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  1. (ooc: sorry for the mispell but Dragonis IV was meant to be Draconis IV. sorry) Draco sat on his throne and gazed out the window, across the icy oceans of Draconis IV. Ever since his announcement he had had ambassadors and aides and representatives from all over the Imperium come to offer alliances, trade offers and, for some, to petition for membership. Draco leaned back and began to fall asleep when his wife burst into the throne room. Draco sat straight up and looked her in the face. Saphira was doing one of the few things that she almost never did. She was crying. "A House Minor on a Corrino sub-planet had my father assassinated." Draco ran to her and enveloped her in a hug and then called for his aides. As they ran in he finished comforting his wife and then turned to them. "What sub-planets are on our border?" "My liege, there is Destrop, held by House Mercant, Galac, held by House Wern, Corvin, held by House Corrino, and Gastrico, held by House Raggl." "Send the armada to Corvin. Take the planet and decimate it. In fact, deploy the Titans." "Sir, they are just now leaving research and development!" "Deploy them." Corvin. Held by House Corrino since the Buterlian Jihad. Home to a rather large Sardaukar base. And the latest planet dumb enough to strike against the Protectorate. As the armada deployed from their heighliners, and took up positions in orbit, a single large ship slowly drifted out of one of the heighliners. This ship was massive. Fourty miles from bow to stern it was extremely impressive. And defended by the armada is was a great vessel. But to comfort the Guild it had only one weapon. The Titans. As the ship drifted into orbit it began deploying massive drop pods from its underside, so much so that it looked like fruit dropping from a tree and, when finished, left the ship looking rather thin and tiny in comparison with the other ships. The Drop pods hit the surface and deployed massive, six man crewed, war machines built for one purpose, destruction. One of them deployed in a valley and, in an effort to get at the base on the top of the mountain, simply began to demolish the mountainside with its heavy weapons. The Sardaukar fought long and hard but in three weeks Corvin had fallen and Draco and Saphira were happy. They hated war and did not want to become another offensive state. But if they had to, they would.
  2. Luke and Matthew wrote the same exact geneologies from differing points of view. And the fact is the Jesus fulfilled every Old Testament prophecy that he was meant to fulfill. And another thing...if Jesus was not the Messiah then He did not come back from the dead. So why did His followers, cowards all of them, suddenly go from denying Him to proclaiming Him in the streets?
  3. Draco slowly walked up to the platform, which was ringed on all sides by his most trusted and most loyal warriors. Patroling the outside were troops in battle suits and every single entrance had two of them flanking it. In orbit directly above him were his three most loyal warships, fighters and bombers deployed and on red alert patrols. The capital city was filled with the most loyal units of troops in the Dragonis army. The citadel itself was surrounded by troops and men in battle suits. And all of this because Draco was going to make a speech. Draco walked to the podium and took a deep breath. "The Imperium of Man. Such an awesome spectacle to behold. Millions of worlds and billions of people all existing together. and yet this fragile fabric of reality has already been torn. The death of the Padishah Emperor over a year ago has led this great mass of humanity to come to the brink of chaos. House Dragonis has just come out of a civil war that almost destroyed it. But it did not destroy it. We have come through it strong and powerful! Our enemies have tried to crush us but we have prevailed! And it is with this that I make an annoucement! House Dragonis shall rule over a part of space now to be known as the Dragonis Protectorate. Any planet, system or House that wishes to no longer take part in the Golden Lion Throne conflict is welcome to join us. If they simply wish protection from the fighting they are welcome to join us. The weaponry factories of Giedi Prime, Tako, and Valhala are working overtime to provide the Protectorate with weaponry and warships. Soon we shall have more powerful fleets and weapons but we are not going to strive for the Golden Lion throne. We shall support any House that asks us for help. We are going to protect any House, Great or Minor. So with this I state that House Dragonis shall not attempt to take the Golden Lion Throne." He stepped down from the podium to thunderous applause, the whole time wondering what would become of this.
  4. Draco was angry, angrier than he had ever been before. His aides all scattered before his wrath. Not even his loving wife, Saphira, could qwell his anger. He stormed into the dungeon and walked up to his uncle's cell. "You pretended to be me and ordered a peace between Harkonnen and Dragonis didn't you?" Bors smiled. "What if I did? You were busy fighting me and-" Draco cut him off and turned to his aide. "Have the Gorgon land troops on Giedi Prime." "For protection?" Draco looked at Bors, who was smiling thinking that he had won. "No, kill Baron Harkonnen and his whole family. I want them dead." Bors looked at Draco in shock. "Wh-wh-what are you doing?!" Draco smiled. "Destroying your allies and trying to create a stable foundation for my House." Baron Harkonnen sat on his throne as a member of the Ice Ravens walked into the room. He stood up. "Welcome! What does Baron Bors have to say to us for helping to discredit Draco?" "Baron Draco has aked me to give you something." With that he took out a heavy spike repeater rifle, firing .50 cal shells, and began firing at the Baron, who was reducded to shredded meat in seconds. Meanwhile, outside, drop pod after drop pod hit the planet's surface, deploying massive war machines that tore through the House Guard like they were nothing. Within a few weeks the planet had fallen to House Dragonis. And House Harkonnen no longer existed. Over Dragonis IV... More of Draco's ships orbited Dragonis IV, original homeworld of Hose Dragonis, before it had been lost to House Ordos, whom had been under siege by the forces of House Dragonis. Draco's forces had been attacking Dragonis IV since before the civil war and they had just taken the planet. House Ordos had been destroyed completely and totally. The Executrix had been killed by being placed in their own torture devices and execution devices. As Draco set foot in the old Dragonis Palace, on Dragonis IV, he again re-sent his message to House Huahin, but this time added a small side note. [hide]I destroyed House Harkonnen and have made sure to carry that out. The Harkonnen stench on this universe is finally gone and I have reclaimed our ancestral homeworld of Dragonis IV. Great House Dragonis is returning to its former glory and I ask not to destroy you but only to support you in your bid for the throne. We support you militarily and ask that you please accept this offer. Respectfully yours, Draco Dragonis [/hide]
  5. Sitting, waiting in the asteroid belt were seven of Draco's warships. Sitting there, waiting for Bors to arrive. He had guessed his uncle's moves the moment the bug detector had gone off when his newest commander was promoted. That was why he went through with it. In the meantime he had gathered all of his forces together to destroy his uncle. Ships and fighters had been gathering from all over Dragonis space. All of his elite troops, the Black Guard, Death Legion, Fire Breathers, Sons of Thunder, Black Templars, Bleeding Skulls and, the only female unit, Daughters of the Dragon. His ships were gathered together and all of his fighters were gathered there as well. And as Bors' ships came into view, and he gave the order to fire, he felt no regret. None at all. Of Bors' four ships, the Manticore, Basilisk, Cobra, and his flagship, the Nemesis, the Cobra was completly destroyed from the first volley. Shells the size of houses slammed into the ship whilst concentrated lascannon beams traced their way across the ship's hull, boiling away armor plating and decks as well. Missiles impacted all along the length of the ship and within thirty seconds the quantum reactor was breached and the ship exploded. All that was left of it was a burning hulk. The Manticore headed straight for Draco's commandship but ran into, what they initially thought was a cloud of asteroid debris. But it actaully was a cloud of bombers. Bombing run after bombing run skimmed the surface of the Manticore, destroying vital ship components and obliterating the hanger bays and weapons emplacments. As the cloud moved away all that was left of the Manticore was a massive piece of space debris, dead in space. The Basilisk and the Nemesis however, were not as easy to kill. The Basilisk made deep runs into the asteroid field, closely followed by two of Draco's ships. As it dove deeper it used its rear batteries to fire at the following enemies. It scored a lucky hit that put one out of commission and the other was blown through by an asteroid. However, as the Basilisk turned to rejoin the battle it encountered the defense network of the shipyard. Rail launchers and asteroid based ultra cannons tracked the Basilisk and began to open fire. Round after round after round tore through the ship, gutting it from stem to stern. A true testament to its design the Basilisk absorbed an hour of this punishment before finally cracking open and exploding. The Nemesis lost its engines first, they were shot off by Draco's command ship, but it did succeed in totaling one of Draco's wing ships. After thirty-seven hours of fighting the guns on the Nemesis went silent, and the breaching pods of the Black Guards and the Daughters of the Dragon all moved towards it. As they latched on, and the soldiers poured out, they all had one singular objective. Capture Bors. Bors stood on his bridge, monitoring the fighting going on throughout the ship, when a thought suddenly occured to him. Everyone that we have encountered in armor has belonged to the Black Guards, where are the Daughters at? Just as he thought this a beautiful woman walked up right beside him,and shoved a heavy pistol in his stomach. She turned him around and yelled to the guards by the door. "Open the door and stop fighting or he will die!" The Death Guardians, sensing that she was serious, opened the door, letting in the Black Guard, who proceeded to disarm each and every crew member and soldier on the bridge. With Bors under guard the woman walked over to the com system and flipped it on. "This is Saphira Dragonis to Draco Dragonis, the Nemesis is ours my love. What would you have me do with your uncle?" There was a short pause before Draco responded back. "Surprise me." Bors started to stutter when a Black Guard clubbed him on the back of the head and hauled him off to a transport. Three Weeks Later... Draco sat on his throne and reviewed the latest reports he had gotten from his spies. He grumbled and called for his aide. "Yes my baron?" "Withdraw us from the war for the throne." "My liege! Is that truly wise?" "Yes it is. One can get the Golden Lion Throne by force, but one must have allies to stay upon it. And have the shipyard step up production. I don't want any of the other houses to get any bright ideas about attacking us. Are our ground-space defenses operational?" "Yes sir, the cannons are all operational and guarded by the Black Guard." Draco smiled. "Good." TO House Huahin: [hide]The recent civil war that has ravaged Dragonis space and territory and has left us weakened. We are still a force to be rekconed with to be sure but we no longer have any dreams of the Golden Lion Throne. What I propose to you is an alliance between our two Great Houses. We will fully support your bid for the throne if you allow us to be your right hand, grasping a sword. We will support you in any military move that you make and we will never try to usurp you or your heirs from the throne. Yours, Baron Draco Dragonis of Frezo, Morab, Tako, Giedi Prime and Lankiveil [/hide]
  6. Somewhere in Dragonis controlled space... The asteroid base was a heavily kept secret. All commanders who knew the location were kept from revealing it by psychic blocks in their brain, before they revealed it their brain shut down and they died. The only one who could go to and from that location was Draco and his elite staff, who almost never left his side. The reason for all of this high security was simple. The asteroid base was the shipyard of House Dragonis. Their commercial shipyards were everywhere but their military shipyard was one asteroid in an asteroid belt. Every asteroid surrounding was armed to the teeth and fleets had been destroyed trying to reach the shipyard. Not even the Imperial Sardaukar had been able to reach it during one of their attacks on Dragonis territory, before House Dragonis was truly formed. But now that secret was out because Bors had all of his ships speeding towards it. Bors chuckled to himself. His nephew had thought that his shipyard would remain a secret forever, but what he hadn't anticipated was a desparate move by Bors, placing a nano-bug on one of the newest commanders, just as the secret was revealed to him. Now Bors, and the remaining three other ships in his fleet, were on their way to destroy this base. Bors had done the calculations in his head. If one of his ships could level a planet then four should make quick work of a shipyard. But in this he had forgotten one very important fact... His nephew had actually completed his mentat training. (post more later)
  7. Draco walked around his war room, looking at the different maps and displays that were present. One showed the disposition of his forces and those of his uncle. What mainly caught Draco's attention was the long list of troops that were still loyal to him. As he was reviewing this a messanger ran into the room. "My lord Baron! My lord Baron! We just recevied a message from the Harkonnen!" "What is it?" "They wish to join us! Following the Arrakis Affair of long ago they are too weak to make a bid for the throne on their own. They wish to join their House with ours!" "Send the Eclipse and the Gorgon to Giedi Prime and then deploy the Ice Ravens on the planet." "My liege?" "I want that planet to be ours! No second guessing or trickery!" "Yes my liege." Draco then turned back to his commanders. "Progress of the attack on Tigra?" His main commander spoke up. "Close to 65% of the planet's vegetation has been destroyed. Over 50% of the population have radioed their intentions to rejoin us. But my liege...the planet may be in no condition to have people live there anymore." "I know." He stood still for a moment thinking when another man walked into the room. "Baron Draco!" Draco turned towards him. "Yes?" "DIE!" And the man pulled out a lasgun and began firing. But Draco was faster due to his training with the Black Guards when he was younger. As the man fired Draco rolled out of the way, picked up a paperweight and threw it at him. The paperweight hit him square in the chest, knocking the wind out of him, just as a Black Guard, in full battle armor, came up behind him and picked him up and threw him to the ground. As the would be attacker lay there stunned Draco came up and looked him straight in the face. "Who sent you?" "I wont tell!" "If you do not tell me then my guards will break your body one bone at a time, slowly, painfully, delightfully. Now who sent you?" "Your uncle sent me! He said not to go back till the job was done! He wants you dead!" Draco smiled at the man. And the last feeling the man would have was of warm urine tracing its way down his leg just as a heavy assault rifle tore into the back of his skull. Bors stood on the bridge of his flagship and started cursing. Tigra was all but lost to him. The jungle vegetation had been burnt away. And he had heard that the people were preparing to run back to Draco's side. He turned to his aide. "Is Tako fully in my control still?" "Yes sir. The people of Tako still fully support you!" Bors looked out the viewport and the other ship in the fleet he had assembled. These arcane mammoths were dangerous. Each being twenty miles long and armed with every concievable weapon, barring atomics. The whole Dragonis fleet was like this, thats why there was so few ships in the fleet, because each took a long time and alot of resources to construct. Now there very few of them but they were still extremely powerful and EXTREMELY difficult to destory, as many pirates and invading Houses had learned. Now he would demonstrate the full power of the vessels. "Jump to Tigra." Over Tigra... The Black Guard ship hung like a giant city in space, prepared to blast anything that came near. But when it detected Bors' incoming ships it poweredup its engines and flew out of orbit. Bors' fleet, having no resistance, began to launch small bombs out of their hanger bays. These bombs impacted the planet everywhere, there were hundreds of thousands of bombs that began to lodge themselves into the planet's crust. At a signal from Bors each bomb exploded, expelling a chemical that began to freeze the planet. Everything began to cool and freeze. After a week a world that had been known as a jungle world, hot and steamy, was now nothing more than a frozen ball hanging in space. But the entire population had already left...
  8. When you really boil everything down it comes to one singular point. The Arabs are trying to screw Israel over. Thats all that there is to it. They are trying to do with Palestine what they couldnt do with the Six Day war.
  9. the fps diaster...are you referring to c&c renegade? i thought that EBFD ran off the same 3d engine as that
  10. Draco walked on the balcony looking over the Ice Sea, next to his citadel, and let out a small, steamed, sigh. things were do hard now. His mother was gone, presumed dead when her ship exploded. His uncle, was leading a rebellion. The other Great Houses were preparing to attack and destroy each other. Suddenly he realised something. He called in the leader of the Black Guard and told him what to do. And the leader smiled. Over Tigra... In orbit over Tigra a large commercial transport started to orbit near one of the renegade ships. The crew of the renegade cruiser could only stare and laugh at the pathetically small vessel that was floating alongside them. Suddenly the side of the transport exploded and thousands of battle barges launched themselves deep into the cruiser. The crew had barely begun to act when the Black Guard began attacking them. The crew were given a sense of hope when the Death Guardians, Bors elite troops, came to the fray and started fighting, and pushed the Black Guard into the hanger. They seemed to be on the verge of victory when several cargo pods from the "transport" landed and disgorged their contents. Out walked mammoth machines, controlled by the men inside them, that began to cut down the Death Guardians. On one arm was a massive chain gun and the other was a servo claw, built to crush durracrete, and perfectly capable of crushing a man or snapping him in half. And these weapons were put to good use as wave after wave of the Death Guardians were massacred by these walking constructs. After three more grueling hours the ship was taken by the Black Guard and they began to bombard the surface of Tigra. If they were not their friend then they were their enemy, and enemies had to be destroyed ruthlessly. (ooc: the machines are not like thinking machines, they are more like battlesuits because they have men inside them.)
  11. Selene sat onboard the Dragon's Pride, her main command flagship. It was one of the largest ships in the Dragonis fleet. Not only was it the largest ship but it was also the most powerful and home to the Black Guard, her elite units. The Black Guard were the most powerful soldiers in the army. Even though many had said that their performance was due to "steroids and performance-enhancing drugs." It was due to their training and their powerful armor and weaponry. And the Black Guard had the most advanced weapons and armor. As she gazed out at the fleet, as it prepared to move out, she noticed something. Her brother's flagship was acting strange. it began to drift farther from the rest of the fleet. She looked closer and realised that not only was her brother's ship moving but so where the ships near it. She signaled to her comm officer to open a channel. "Bors, what are you doing? Your ships are drifting away from the main-" Her words were cut off as an explosion rippled through the deck. "Status report!" Her exec spoke up. "Direct hit maam! Main weapons generators have been hit and knocked offline. Engine power down to 65%." "What hit us?" "Bors shot us your ladyship." She was in shock. Her own brother had fired upon her! "Bors! what is the meaning of this?!" Her brother's voice broke through loud and clear. "I have been under your rule far too long! As of this moment Tigra and Tako are following me and we declare independence from you!" As he finished talking his ships began to move towards her, gun ports glowing. She stood in shock trying to take it all in. Suddenly she came to a descision. "All Black Guard units to their Pods and Dropships. And once they get there drop them and get them out of here. Then ram my brother's ship." As the drop indicators all turned green, meaning that they had all dropped, Selene looked forward and watched her brother begin to destroy her ship. The Dragon's Pride burst into flame as all the decks burned. The ship's engines died but the sheer inertia of the vessel collided with Bors' flagship, clipping the engines and driving itself into a moon. Meanwhile... On Frezo Draco Dragonis and Saphira Crusado were wed and Draco declared Baron. As he sat on the throne the leader of the Black guards came up to him and pledged the loyalty of the Black Guards to his rule. Draco snapped and his advisors brought in maps and holos and he began to plan the retaking of Tigra and Tako. Bors and the planets Tigra and Tako are now independent. But they are also heavily defended still.
  12. Selene sat on her throne in thought and, kneeling in front of her, was her brother, Bors, and another man in chains, Duke Jon Crusado, of the fallen House Crusado. Selene smiled as the solution to her problem came to her. "Jon, I will refrain from using titles in here, how are you doing?" Jon looked up at her in confusion. "How am I doing? You Dragonis's don't ask that ever! What are you playing at Selene?" "I am playing at nothing. I simply would like to know if you want to be set free and sent back to Valhala." Bors's mouth dropped open when she said this, as did Jon's. This was a move unheard of in the history of the Dragonis family. House Dragonis and House Crusado had been at war for twenty generations. In all that time not one nice word was passed between them. "Why would you free me? I am your enemy!" At this Selene laughed. "My enemy? We have fought for so long that we have forgotten why we have fought. But I looked into it before the death of the Emperor. Houses Dragonis and Crusado have been at war because of...a girl." "A girl? You expect me to believe that? Two Great Houses fighting for centuries because of a girl?" Selene snapped her fingers and a woman walked in carrying a large book, which she placed on the floor in front of Jon. "Read it." The cover read History of the Dragonis/Crusado Feud, by Irulan Corrino. Sceptical he opened it up to the first few pages and began to read and as he did his eyes began to grow wide in astonishment. He looked up at Selene in awe. "This is true?" "You think I would make this up?" "But that would mean-" "Yes, Houses Dragonis and Crusado are the same House. The feud was started by arguing brothers over a girl that both wanted to marry. One of the brothers ran off to Valhala and formed House Crusado while the other formed House Dragonis." Jon sat still for a long while and then he spoke. "So why the attack?" Selene looked him straight in the eyes. "How else would I have gotten you here? We both know you would have ignored an invitation and would have taken it as an insult. That is why I had Bors attack your capital city and infiltrate your palace. I wanted you here so that I could tell you that I want the war between us to end." Jon looked at her. "How do you expect to do that may I ask?" Selene took a deep breath before speaking again. "By having my son, Draco, marry your daughter, Saphira." Jon smiled at this. "Smart move. And at the end of our reigns turn control of both Houses over to them. Smart, very smart. Done." Selene waved her hand and the guards removed Jon's chains. He stood up, rubbing his wrists. "When do you want the wedding to take place?" "As soon as possible." As Jon left to go back to Valhala, Bors stayed kneeling. How dare she do that to me! I have worked too hard to have this blow up in my face now! Too damn hard! But if the plan needs to wait a few more years then so be it! That throne will be mine!
  13. Baroness Selene Dragonis walked out the Landsraad Hall smiling. According to the Guild the Golden Lion Throne was open for whatever House took it. As she sat and thought a little she realised that her House might not have enough resources to take it. She began thinking about how to get more resources when her mentat, Bors, walked up behind her, silent as a ghost. Selene stopped walking and stared straight ahead of her. "I thought that you might hae been faster Bors." Bors sighed, he could out-think a computer but he couldn't sneak worth anything. "I'm sorry it took so long my lady. The Black Guard were not...pleased with what we had to do and so we took longer than anticipated getting back." Selene turned around and looked him in the eyes with a glare colder than her capital and spoke softly, the way she did when she was getting agitated. "The Black Guard do not argue, disagree or hesitate when it comes to fulfilling the orders that I give them. I know this quite well. Each of them is attached to me. They cannot disobey me. That and I know that their transport got back long ago. So why you took so long getting here I do not understand. You are a bad mentat and if you were not my brother then I would not have you around at all. I am not surprised the Mentats expelled you from the school." Bors dropped back and was silent for awhile, as they walked to their waiting shuttle. "Tell me Bors, how far away is House Crusado?" Bors gave her a quizzical look. "On the ice planet Valhala? The next system over my lady...why?" Selene smiled. "I think that the newest addition to my elite regiments, the Death Guardians, are in need of some...field testing. Lead them to Valhala and conquer it. Then the vendetta between our two Houses will be over and done with!" Over Valhala... In the skies over Valhala orbited a single gargantuan ship. The ship, the size of a city, began to disgorge thousands of drop pods, aimed at the surface of the planet below. As each pod impacted the surface a man in power armor (looks like the Space Marine Terminators from Warhammer 40k) jumps out and starts firing on the House Crusado soldiers. Three days later... Bors stood on the command deck of his flagship, and only ship, and cackled. The planet had fallen after three bloody days of fighting and a vendetta between Houses was over. Bors laughed again and again, perhaps all of the manuvering and planning he had done for years would come to fruition.
  14. And so the battle begins... Everybody starts out at the last meeting of the Landsraad, right after the death of the Emperor has been announced, and where you guide your House from there is your business. Will you make alliances to get to the top? Or will you try to batter your way up there? and once you get there...how long can you hold it? Let House Wars begin!
  15. i think ill start the main thread now. if you still want to join then please do so
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