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Heresy grows from idleness

Edric O

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Nice thread, now I know that you all are heretics ;D

No no, heresy grows from idleness, but it is not the inevitable result of idleness, nor does idleness make one a heretic overnight. Idleness merely increases one's chances of falling to heresy over the course of the following few years.

Or something like that. :P

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I've just completed the Dark Crusade campaign on Normal difficulty as Tau. I took over all the strongholds except for the Space Marines (which was, unfortunately, the one I was most interested in dealing with since it was the mission in the demo, which I was not allowed to complete in the demo). The Space Marines stronghold fell in an attack by the Necrons. Darn the Necrons! I decided to wipe out their stronghold and all of their territories for preventing me from attacking the Space Marines myself.

I've tried the Soulstorm campaign, but was too frustrated with the loading times. A patch is coming soon, and the loading times is supposedly due to a memory leak. I hope they fix that soon. I can't wait to take the Dark Eldar to inter-planetary conquest!

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It should, once again, be coming out soon.


Meanwhile, I'm using Maktaka's Bugfix mod that fixes a large number of the bugs in the game and provides the Dawn of Skirmish mod (greatly improves the AI to make it challenging). The mod is here:


Not many online play the mod, so for online play you'd still have to stick with the bugs...

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