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Dune-House Wars: preperation


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this is an rpg thread where basically you pick, or create, a great house, and their fiefdoms, and then duke it out. the storyline is similar to that of emperor...the padishah emperor is dead and the golden lion throne is up for grabs. only the strongest and most powerful house will recieve it.

seeing as this is House Wars, some groups cannot be chosen, such as the Guild, or the Bene Gesserit. The Tleiaxu and Ix are houses (Vernius controls Ix) and the Sardaukar are still a part of House Corrino (House Corrino just doesnt have the throne).

as usual some rules have to be set down.

1) no atomics, WMD's, biological warfare, etc. in any way, shape or form or else all house will declare automatic war on you

2) the landsraad is still around and can be convened whenever


4) arrakis is currently controlled by house atredies (they do not have caladan but can reclaim it if they want), but any house can try to take arrakis

5) if you have arrakis, the fremen do not automatically support you, their loyalty has to be won first.

ill wait for some others to join before i start

if you have any questions please message me them.

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House: Great House Dragonis

Leader: Baroness Selene Dragonis

Planets: Tigra, Frezo, Morab and Tako

Tigra-Jungle planet

Frezo-Completely covered in snow and ice, capital planet

Morab-Grassland world

Tako-rocky, mountainous world

Info: House Dragonis is a great house founded following the creation of the landsraad. They specialize in weapons research and troop training and boast a powerful military. They have had a good history except in recent years. Following Baron Dragonis's death his daughter ascended the throne, instead of his son. Many claim foul play in this and so there has been some bitter resentment recently among some of the worlds in their fief.

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House: Great House Huahin

Leader: Count John Charles

Planet: Glevum IV (totally covered in water.  ice at poles)

The Great House of Huahin, from the aquatic planet of Glevum IV, is well-known for its giant underwater complexes.  Entire cities are found underwater, powered by geothermal vents. At each pole, spaceports and areas of commerce are found, situated on giant blocks of ice, which are permanently frozen.  Rumour has it, that machines developed by Huahin keep the ice frozen, so that the massive heat generated on the platforms does not do any damage.

Agents from Huahin are very rarely found on Arrakis, due to its sharp contrast with their own homeworld, but recently they are believed to be in contact with water traders, helping with the purification of Arrakean water found at the poles.

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House: Great House Silverius

Leader: King Austril Silverius

Planets: Terpischore, Vitrus, and Concordia

Terpischore: Tundra, planet with little water.

Vitrus: Grassland World with only one huge continent.

Concordia: World with many small islands.

Info: Great House Silverius came from the war in which 5 minor houses who fought each other on whose family will gain the title of Great House. King Tereos Silverius won the war and later died, having Austril ascend on the throne to take over his father's kingdom. They specialize in the use of explosives (not WMD's or atomics, just explosives) and trap setting, making them feared in the area of ambush and base defenses. The wits of their saboteurs are unmatched and those who attempt to enter their private territories alone will never live to see the light again.

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House: Great House Cocytus

Leader: Count Atticus Turin


Cocytus - An immense, icy planet. Thousands of years ago, Cocytus was Earth-like, with oceans and landmasses and polar caps. However, the temperature in the core of Cocytus began fluctuating; first heating up immensely, causing the ice caps to melt and cover the world in water, and then drastically dropping in temperature, causing all of the water to freeze over. It has stayed that way ever since. Rugged stony peaks jut out of the ice at places, and this is where the people of Cocytus make their homes. They delve deep and toil hard to find precious minerals and stones. The life on Cocytus is supported by Malebolge, as food, plants, and resources are brought in from the milder world.

Malebolge - Larger than Cocytus, a planet with 10 continents. Every two continents have a different climate; C1 and C2 being mild, temperate lands, from which is drawn food and produce that is sent to Cocytus, C3 and C4 are barren, rocky wastelands, wealthy in ore, minerals, and chemicals, C5 and C6 are lands covered in rainforest, from which are obtained wood and plants, C7 and C8 are desert lands, with little population except for nomads and hunter-gatherers, and C9 and C10 are the icy poles of Malebolge, where the administrative duties are performed, and where the Governors of Malebolge reside.


Malebolge is the more populated of the two planets, having an estimated 5 billion people, and Cocytus having only 1.5 billion people. Due to lack of space, many citizens of Cocytus are regularly shipped off to Malebolge. House Cocytus has sights set on Arrakis, though it reserves the prospect of battle for last. It has many contacts on Arrakis, notably smugglers, assasins, thieves, and officials in the water industry. Count Atticus is a ruler concerned for the well-being of his people, and has no room in his heart for citizens of other Houses or planets save his own. He is ruthless and shall do almost anything for his House to flourish.

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House: Dendarii

Leader: George Hallman (Earl)


Iol (IOL)is a harsh and desolate planet. Most of the planet is cold rock and deep oceans, with polar ice caps. The climate is ruthless, with powerfull winds, electrical storms and waves "that'll smash ye flatter th'n this sheet '0 paper" The electrical storms have weakening effects on Holtzman fields, so shields only have limited effect on Iol. Those who live on Iol are the best survivalist in the known universe, save the Fremen. Most people live underground in concrete bunkers. Food is bred or grown in artificial habitats.


The official title of the head of the Dendarii is Earl, but the title does not follow a direct family line. Each orbital year the "party" elects a "Party leader" to be, which is adopted a hier by the Party leader at the moment of his death. This is done in order to avoid totallian governments.

Hallman surrounds himself with party members that have proven themselves, known as the "inner core" of the party. The Inner Core is extremely powerfull, but can be de-elected should they become a threat.

Dendarii are science heavy, and hold strong relationships to Ix.

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Great House United technologists Guild

Leader: High preist Enginseer Alexander

Planet: Techno Prime

Tundra: A grassland planet with 2 large oceans

Created following the Landsraad, the UTG prefers to stay ahead in technology rather than building a large military. They have well equipped factorys with which to produce large amounts of anything, be it weapons, commercial goods, ships, or a toothbrush, at twice the speed of any other known factory in the known universe. They are so upsessed with machines that they worship what they call the Machine Spirit, beliving that all machines have a living entity within them. Their main and highly respected tech man is the Techpriest Enginseer.

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