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  1. Beating ordos level 8 , heres how u do it. pick level in the upper left coner, without mercenaries. Mercs give a false sense of security, but they are an asset. +, in hard and medium levels, mercs usually die in seconds. Also, altho u startoff with more stuff in the other level, they attk u right off the bat. ok , anyways. First, build base. I usually do this order -Wind factory -refinery -barracks -out post -heavy factory -ix research+med fact+starport build lots of tanks and deviators. dont worry a whole lot about infantry build palace, many sabuteurs, many harvesters. Attack atreides to su
  2. guys, im not sure about this, but when i was just playing, airstrikes seemed to build fast when i had full power, really slow when i had none. COuld som1 else check this out? -Thnx
  3. If you are playng multiplayer online, and you are ordos, chances are you are good at it. And of you are good at ordos, you SHOULD master the sabuteur. SO, a truly good ordos player will not try to get stealth sabuteurs. its just a waste. You will waste more time trying to get a stealth sabuteur to get an inner building, then you would to just amass an attack force.I prefer steath deviators actually. Just saying
  4. Hi guys, im ordos75, new member. Bye the way, isnt this thread for new membs? it seems only older members are posting. P.S. I play Ordos, new o dune 2k, not to Dune 8)
  5. Will other houses/factions be include in game such as smugglers, and guild? -Just wondering
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