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RA3 Beta is over


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DRM = fail

I have RA1 and RA2

No plans on getting RA3 (computer probably too slow anyway)

If I have to connect to a server (phone home) in order to play a game, then I won't be playing it.

If I can only install it 3 times, then I won't be playing it.

How many times have any of you installed RA1 (or your favourite game?)?

How would you like it if you inserted RA1 to install and then it phoned home to DRM server, but they shut off the server back in 1999 so you now can not install it? That is what will happen to these DRM games in the future.

I'm not interested in this at all. From what I've read, Red Alert 3 is a disaster waiting to happen.

What they did to RA2 made it absurd. squids? dolphins? mind control?

Apparently RA3 is going to be much more of that.

Whatever happened to a simple somewhat realistic war game with basic tanks/infantry and buildings?

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The annoying thing about EA's "continuation of the C&C legacy" is that they keep exploiting old ideas without adding anything essentially new to their games. A good game, IMO, should add something new to the genre. Having three sides in an RTS game instead of two has long lost its novelty (ahem... since 1998, to be precise).

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I'm just gonna hop in and defend EA somewhat. To be honest, I think all the fuzz about DRM is not all deserved. DRM is definetly not great and I'd rather not have it, but it's not all that much of a problem. Currently, it allows you to install RA3 on 5 different machines but as many times as you'd like on that machine. So there's not an install limiter, just a machine limiter. If something goes terribly wrong, you can indeed still call EA to release the lock on your installer. And last but not least, after some time, the DRM for RA3 will be inactive and there's no limit anymore. It is just an attempt to stop piracy. And to be honest, I can't completely disagree with that. If it were my product, I would definetly hate it to see that my product is simply copied, not regarding the amount of effort you put in it.

As for the franchise, I thought EA went wrong with Generals but Tiberium Wars + Expansion are very good games in my opinion. The team behind it definetly tried its best and I find that back in the details. I'm replaying the campaign and am finding again more details and I'm getting more respect for the developer. Also, the support for this game was realy great. The battlecasts and all were pretty fun and also a good number of decent patches were released.

I find RA3 indeed has a weird style, and if you were a fan of the original, you may not like it. I did have to get used to it, I have to admit but in the end, it is still a satisfying experience for me. This way, it is setting itself apart from it Tiberium brothers. And because it is almost redicilous, it gives the designers the opportunity to become realy creative with buildings, units and special abilities and that makes the game play realy fresh and fun. I think this also was RA2's strongest point.

So, if you don't like the style, don't buy it. But otherwise, I'd recommend it. It's not revolutionary but it's fresh enough. And (in my opinion) like Tiberium Wars, it's a realy C&C

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