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Free Dune 2


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Nope, no sutch luck bro ;D

[ don't exacly know how long the copyright lasts, but as far as I know it stil; counts for all old DOS, ATARI, PHILIPS [ the list goes on ] games. The just don't care about those games anymore. That's why they never procecute people for copying them or making them availeble for download. :) ]

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But it's not like the companys are making any money from it anymore so why not distibute it freely. It may make people think. Hay, this is neat, I heard there is a remake called Dune 2000, let's by that. And then. Hay this is cool. Why not by E:BFD and all thise other C&C games.

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People allready do that :)

And look at the collection CD's. You can buy a lot of old games on a CD, leagally at almost no cost.

The fact that they arn't making any money out of it anymore doesn't mean the have to releas it for free.

If all the IT companies applied that tactic think of the consequenses.

Some one at Cisco say "he is anyone still using this code ?" And then they openly publish the source code that happend to give an inside to the currect code.

Or in about 5 years Microsoft realeases the origional Windows for Workgroups 3.11 source code. Now this isn't that shocking [ I expect ] but if they release the basic NT codes a lot of servers become unnessecary vounerable.

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