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What's the problem with turrets?


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One of the reasons they make the Turrets not Ultimate in the game is,

If you take Ages of Empire's for example the Bombard towers are so darn cheap(They kill enemies fast and have alot of Attack range)

It takes ages before you can kill the towers.

In Emperor of dune, They maked the Turret thing more realistic. I Personaly think WW did a great job with making the turrets realistic.  ;D

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Turrets are not weak, especially as harkonnen, I like turrets cause they can repair.  As atreides I sprinkle machine gun posts throughout my base.  The thing I dislike most about them is that they cannot become veterans. >:( Also, the more advanced Harkonnen and Atreides turrets are good AA.(though I would rather have Air drones, mongeese, ADPs, or missile tanks.)  They have some big advantages over units though.  First they can repair and are not dependent upon a repair vehicle.  Next, they are immune to Hawk Strike, the Bene Tleilaxu, and Chaos Lightning. The Atreides machine gun post, hark flame turret, and ordos gas launcher do not require power.  And lastly, they do not tie up the production of the barracks, factory, hangar, or starport while you build them.

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Turrets can be a pain.

If your attacking a base and they have troops inside, you first have to take out the turrets, while doing that they can swarm out and attack, so you bring in your close combat army, but you have to be carefull not to have them engage too closely or the Base turrets get em.

Makes it just a bit more difficult.

As for using tanks for turrets, tis good, but if you want to do things like select all unit types etc on the screen your 'tank turrets' can start moving etc.

Plus you have the temptation to use em if your impatiant.  

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