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  1. Might want to use a program called Sox to do the converting for you. It's a commandline tool, but it is nice to work with: "sox input.aud output.wav"
  2. I wanted it to show off units rolling out of structures, basicly. And everything else I could think of. So that's why it's a tad on the lengthy side, I guess. ;p
  3. Hey guys. Just thought I'd show it off. My RTS engine for the DS currently uses ripped Dune 2 assets, used for testing purposes. It won't be released to the public with those assets but I thought you might like to see a video of it in action anyway. http://www.veoh.com/videos/v11577098mMy5237 If it doesn't load properly for you, try clicking the link on that site to the RTS4DS movie shown in the right bar in the box mentioning the Publisher. That worked a treat for me. For more information, check out my own website http://amplituds.drunkencoders.com I hope you'll enjoy it.
  4. Apparently, something's missing... When the emperor talks in the intro, he says two sentences: "Whoever controls the spice, controls Dune." "There are no set rules and territories and no rules of engagement." Now, in the intro pak file - as well as the .gif file I have right now - the emperor only says the first sentence. After that, he's supposed to quickly move his eyes to the right and back again, and say the second sentence. I've checked the finale pak (in which the emperor speaks as well) but that doesn't seem to contain the eyemovement... So, no idea what Dune2 uses for the eyemovement and the second sentence. Anybody has an idea regarding this? Edit: Ugh. I used a Youtube video as reference material because I was too lazy to boot up DosBox each time. Anyway, it seems there are different versions of the intro... changes such as the subtitle (The Battle for Arrakis or The Building of A Dynasty), the order of the westwood and virgin logo, and the talk of the emperor. So basicly, my version didn't have the eyemovement, so the graphics for it wasn't included, obviously.
  5. Just wanted to reply to say I tried out your PAK utility. Works great, and it really came in handy for me. Quite an improvement to what I was used to working with. Good job.
  6. Welllll.... I'm definitely interested to hear, but if it'll be awkward and taking up a lot of energy to explain, might be best if you don't. After all, I already got what I was hoping for, really. :)
  7. Hex editing? Awkward. Anyway, a big thanks from me for creating these GIFs. :)
  8. Or rather http://d2tm.duneii.com And congratulations on your marriage, Stefan. :)
  9. You're right. It seems ordos.gif and harkonnen.gif are missing a couple of frames. Still, this saves me A LOT of effort. So thanks, Nema Fakei. I must say, I'm surprised that you have ordos.gif and harkonnen.gif in the first place, because they actually exist out of multiple layers originally with each layer having their own palette. You probably had to drop some colours, right? Not that it matters, because it looks great and I wouldn't notice if I didn't know the amount of colours needed to be reduced to be an animated GIF. Looking at how good this looks, makes me wonder why Westwood went through all the trouble of making it multi-layered, multi-paletted.
  10. I know it's possible. The palette consists out of 256 entries for each intro scene (well, for the most part anyway, if you don't count the multiple layers for rockets and such). I'm just sort of lazy and thought someone else might have done it already. I saw the harvester scene of the intro as animated GIF on these forums right here, but can't find the other scenes. Also checked out the site(s) linked to, but had no luck in finding more.
  11. Like the topic says: Does anyone know where I can find (a set of) animated GIFs of the Dune 2 intro? I'd rather not convert the still frames to animated GIF myself if other people have already done it. Greets, Dark Knight ez.
  12. I realize that, but you still have to support things like height maps in some way, right? At least, if you want that to make a difference. You could also just forget about height advantages and only show the boundaries between low and high ground with graphic environment tiles.
  13. No, I'm good. Thanks. I completed the regio information for my engine and it should be good. Still have to actually code the menus, but the graphics for it and the input are now pretty much done, so clear sailing from here in that regard.
  14. You scared me, Stefan. I already did some work, and you have #22 numbered differently than I had in my mind. So for a second, I thought my current work was for naught. I went through pieces.shp again now, and your #22 should actually be numbered #15 according to it.
  15. I guess you guys are talking about pieces.shp. Makes sense that way, so I'll try and figure it out. Odd thing is that pieces.shp has 28 frames instead of 27. Awkward. Edit: Apparently the XCC count of 28 was lieing and there were only 27 region pieces in pieces.shp. So I worked it out now. Thanks for the helpful feedback, guys.
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