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Im gonna upload a tutorial about setting up Shai-Hulud on a virtual machine (probably on a Windows 9x OS). Why would I do this? Well I got a few PMs on YT about some .dll error while installing Shai-hulud on windows 7 which prevents the program to work properly. After ppl download and put that .dll in the system directory, some of them got problems with the windows 7 genuine bullshit that you all know :D getting that nasty black background & activation messages ..probably cuz of pirated OS,  idk, idc.. Some of them got it after the next reboot, others got it after some days. Just to make sure, I'll show how to get it working on a virtual pc cuz u cant break anything there since its a virtual pc ;)


I know this may not be very interesting for ppl without this kind of problem but still, should be done. Then, by "building my mods" you mean? Im not working on anything atm.

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well I used shai hulud in xp...

Yea yea i know ppl get mad when they hear about Win98 : "WTF I WANNA XP CUZ ITS DA BEST" well XP is indeed better, obviously, but takes more time to be installed and is harder to get for a virtual machine. Windows 98 is very easy to set up and if you get mozilla 2.0 on it it works pretty well with nowadays sites. So if you wanna make a virtual machine and u have to choose between WinXP and Win98, which one you gonna choose? Its a virtual machine, not main pc, you want the thing that installs faster and requires only a few memory. :)

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There are many tutorials about setting up a virtual machine. Just google for them :) Use programs like MS Virtual PC 2007 or VMware player. But again, you do not need windows 98 or any virtual machines if you dont get any errors or windows genuine problems.

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Added 2 new tutorials, probably the last one is finally useful for ppl who know how to install things but dont know terrain editing :) 


Basic options of Shai-Hulud 2000:


Smoothing dirt edges (makes your map look good, a must-do step for any decent mapper)


Hope it helps. I'm also planning to release some tuts related to editing the briefing & unit/buildings names soon, but now I'm focusing on Shai-Hulud cuz ppl seem not to know about it and they use the campaign map editor for terrain editing which is a pain in the ass.

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