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Need help making medic unit


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Im stuck with tibed trying to make the engineer have a dual use ingame but whenever i forcefire a friendly soldier Dune2k crashes saying invalid bullettype 34. Do i need to assign a warhead to go with it? would it also be possible to add the medic sound from RA95 and stick it with the engineer?

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Just some idea's:

Should the unit not have a positive damage AND only "attack" damaged units on your side?

How about the function of the repair pad placed on a unit. Which can move, but has a field around him. Infantry could be told to go for repairs. Then they move towards the medic. And simply make the costs of "repairing" €0?

Or no medic, but just giving all infantry an auto repair to 100%?

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I tried to make an medical unit my self.


What I did was add -100 instead of 100

But a unit that could heal might just heal your enemies if in contact.


It only increased damage rather than heal.

Having automatic healing only regenerate's halve of their lives.


But still...healing unit's can be created...I made one by a mistake once...

Except I only forgot the exact philosophy I used to make...


Happened a long time ago...2 years maby?

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