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What's your favourite sport?

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Mine has to be football, even if I don't get to play it too much any more, and the team I support are in the third tier these days (Leeds United).  I also used to play a lot of badminton, and swim a lot, at least three times a week for both of them, but unfortunately I haven't carried on with them.

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I played curling twice. Was really sore afterwards. A lot of stretching and work to it. Difficult at first to keep balance on the ice since you are wearing slippery shoes on ice to slide. I don't find it that bad to watch either (I'm normally doing other stuff while watching it).

Curling is very big in Canada. I've had a junior world champion curler live in an apartment next to me and had another junior world champion curler in one of my classes.

Canada woman's curling won the world championship a week or two ago.

Take a look at the champions for mens/womens curling.

Womans Curling

Mens Curling

Junior Curling

Notice Canada much? :P

The all time medals at the end of two wikis show how dominant Canada has been.

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it's like the wiki page says. Kinda like football but with the hands instead.

And when I say football I'm thinking of the European version - where you actually use your feets to play the ball around.

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Let's hope the Gunners advance into the semis instead eh? ;)

Paintball is pretty fun actually, I've played it a couple of times.  Killed 10 people by myself last time.  Admittedly I'd sneaked through the dirt and shot them all in the back...but oh well.

Actually the gunners has allready lost - it'll be Liverpool vs Barca in the finals.

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