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now I'm thinking crazy. What if government secretly gave this person insurance, and then when he gets sick and can't pay for it the doctor says, no worries gov paid for your insurance already. Then the patient is like nooooooo I've been socialized!

Now that would be funny!  Sadly enough, I actually know a few libertarians who would probably react in just the manner that you described.

I'm hoping that the lawsuits will come to nothing.

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Rush Limbaugh said he'd leave USA if it passed. I'm sure all those people threatening to leave won't. and where would they go? Canada? Europe? They'd have a heart attack once they saw our socialized healthcare. And then they'd get treated for it at no cost other than paying taxes. :P

They wont see me standing with open arms.

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Was gonna put this in the business tab, but thought trolling Obama would be funner.

Another Record Month of Red Ink: Government Racked Up Record Monthly Deficit Of $220 Billion in February

To put in perspective, Canada had record deficit of $55 billion in an entire year. $220 billion in a month for USA. You're screwed.

Good chart to show where budget money is being spent

Whomever owns all of those bonds are screwed.

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