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  1. Hi there! I just came back to FED2K after a year of inactivity. I'm quite busy managing myself in www.TheHelper.net, now that I have enough time to be active in this great site.. Blizzard Entertainment announced the development of their new RTS game, Starcraft 2. Well I was thinking, because I heard rumours that Sc2 is more mod-friendly than Warcraft 3 and all.. Because my previous Warcraft 3-based Dune mod, The Sands of Time, failed because of lack of support and team members. Link: http://www.moddb.com/mods/10435/the-sands-of-time-warcraft-3-frozen-throne-mod I just stopped it, knowing
  2. The mod is still in progress. We'll need a modeller, not soon, but in the future. New units will also be added and also buildings. Sound effects or SFX will also be improved, and a website is in progress...
  3. Why not download a free copy dune2k on Nahoo? Go to Dune 2000. Apparently that's what I did and it was worth the 45 minute wait on my 64 or above kbps connection. Only thing is that there's no videos, FMVs or there's no ingame music in Multiplayer mode. http://nahoo.net/games/dune2000/downloads/
  4. EDIT: You will need Warcraft III to play this mod. it's because of the heavy filesize and some scripts. Don't worry, theres a NO-Cd patch released by Blizzard so that you can play this game and Warcraft w/out a CD. Thanks.. I'll really get serious about this mod. Also take a look at the TSoT page at Mod DB to get a latest update and talk about it..
  5. Yeah.. But TsoT will have a campaigns for each house, the same as of the Dune 2k camapaigns. There will also be a bonus campaign which takes a player and his chosen house to another planet. This mod has put my skills to the test. Here I learned how to change Wc3's User Interface using basic programming and editing files. There will also be Upgrades, things not available in the Westwood Dune games. The Wormrider unit will also be added to this mod, just get one fremen and find a worm to ride. I'll start working on the project as of January 19 2008. Also check out this mod on Mod DB website to f
  6. Hello guys once again!! I've started on a new project, for the Duniverse, here are some details. I changed Dune: Arrakis Conquest and The Ultimate Rebellion, into a full-scale project and a Total Conversion, and also a renewal for Dune II to cope up with modern gaming standards. I also stored and kept some Arrakis Conquest textures and data I made, and used them for this project. Dune II, the big-daddy of RTS, will be converted into full 3D, using the 3D engine of Warcraft III. The 3D models will stay true to the Dune 2000 models, which have more detail than the average Dune II unit. Unit a
  7. I just researched on this on the Afterdawn forums. -source; http://forums.afterdawn.com/thread_view.cfm/68157 You were right, thanks for the help Caid Ivik. This way I and my friends can play Dune2000 PSX and Red Alert Retaliation.
  8. I'm now a modder and a PC user, I left my old console-gaming days behind and left it to rot. But I dusted off a copy of my old Dune 2000 PSX game and Red Alert and also Red Alert Retaliation and many of my favorite PSX console games. Sadly my PSX console was damaged, and my family replaced it to a PS2 console (not my request, I didn't like it either at the first place). How can I play PSX games on a PS2 console? Some Notes: I use both genuine and pirated CD's. My Dune2k CD is pirated, but I want it to be played. Please tell me the way, step by step. Thank You in advance. :)
  9. My Dune 2000 is downloaded from Nahoo, my only chance at getting Dune2k that time. But there were no videos inside. Does someone in FED2K have all the videos inside Dune 2000, from Intro to all movies of each house? I really need to watch them, especially the introduction movie. Also, how can you download videos from YouTube, to your computer? Almost all Emperor/Dune2k videos are there but I donot know how to download one. The videos are amazing so to speak.. Another question, related to videos, how can you take videos inside the comp. without a video device for a clear look? This is an exampl
  10. OK. I played around on the XCC mixer and came in the Dune2000 directory. I finally converted the AUDs to WAV files. Weirdly, the sounds can't be heard in Winamp, but can be played with the Windows Media Player. Maybe I'll have to convert it into a different type of WAV, instead of PCM.
  11. I didn't know what forum this should put. But theres a problem (XCC mixer 1.40), how can I use it to convert the AUD files inside the Dune 2k folder? It's only for Tiberian sun and Ra2, and I don't know how to use the tool at all. Dune 2000 uses no MIX files I think. AUD files are directly contained in the music and GAMESFX folders. So how can I convert AUD files to WAV used by Dune2k?
  12. I downloaded the Aud2Wav tool but in my computer it didn't work. I clicked it an nothing happened. Is there any other program that can convert AUD sounds to others, like MP3, WAV or MIDI. If you have one please show me the exact link. I'm requesting this to the Fed2k forums, since almost no one in Wc3campaigns, THW or any other Warcrafr related site knows about this...
  13. How can I upload or submit Screenshots to Dune 2000 in the Duniverse page and how do I upload stuff, like maps, mods, winamp skins, anything I can make for the community? Please tell me the exact ways. I'm new to the site.
  14. I like Atreides because of the style of their structures and their Airstrike capabilities. I like the Harkonnen because of their Devastators, which can deal equal damage to everything. The Devastator may be as slow as a snail, but powerful. Their suicide thingy is quite effective. Just make 3 devastators commit suicide adjacent to an emeny Con. Yard with full health ant it'll be destroyed! I like the Ordos because of their Deviator. Vulnerable but insidious, it can turn the tide of battle, especially when your opponent is fond of USING vehicles 8). I also like their tricky Saboteurs. Just have
  15. I've took a break from making my Arrakis Conquest mod, and had a few rounds of Dune 2000 hours ago. One game, when I'm House Atreides, my Construction Yard was captured early (due to the fact that enemy infantry and Engineers constantly enter your base. I had 5 opponents that time.). Well, what I did was keep gathering my forces, by building units in factories or Barracks that I had left and used the only harvesters and refineries I had left to gather spice. I guarded my base camp from enemy attackers at that time. In the end created a massive army of Trikes, Troopers and Quads, and just 2 Eng
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