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Why do so many people look down on House Ordos?


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I have a lot for you:

Laser Tank operational. by: duuuh

Imperial Troops reporting. by: Sardaukar, mixed Sardaukar

Take no prisoners! by: Sardaukar, mixed Sardaukar

No surrender! by: Sardaukar, mixed Sardaukar

Time to die! by: Sardaukar, mixed Sardaukar

Got 'm in my sight: Sniper

On the double: Atr Scout

Kobra Unit

Kobra Unit now in motion

Readying mortar!: Mortar Inf

Kindjal ready: Kindjal Inf

Ready to move: Kindjal

Deploying gun... ready to fire!: Kindjal

They don't know what hit them: Minotaurus

gggaaaaaaaaaalllggggg: Guild Maker

The guild is always ready: NIAB

Yes human: NIAB

Folding space (generator): NIAB --- sorry ligic  ;)

For House Ordos!: Ordos mixed

For the Duke!: Atreides mixed

Let's go: Atreides mixed

For the baron: Harkonnen mixed

Chemical mix ready: Chem trooper

Death will follow: Hark Trooper

They die too quickly: Assault Tank

Find peacefull spot... DESTROY IT!: Inkvine cat.

Radiation level high but not toxic: Devastator

Radiation... pha whatever: Devastator

Devastator online.

APC at you'r disposal: Atr APC

Eagle force ready: Ornithopter

Fremen ready: Fremen

Long live the fighters!: Fremen

for Shai-Hulud!: Fremen

PUT ME DOWN!!: All inf units when some big explosion lauch them in the air  8) 8) 8) 8)

For so far what I can remember... I will modify this if I can remember more... (And there many more)

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