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How do I ally with the fremen in campaign

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Hello, in the single player game I wan tot ally with IX, Sards, and fremen.  I have just beaten the civil war mission (as gunseng), and am currently only allied with IX.  I don't know what to do so that I can ally with both the fremen and the sardukar.

please help, is the hatred between the harkonnen and fremen to strong to be overcome?

Or what should I do to ally with them?

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Guest Executioner

OK I'll help you pal! First of all,what Ligic has said that

you can't ally with fremen is totally wrong! Of course,the

only way you can have fremen as allies is to go to a mi-

ssion where you can help them(you can see this in your

'issue attack orders' page).Usually the territories where

you can find fremen around is those controlled by Atrei-


[To Ligic : Hey pal,how can you explain my victory over

              the Emperor Worm(many times) using sardau-

              kar elites and fedaykins? Now why did u say

              that one can never ally with fremen?]

I acquire fremen alliance when I captured them as slaves. Hey,the Mentat is very important as it directs you

what u should do on ur mission. Pls pay attention to it!

Just a strategy tip : Fremen Fedaykins+Sardaukar Elites

are a deadly combination! Feel free to ask me ok?

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Thank you, I have allied with the fremen, sards and IX as Atreides before, so I knew that the Sards don't hate the IX, and that the fremen and sards together make a good team. As for the missions that help the Fremen, the only ones I can see that involves them has to do with them fighting the sardukar.  The mission was to help the sards and I didn't know if I could beat it otherwise so I haven't done it as I want to ally with both.  I also if possible do not want to attack the smugglers (neither in my Atr game nor in my Hark one), and am wondering if I have to do the missions that attack them.

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It's amazing. I was allied with the tliulxu and ix ???. Once I reached the ordos capital on arrakis, the saudakar :D AND the fremen :O :O :O :O. I don't know how, but i'm allied with every minor house 8)(all the minor houses you can ally with in campain)!

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