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Hairy Ticks of Dune, in conjunction with Jacurutu, is proud to announce the Dune Fan Fiction Contest. This contest, as an unofficial, unauthorized and completely fan-organized event, is dedicated to honoring and exploring the legacy of Frank Herbert as represented by his Dune books and stories.

Full details here.

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Only on my busiest week yet. You bastard.

...But I see it's open until the end of August. That should be enough time to whip something up. I'll have to read the series over again of course, so I stand by my earlier statement. :P

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I fully support the initiative, although I'll probably won't have time to write something myself. Giving it a try looks like an interesting idea anyway, and I actually do have some Dune fanfic concepts that could be made into a story.

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There's nothing on the website so... how do the judges feel about multiple submissions?

Nay, 'tis not so! It's under "Submission Method":

"Multiple submissions by the same author are permitted." :)

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Why, thank you for the invitation, SandChigger.

What a shame it isn't really open to everybody...  ::)

Unless you have some specific proof to back that up, which you'd like to share with the rest of the forum, how about you keep your snotty comments to yourself? :)

And you, arnoldo... dishonest as ever, I see. For the record, as MrFlibble has already kindly explained, arnoldo's submission was emailed back to him and he was told EXACTLY why it had been rejected.

Just dropped by to remind anyone interested that there's just 27 days left. :)

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So... any news on that?

Yes, actually. Some good news for you, in fact!

The seven judges have reached their decision and here are the results for the first Dune Fan Fiction Contest.

1st Place: Entry #5, by Tleszer

2nd Place: A tie between Entry #7, by Dante, and Entry #11, by Semuta

3rd Place: Entry #4, by Eyes High

The judges also wanted to give special mention to Entry #6, by Mahnmut.

Congratulations to the winners and our thanks to everyone who submitted an entry to the contest.

One judge also included this special message:

My heartfelt thanks to all these authors — especially those who delved back into Frank's Dune to speculate on the thoughts and feelings of the lesser characters .... a "third person" take on the events and personalities must be considered 'legitimate' — Frank created a large universe of diverse human beings, each with their own motives and perspectives ... fertile ground for 'fan fiction', to agree or disagree, to support or oppose .... kudos & cookies for all.


Breakdown of votes cast:

For first place, Entry #5 received 5 votes. #6 and #4 received 1 vote each.

For second place, #11 and #7 tied with 2 votes each. Entries #1, #5 and #6 received 1 vote each.

For third place, #4 received 3.5 votes (3 straight plus 1 tie). Entries #6, #7 and #8 each received 1 vote, and #11 received 0.5 vote (the tie vote).


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