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Lurkers Anonymous (aka The Welcome Thread)

Edric O

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Welcome! Enjoy your stay. ;)

Bye the way, isnt this thread for new membs? it seems only older members are posting.

Well, yes, that's the problem. We created this thread for new members, but it seems very few of them actually want to post in it.

P.S. I play Ordos, new o dune 2k, not to Dune 8)

After you're done with Dune 2000, you should also try Emperor. :)

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        well Dunenewt I definitely posted a hello thread when I first got on but so be it.  I play Emperor on occasion but I suck so for the most part I play Left 4 Dead.  My steam nickname is the same as here currently. 

          I am practically always signed in on this site and have it in one of my internet tabs. I read through most posts that are on the recent list and also some of the fan fic.  From both these things I have discovered that I love Dante's writing, his fan fic, handy dandy diagrams, and general attitude is very amusing and like able.  also like Hwi Noree's fan fic, though I dont like the way its going -.-

Also really want that Dune shooter mod to come out, as it looks awesome.

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Isn't it good for it to be brief? Unless you're intending to overload the new member with a load of information.

Worked well on me...

Hi! I'm the from the UK, been playing dunes games since i was old enough to have dificulty counting my age on less than 2 hands :S

(about  7or8 in other words)

Played Cryo's Dune

Westwoods Dune II & Dune 2000

EA's Emporer: Battle for Dune

The Dune Mod for Total Annihilation was fun

saw the Film

read the book ( The original book )

Fairly certain i've played eveery dune 2 Clone out there, and even whent out of my way to get emulated versions of sega mega drive & amiga versions to play on my PC and compare them side by side

I am currently waiting for stefan to pull something amazing out of his rear end with D2TM demo5...

I've been making maps with Rene's Dune2TM map editor he made.

all I need now is some encouragment and a fully fuctional game engine to play with :D


In all seriousness I am an RTS player by default. I've been a map maker for games like Total Annihilation, Red Alert, Unreal Tournement, Quake based games and many more.

I'd like to become more actively involved in a gaming/modding career once more, as of recently i have had no job or commitments to speak off and hence allot of free time.

I hope ya'll enjoyed my rants

PS.. the forum was down yesterday, otherwise would have posted them when i recieved e-mail confirmation of PM.


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Welcome Rippsblack!  Have you tried the Dune books?  Glad to meet someone else from the UK who played Dune II from an early age, I still have the original floppy disks around somewhere.  I've also tried making some maps for Stefan, but they haven't really gone to plan.

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As i said... read the original dune book, ie the first one.

glad to hear you still have your original floppys, should keep them in sealed plastic bags and protect them from the coming disasters :D

we all know how easily corruptable Floppy Disks are

I have my original Dune2 CD for the pc, it came with a Cannon Fodder CD from whey back in the day (not so far back as the amiga years though)

In regards to stefans maps, I would like some input on the ones i made


Check them out, let me know what you think

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acualy it was dune II

that got me into Strategy Games..

from there i become a fan of Command & Conquer for DOS

and then I sought out the original Dune game one day when curiosity got the better of me and i become fascinated with it

i then whent and read the book

and many years later when westwood released Dune2000 i become Dune Crazy

I have nearly every version of the Film, and the only part of the Duniverse I am missing out on is the rest of the books (I am not so big on reading, I prefer flashing Lights and the sound of keys or buttons being pressed)

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