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But i suspect the turret takes major damage. And when u attack with more than 1 devestator then u're screwed. Though its a nice though when a 1750 devestator is taken out by a 650 gun turret. except if the devestatoer is mine of course.

There is no way a turret cost $650 will beat a Devastator 1v1, the Devastator will destroy ANY turret in 3 Shots(excluding the missiles). And the turret will take an uncountable of salvoes.
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Obviously, this is the Dune 2000 strategy forum. What do you think we're talking about? Emperor Battle for Dune? ::) The Devastator has dual plasma cannons. I have seen a rocket turret defeat a Devastator 1 vs 1 before. It happened when I started repairing the rocket turret the moment it took damage from the first hit. Even a gun turret could do it if you started repairing it as soon as it takes damage.

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God, if what u guys say is true, I dont ever want to see an imperial devastator. ( I probably won't. The way everyone talks about it, I 'll probably be fast asleep in my bed with a blanket over me and the fan on max [i mention all this because I usually take time ro decide whether its worth the one meter step to the fan's console and back, and the 155 degree bend to unfold the blanket, its quite a major decision, if u think about it. I mean, ur next 8 hrs depend upon it.] by the time an imperial deva (stator) reaches my base. Personally, I feel the wait for the devas to reah the AI's base when ur attacking is a heck of a pain.

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