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devastator vs minotaurus


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In that scenario, Devastators would win, regardless of range. The mino salvos could only take out a few (like 3) devastaors head on, and by the time they (the minos reloaded) their guns, the devastaors would have already knocked out at least half the minos. And if all else fails, the devs could self-destruct.

your right mate

the mighty devastator could win the minotaurus in anyday, unless the devo ar in bad condition, it absolutely has the ability to destroy any unit in a head-on combat, because at full power a devo could easily destroy any unit within 2 burst, this is a fact and also a guaranteed point, there should be no doubt about it. ;D

I could guarantee absolutely no stratergy could defeat a devastator thats in full health with only any one unit

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Terror is absolutely right :) :), what you have told us is not 1 on 1, but overnumbering!!! :P

And won't a devastator be cheaper than 3 minotauruses, or 10 mongooses, or 5 ornithophers, or 19 kinjals !! Dumbass!!! :P

I'll rather build a couple of devastators myself than build a multiple amount of other crappy weaklings!! 8) :P

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