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  1. never heard of it. I only know for a board game back in the 80's from Parker Bros.
  2. I don't think that this illustration is on the real game. I think this image is in the manual of the game with some others like Feyd Rautha and baron Harkonnen
  3. I don't have any experience in editing mission files
  4. Ok about DHM, but the mission's difficulty and the problems referred above are making the map unplayable.
  5. Ok perhaps no one has played this mission campaign yet. Is there any video from this campaign uploaded on youtube ?
  6. I downloaded the campaign and it looks ok as it never crashed as long as I play it. I started as Ordos and some missions look really hard to handle but with some try someone can pass the maps But the mission where Ordos have to face 3 houses (Atreides, Harkonnen, Emperor) it's difficult level it's beyond imagination. The Ordos ally (mercenaries) has no refinery which keeps them at a situation where they cannot stand any massive attack. Also the ally keeps not repairing any damaged building, so if he losses the starport he can't receive any reinforcements. Another problem is the way the enemy AI keeps attacking as for example I noticed that when I build a second harvester he attacks first to the harvester with a huge number of units, even if it is in the start of the game, so there is no time to build any units for defence. About the superweapons, Harkonnen's Death Hand Missile is by far more accurate than in the original game (I own original Dune 2000 cd) so that you consume a large ammount of spice to repair any damaged building(s).
  7. Ok I am now in the final mission of Ordos against Atreides and Emperor. I have my ally with the Starport that they receive reinforcements . The problem is that I can't build up my base as attacks keep coming all the time. I tried the following tactics with no or minimum results: 1) After building refinery I build barracks upgrade them and train an engineer to take the starport and order 1 caryall and 1 harvester. The problem with this tactit is that I don't have much money to build enough defences (such as turrets) or units and my ally does not take any reinforcements so he can't defend. One other problem is that enemy units attacking harvesters and I've got only a few units for protection 2)build barracks first and later refinery in order to train enough units for defence. the problem again with this tactic is that when the Atreides send siege tanks the infantry have large losses. I've also tried to build the Barracks above the starport for better protection but haven't see better results. 3) Build the refinery above the constraction yard for better protection of the harvester from my units and the ally but without a caryall the harvester has to travel longer distances. If I build the refinery closer to the sand, several units keep attacking and the ally will not protect any unit or building. 4) Build turrets and small units of infantry close to protect the turrets agaist infantry attacks. This is by far the best tactic but I don't have enough sollaris for new units. Again when I build a second harvester I keep loosing it from worm or enemy attacks. Can anyone give any help of how passing this map?
  8. Yeap, I am talking about sandworms new campaign. Finally I manage to pass the map with a lot of try and experimentation. First of all when you receive the construction yard order from the starport 1 harvester and 1 caryall. This will speed up the spicing process. After the construction of the refinery under the winds traps immediately build a light factory and upgrade it as soon as possible. Build some vehicles(mix raider with quad for better results) and after that build barracks and keep training soldiers all the time even if Atreides are not attacking (they will come later with great number of infantry). Keep in mind that Barracks must be built close to the starport in order to be close to the other units and some groups of infantry must be at the rocky area where the tanks cannot pass over. When there are enough units for basic defense try to build a second refinery close to the other and order further units from the starport. If someone is quick enough will be able to hold the massive attack of Atreides
  9. Ok, i started yesterday the new campaing made by a member of the forum that every house can have allies during the game. I passed easy the first missions with the Harkonnes as opposite and I am at the first mission where Atreides are enemies and I have to collect 15000 solaris in order to win the mission and pay the dept to Ixians (something reminds me that ...) I've tried as quiqkly as possible to build as many light infantry and troopers, have 2-3 harvesters from the beginning in order to keep the spice mining flow and order heavy units from the starport for defence against heavier units. But the attacks get stronger and stronger so I can't build enough units. I've tried different tacticts as to build first the barracks and train more infantry or build the refinery at the bottom of the base and protect it from first attacks but I'ven't see no or little progress . I also tried many times to send mix infantry to the rock area in front of the starport and protect them with siege and battle tanks and other units but the attacks keep coming increasingly. Any help?
  10. Some new polls show that the persentage of Golden Dawn will fall to 4%, others show that G.D will remain outside of the greek parliament. G.D managed to make it's way to the elections with rumoring news of illegal immigrants that killed or raped young women and many believed them. This way of publicity was taken from other neo-nazi groups of europe and worked well. The reality is that here in Greece there is a big problem with illegal immigrants as Turkey, from who the most illegal immigrants enter through the Agean Sea, refuses to accept them back because they don't have passport or ID (before enter to Greece immigrants throw away every paper they have in order to make their return impossible). Europe is not listening to the problem that Greece faces and sooner or later Italy and Spain will follow and then the racism will spread all over Europe.
  11. Another reason for money winthdrawal is that also the previous week, members of Sy.Riz.A when they were asked about their plans for development they replied that they will reserve any deposits withing the greek banks!!! In other words, they will take the money that someone has for a purpose (build a house, health reasons) and has worked to make them for a whole life but Sy.Riz.A will use them as they want. Nowdays, greeks prefere to have their money in house rather to the banks. I strongly believe that Alexis Tsipras is acting like this because he never believed his party could take the election results he got and be the second party in command. He prefers to stay 3rd or 4th party, like communist party, and critisize anyone rather than to contribute and change some things.
  12. The new elections probably will take place on 10 or 17 June, with the second date being more secure. Some polls give to Sy.Riz.A and his leader Alexis Tsipras, a 24% which means that will be the first party but again he will not be able to form an overall majority inside the greek parliament in order to persuade the politic that his party believes. He will have to face again the chance to cooperate with other parties that they have different plans, such as KKE, communist party of Greece, or the new Eleftheroi Ellines, Free Greeks, whose leader , Panos Kammenos a former member of ND, speaks very aggresive and critisize the members of ND and Pasok as traitors for signing the loan contract with the IMF. The week that passed a lot of members of Sy.Riz.A were guests in different tv and radio shows trying to analyze their political program. One of the measures that would take, in order to avoid the IMF, is to take from each greek whose salary is equal to 20.000 euros or above, an "intraloan" of 100 euros per month, which means 1.200 euros/year. In other words a tax, sych as Pasok and Nea Dimokratia did. That is the difference of this party! Perhaps the new elections will upshot as the previous, if the politicians don't put away the differences they have. In Greece there is another problem: no one politician wants to take any measures on his own and they prefare to yell each other rather than work and not loosing more time. I forgot to mention, that all the parties,except ND and Pasok, are anti IMF, whith the party of Dimokratiki Aristera, Left Democracy, of Fotis Kouvelis a former member of Sy.Riz.A, beeing the only party that wants to disengage gradually Greece from the loan and stay withing the euro zone
  13. I manage to win after a 1 day fighting! But the mission map I played was the original and not from the new campaign. I installed the files as the txt file says and the briefing has change as all the other maps did, except the last one
  14. I forgot to upgrade the construction yard because of speedness to build the base... But it's a very very difficult mission as I am trying for 1 1/2 day to survive against the Harks and Ordos and it's in medium! ??? Any strategic help? I'll try to withdrawn to the main building area, and rebuild the base there, as it's more difficult to defend at 5 different points.. Turrets work well with tanks and can be repaired quiet easy
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