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Voodoo Daddy

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All rightey now!!!! Ok so if you read the posts, you know where we are at. Here it is.



And by the way, Spaz, you have to play the entire game using only the mouse. Just Kidding!

And in the Dune tradition...... Good Luck & Have Fun!!

Please post the results in this thread.

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OK Everyone, the results are in!! I was lucky enough to watch the game and Commander Spazelord has won the Tourny!

Now I know some of you are thinking "well no surprise there" but Alcho man fought a great fight! I was watching the battle unfold and Alcho was building just as fast as Spaz. He was definitely on his game today! I was sitting there thinking "MY GOD! HE MIGHT ACTUALLY BE SOBER!!!" So I thought this will be cool! It was a good battle, and lasted longer than I expected by a good measure.

So GOOD GAME to both of you.

Whistler and I have decided to award Trophies for First and Second place. We will have production on them started this Monday.

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Thanks for that Voodoo.  ;)

I had only had the three beers, so sober for me just enough to quell the nerves and loosen up.

I did bottle going factory first which i had intended to do and although it was a good game and i certainly lasted longer than i expected, i don't think Spaze was ever in any real danger, he is an excellent player of the game and IMO the rightful winner of this Tourney.

Shame Scarman suffered the hand injury, i was really looking forward to that challenge, Even though it could have cost me the slot and the plaque.

As for the next one, well bring it on I say, wil have to spend some time to get some proper practice in to rise to the SpazeLord Level.

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As to this idea-

Is there any chance that if there is another tournament that the final match could be recorded? As I'm in New Zealand, it would be quite hard to watch it live.

I was wondering this myself. I am going to look into it, but if anyone in the community knows how it can be done already, let me know. I would like to record it and post it to either You-Tube or my Picasa site.

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final round tournement?

spaze vs alchemi?

is it a joking?

lol , how people were playing? 2? hahaha

i was absent but i m backing soon and i wont be down of the 1 st place.

ass: master youko the best of best .....

it was a kid tourney guys , now , i m coming back , i will show what is a real player.

can someone record my games? i wanna put in youtube to every1 see what is a incredible player .

spaze and alchemi are good but i m better.

bye i see u soon brow's lol.

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No, Emp players don't really talk smack. However, non-players like Youk do.

Right on the money Des.  ;)

Anyway, As to the next Tourny- here is the agenda!

1- Whistler and I finish the trophy's. It's taking a little longer than I thought, but Whistler and I both have jobs that take a lot of our time.

2- We make an awards presentation video, which I will put online.

3- As soon as that's finished I will mail out the Awards.

4- Then I will start the next Tournament. However the next one will be a little different, based upon what I learned from this one. I have ideas for three different types of competition, and we will try them all.

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