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need a little help...


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Hmm, I don't see that shadow with my own burrowed Dust Scouts - with or without enough power.

Turning the Dust Scouts' Guard order off lets it stay dug in even when enemies pass by. I don't know if they emerge if they get hit (e.g. splash damage from Mino, enemy force fires because he/she saw you dig in). Nice way to build up a large Dust Scout force without being seen - don't know if such a force would be useful in Late Game though...

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About that shadows, can be because I have shadows off (for faster online play)

And with offguard, all cloaked units will defend themselves when they are made visible though.

And Dusties can be useful later for gathering crates, or hunting single units. Attack stacks of infantery ((yet) undeployed Kindjal :)) and for quick assaults, NIAB hunting. etc.

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