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  1. The most I can do for now is give you an image because I can't find a good sound editor or recorder for free... The one I had expired
  2. Here is a small sample of the new dune 5000 updates I've been working on Click here for the download Here And please read the read me before you do anything... All it's saying is how to add the files to the data of dune 2k
  3. Here is my method of recording. Get a hypercam and enter these codes and you may record Du∩Σ 2°°° l► Code ◄l l► 676,420◄l With that code above you will get it recording at full screen INSCRIPTIONS:::Note that I really don't know if it's agiants the rules to post a download of un-dune related things
  4. I noticed this question I never looked at it well Reply:::Im not sure what you ment by engine...Do you mean my own My own Application File? Because I do have one but I have not yet posted it out. I am very clueless on what you ment by engine...
  5. I tried to make an medical unit my self. What I did was add -100 instead of 100 But a unit that could heal might just heal your enemies if in contact. It only increased damage rather than heal. Having automatic healing only regenerate's halve of their lives. But still...healing unit's can be created...I made one by a mistake once... Except I only forgot the exact philosophy I used to make... Happened a long time ago...2 years maby?
  6. I am back now...But however it will take me some time to recreate some of my creations I will soon be up and running agian Your Wait will soon be over
  7. Reply to mech idea:::I like the mech idea with the machine guns...but due to the ability not to move and low range id have to add reinforcements to the boss It will add 3 special tank's and 5 fremen sniper's every 5 seconds and Air brigade just to make it look like a real war Reply to dont add bosses:::Im not replacing any levels...They can only be chosen in the select level option Its like a bonus option I add to the game...Know the levels that you cant chose in campain? I put levels in their slots for a bonus I even Created an bonus extra level...Its called The Emperor's Betrail...A level that you must survive an attack for at least 10minutes...You only have but 1 Devastator and must withstand an attack of Sardukar's and troopers I dont replace the campain...The campain is seperated from these levels...can only sellect them in level selecter
  8. My internet was off for a while and I still dont know a boss for the last level of the harkonnen missions Oh and the bosses cannot be built by the way I need an atradies boss level... I also need to know what will it fire note that Im actually giving you all the opertunity to chose what would you like as a boss... A ship? a Train? a Tank? a Mech? a Titan? a Base? The color? The shape? Does it shoot Rockets,Bullets,Or Lazers?
  9. I have created bosses for house harkonnen and house ordos But i still need one for the house atradies,the sardukar The harkonnen boss is a tank and the ordos is a cannon What should the atradies boss be?
  10. I have bin noticing people saying that house ordos sucks... Actually house ordos in my version is the first house to wipe out all the other houses while they use very little money doing so It is also very hard to lose power in the house ordos and they only need 1 power plant to supply a intire base. In my version the walls for house ordos can defend their selves with a Machine gun. Still think they suck because they dont have any air brigade? They may not be strong in hp but they are in fire power...they are the only ones with an invisible weapon. They dont rely on armour but they do like things to be quick and easy to reach... they have the fastest unit ground units ingame along and saboteurs can now attack other units... Their combat tanks can defend agiants air strike if you have an pasific amount... So really house ordos does not suck...but they have weaknesses just like the other houses The harkonnen is exspenses, speed, in power usages,and building rates...Strong in Hitpoints, armour, damage, fire rate, prices, and infantry defence, powerful walls, and Death Hand Missiles :::4 weakness, 8 strengths Atradies Building hp, and agiants their own units...Strong agiants their own resourses such as air strike, prices, armour, speed, air brigade, prices, infantry defence, and Damage :::2 weakness, 8 strengths Ordos is weak in hp and armour...Strong in damages, speed, range, prices, building rates,fire rates, stealth,infantry defence, prices, and power usage :::2 weakness, 8 strengths So all houses are equal in strengths
  11. Sorry about that...I can take it out if you want. I could not resist your a genius at these things. I mispelled the words on purpose because it shows the slang that i speak just like a classic scientist who replaces th and s with z Example: za plaztec zurgery waz a zuccezz! Very related
  12. When all of my files are finished It will soon be available to everyone on forums here is one of my creations....The Baron's Devastator. Dune 2000 is my favorite game in all of games and it keeps me going.
  13. 1.Is the adding units impossible? 2.Changing the Sprites impossible? 3.Adding icons impossible? 4.Changing Icons Impossible? 5.Or all above are impossible?
  14. Does anyone know how to add extra units to the game? They added grenadier an extra sardukar and a stealth raider How did they do it? I want to add my own special soldier to my moderation that comes with my icon.
  15. I find this topic otmost useful and it has bin the most acurate of all post to this topic Good job All though i wish i knew how to use this file
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