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Yo. I know that some tutorials are quite needed here cuz some ppl really don't get how to use the tools. Here are some tuts I made as easy and fast as I could. Hope they will be useful:

More tuts coming soon. Have an eye on this thread.

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Just saw your Tut 1 & want to ask you something about intervals. As far as I understood, the interval condition can be basically used either for the carryall reinforcements or starport deliveries (enemy or player’s), and this especially when you want to make it happen for a certain number of times (say, 4 or 5), right?

In other words, if I want to give the enemy/player a CR or SD say, 20 seconds from the start of the level, and want to repeat this action, say, every 30 seconds AND 4 times in total, the values will be as follows:

Interval: 1800

Start Delay: 1200

Run Count: 5

Which means that the enemy/player will receive the first CR or SD 20 seconds from the beginning of the level, and then receive another CR or SD after 30 seconds, then another CR or SD after 30 seconds, and so on until the Run Count parameter reaches the value of 5, when the CRs or SDs will finally stop, right? Please correct me if I’m wrong, OK?

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It can be used even for unit spawner.

yes, you are right. :) Unless I am wrong too, I didnt use it very much in my missions, not even twice if I remember well, so I'm not 100% sure about the start delay parameter. But yes, it will repeat a specific number of times. Ofc, it can be combined with other conditions as well.

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Also I see we are now "fedaykins" instead of members haha.. YOU ARE ALL MINE xD (off-topic ^^ )

Well that would take like 30 secs, not sure its worth a tutorial. Perhaps tell me something else and combine them both to make at least 2 mins of video? :D

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