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your favorite way to rush/turtle/kill the enemy.


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yeah what ACE said works, i used to do that. also what is good against atreides is a laser/fremen warrior combo,snipe the infantry and hit with lasers but MAKE SURE YOU HAVE DUSTIES!!(im talking about qm setts)

If you want to win on 30k what i like to do is lots of fremen and kobras as my main offense and then lasers and dusties for whatever i need them for. If it isnt working then ride worms around like a son of a bitch till you eat all his harvs or he has no money from keeping them in his base... then you draw the fire of his units with something small,bring in your kobras and put feds and all your other units by your kobras and you will have his balls in a vice.

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Don't be too predictable, though.  Be spontaneous.  I have almost a dozen different builds I can use depending on my opponent, his house and the map.  I use everything from the conventional rush to early worms, to quick NIABs for camper disposal, and even an EITS rush for harks that think the buzzsaw is a god.

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other than the rush n camp tactic, my favourite is just plain old atr domination. Beat their rushes with ur low level crap, then camp their spice with sards/inf/bikes (and a couple of mongeese). Just keep em waypointing to outside their base :) and later pump in some minos and they r dead (oh and drones later on if you are in a particularly bad mood)

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