 3000 BlastRadius = 320 Warhead = Howitzer_W ... I recommend [iXInfiltrator] Cost = 4000, [infiltratorDeath] Damage = recommended in 1000 (in 1500) BlastRadius = 200 (96). When you delete a mod, my game has not become Russified as it was before. You do not even warned. Why was the weakening of the elite sardoukar and [FRADVFremen]. I feel your personal opinion, which should not be. [FRADVFremen] Resource = Wormrider [WormRider] Health = 1000 (10000). recommend that Health = 5000. That's all. I'm not going to look at the new units. All the same, it's your modification.
  10. You have indicated very little change of the great houses than done in reality. Changes to the sub houses hardly spoken. House Atreides has many more advantages over the other. Transparency changes and calibrated balancing necessary for a fair online game different factions.
  11. Hello atomicar. The balance of your mode is poor. If I have time, I will offer options within your mod. I'm working on my mod. I want to add your AI development. You can describe in detail the behavior change units? what's new in the behavior of AI and units? I do not know what modes can lay claim to the Emperor 2. In my mode is not new units. PS So the interpreter translated. I have the time, that would decide whether to add new units. However, I have so many new objects that i can not add anymore (. Yet sprashu: Can I move things out of your modifications?
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