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Some dune concept art.


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I like that robot with the red cloak.
That is probably one of the Butlerian Jihad prequel characters.

I've seen concept art paintings in a similar style before. It's good but I can't say it's super awesome. The art itself is very nice, especially some of the landscapes.

Here's an article about these paintings:


[Edit] Nope, the "robots" in red cloaks are a Fremen Trooper and a Sardaukar.

[Edit2] Mark Molnar indeed does beautiful landscapes, even unrelated to Dune, like this and this.

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Here's Geektyrant's art for the dead Paramount Dune film franchise. (I don't know if this has been posted before)

And AJ, Gorrem, Sammy, Wo and Jordan's Project Sand page (one of the guys here, Gorrem, is on Deviantart also). CarlosNCT has some nice Dune illustrations on his Deviantart's page. Embley has some cartoonish Dune fan art (my internet sucks today - thank you china great firewall) so you'll have to browse a bit there to find it. Also Hideyoshi, Jubjubjedi and zazB(browsing required).

Sparth also has some very good illustrations on Tumblr.
Tombsofkobol website has some very nostalgic illustrations.
Edward Pun - some additional search on his page required.

And let's not forget Mark Zug, great great art there.




There was also a Matthew Williamson guy, but searching him on the net just returns some english fashion designer dude... damn.

Aaaaaand John Schoenherr's graphite art... justs tumbled upon it :D (there's much more apparently).

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