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How can I convert AUD files to other formats?


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I downloaded the Aud2Wav tool but in my computer it didn't work. I clicked it an nothing happened. Is there any other program that can convert AUD sounds to others, like MP3, WAV or MIDI.

If you have one please show me the exact link.

I'm requesting this to the Fed2k forums, since almost no one in Wc3campaigns, THW or any other Warcrafr related site knows about this...

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I didn't know what forum this should put. But theres a problem (XCC mixer 1.40), how can I use it to convert the AUD files inside the Dune 2k folder? It's only for Tiberian sun and Ra2, and I don't know how to use the tool at all.

Dune 2000 uses no MIX files I think. AUD files are directly contained in the music and GAMESFX folders. So how can I convert AUD files to WAV used by Dune2k?

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True, XCC Mixer displays contents of MIX files the same way it displays regular Windows folders. Just play around with it, it's really a very powerful tool.

You can play AUD files right from the Mixer by double-clicking them. To save, right click on the file and choose "Save as WAV".

BTW, the latest version of XCC Mixer is 1.44 or 1.45. Download the XCC Utilities installation pack to get it, along with other potentially useful tools.

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OK. I played around on the XCC mixer and came in the Dune2000 directory. I finally converted the AUDs to WAV files.

Weirdly, the sounds can't be heard in Winamp, but can be played with the Windows Media Player. Maybe I'll have to convert it into a different type of WAV, instead of PCM.

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