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  1. Hello guys, I know this has been posted here already for dozen times, but anyway, is there a solution to that stupid split screen bug WITHOUT having to switch to 8-bit graphics in the main menu? OS: Windows XP Professional SP 3 Graphic card: nVidia GeForce FX5200
  2. Just saw your Tut 1 & want to ask you something about intervals. As far as I understood, the interval condition can be basically used either for the carryall reinforcements or starport deliveries (enemy or player’s), and this especially when you want to make it happen for a certain number of times (say, 4 or 5), right? In other words, if I want to give the enemy/player a CR or SD say, 20 seconds from the start of the level, and want to repeat this action, say, every 30 seconds AND 4 times in total, the values will be as follows: Interval: 1800 Start Delay: 1200 Run Count: 5 Which means tha
  3. @Moonlight AbaSSy: So you have problems with my remake of the O9v1 level? Well, it was intended to be tougher than the original ;-), but anyway, I’d say that this particular remake is easier to beat than the remaining two which I thus far did (i.e. H9v2 and O8v1). I can say that I did beat it on hard difficulty fairly easily… What you basically need to do is to build another 2 refineries right in the beginning + couple of additional harvesters (remember you have 3 carryalls right from the start, so the harvesters should be picked from the spice fields to refineries & vice versa rather quic
  4. @mvi: Why there are X & Y coordinates next to a starport delivery? Does it have any bearing or is it completely irrelevant if I put, say X = 29 & Y = 45 or X = 0 & Y = 0? One would think that these X & Y values would point to the exact location of the given starport, but that's not the case. If you open, say, the H6v2 level, you'll see that the the X & Y values for the Ordos starport delivery are 5 & 45, but the actual starport lies somewhere else...
  5. Well, that’s exactly what I did :) Too bad it came to my mind only after I wrote that previous post of mine :) It’s the easiest way, and it works 100 %!
  6. Yes, but as I’ve already said, the problem is, these „finite“ ones aren’t visible on the map at all (I mean when you open a map in the klofkac’s editor, you don’t see them). There’s just spice on the map, but no spice bloom at all. Well, actually, you can see a small “hole” in the spice which seems to be the exact location of these “finite” ones, but even this is not always the case. For example, in the O9v2 level, you have one particular spice field which is located just between your & the Mercenary base, and this spice field has a spice bloom which reappears for some 20 or so times, and
  7. When playing Dune 2000, you may’ve noticed that some of these „spice blooms“ will continue to reappear forever, whilst some will reappear, say, 15 or 20 times, and then disappear for good. But when you try to use the klofkac’s editor, there are only the „infinite“ ones visible (i.e. the ones which continue to reappear forever), whilst the later aren’t visible on the map at all. Is there a chance to put these on the map?
  8. Plz help someone! I’d like to increase the casualty threshold for Mercenaries in O9v2. What should I do? For the “Mercenary leader: We’re losing too many men!” message: Casualty Threshold = 10 unknown C1 = 224 unknown C2 = 63 For the “Mercenary leader: We’ve lost too many men! We must withdraw our support!” message: Casualty Threshold = 15 unknown C1 = 32 unknown C2 = 64 Do I need to change only the Casualty threshold parameter or also the C1 & C2? What do these C1 & C2 parameters represent? Thanks in advance!
  9. @sandworm & aKaFedaYkin: Stupid me, I take it back! Was too lazy to check the .mis files, you know 8) You’re both right about the Mercs. They indeed ally with the other houses when the casualties grow, so if the Harkonnen or Atreides decide to destroy their base, it’s actually good for the player, as it draws their attention away for a minute or two… Re: the stealth fremen & saboteurs, they of course get spotted by the infantry, but what I meant is that they also get “visible” when walking near an LI / trooper / sardaukar who belong to a house which is ALLIED to them. That’s what I fou
  10. Didn’t know where to post this, but anyway, here are 2 "new things" which somehow got my attention when playing the D2K recently: 1. Why do the enemy stealth fremen appear “visible” when walking near the infantry units from the other enemy clans? Seems weird, isn’t it? 2. Also, in the levels where the Ordos play together with the Mercs, why, once you get that message: „We’ve lost too many men! We must withdraw our support!”, do the Mercs let their base to be destroyed by the other clans, which are supposed to be “neutral” to the Mercs? As far as I understand, the Mercs become “neutral” to all
  11. @Vota dc: I don’t think A combat tank is bad at all. It has better armor than OCT & is quicker than HCT both in movement & rate of fire. In other words, it’s somewhere in the middle between OCT & HCT. I personally like it a lot more than the OCT, which is pretty much good for running over the infantry & revealing the map, rather than for fighting. @aKaFedaYkin: I still think the Deviator sux (at least in campaign play). It’s totally useless against buildings & infantry, expensive, slow to move & fire, pretty easy to destroy, and, what’s perhaps the worst: it often MISFI
  12. Man, didn't notice that at all! After playing Dune 2000 for some 13 years, that really sucks, huh? :) Always thought the Ordos combat tanks are just quicker in terms of movement, not in terms of rate of fire. Btw, does it also have the same gun & damage as has H & A combat tank? I'm too lazy to check that up in TibEd, you know ;)
  13. @mvi: Does the TibEd also allow you to change what units can the given house BUILD? For example, it’d be good to give the Ordos a chance to build missile tanks (since they can only order them per starport). Instead, they can only build deviators, which are more or less suitable for one & only thing: stealing the enemy harvesters. Not to mention the fact that the Ordos also have the weakest combat tanks of all 3 houses... With such poor armor, one can only guess if the Westwood intended to use them more as an exploring unit rather than a fighting unit :D Which version of TibEd did you use t
  14. The Mercs can bring up a strong army even without light factory / barracks / additional starport units - it's just that they (in most of the cases) spend their units rather quickly, without thinking too much about protecting their base. Would be cool if you could give them a some sort of order which would make them attack the enemy bases only if they had, say, at least 50 units, AND with, say, a maximum of 20 units (i.e. 20 units would go outside for hunt, whilst the remaining 30 would protect the base). Speaking about the AI, btw, I've noticed that sometimes the enemy can make pretty strange
  15. @mvi: Thank you very much for these links, but I'm afraid I won't become any hex editor ace anytime soon, firstly because (as you may've noticed from my previous post to sandworm) I'm just too lazy to do any research, and secondly because I've ALWAYS sucked at maths or anything of that kind :(
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