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You mean Shai-hulud? Oh, thats not mine :d im not a programmer, though im studying C++ atm.

If you mean the D2K+ toolkit, thats again not my work. It was made by mvi. Im just the guy that understands them very well, knows how to use them & shares the knowledge with others in tutorials :D

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Added a bunch of new tuts there guys, make sure you watch them :) also I added the emperor mission created by Shai-Gel98.

If you have a mission that you'd like to be recorded and uploaded on youtube dont hesitate to tell me, i would be glad to promote & upload them :) As you know im supporting the modding aspect of dune2k in any way possible, and the best way to show ppl that dune2k is not dead and that smart & creative ppl are still working for it, creating tools and missions, is by recording vids & uploading them to such a popular service like YouTube :D

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